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This page provides you with Esthetician No Experience Resume Examples and Templates resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Esthetician No Experience Resume Examples and Templates resume.

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Are you obsessed with the latest developments in skincare and skin treatments? Do you have the skills you need to deliver amazing customer service? If that sounds like you, then you could thrive as an esthetician – a beauty professional who specializes in offering skin treatments and recommendations to their clients.

Skincare is a growing field, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics can back that up. It predicts job growth of roughly 17% for estheticians over the coming decade – that’s much faster than average! What’s more, estheticians can earn a median average of $37,300 per year, which is pretty good for a job that doesn’t ask you to sink your savings into a college education.

But even with that amazing level of growth in the industry, esthetician jobs can be hard to get. Ultimately, you’re asking an employer to let you take responsibility for their clients’ skin health and beauty – the results are highly visible, and they want to be sure you have the skills it takes to represent them well. Spas and salons can afford to be selective when they hire estheticians, which means it’s on you to prove that they should choose you.

Fortunately, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled some example resume sections, insider tips on the art of resume-writing, and helpful hints on how to build a strong resume even with limited experience. Keep reading, and your first esthetician resume will get you hired in no time!

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What is an Esthetician?

Estheticians, as we’ve explained, specialize in offering skin treatments and skincare advice to their customers. That could mean anything from carrying out chemical peels to giving full-blown makeovers – it’s a specialized role, but within that role, you need to be prepared for a lot of variety. They also need to deliver great customer service on behalf of their workplace, so your communication and problem-solving skills will need to be top-tier.

Estheticians can be found working in a variety of work environments, including:

  • Salons
  • Beauty spas
  • Health spas
  • Medical offices

To work as an esthetician, you will need to be appropriately qualified. Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend four years in college – you’ll just need to complete a state-approved cosmetology or esthetician program. You’ll then need to pass a state exam in order to receive your esthetician’s license, which you will need in order to work.

The program you complete will give you a grounding in the hard skills you’ll need as an esthetician. But don’t forget your soft skills! Customer service, communication, organization, attention to detail, and industry knowledge are all vital in this line of work.

How to Write an Esthetician Resume

If you’re hoping to build a career as an esthetician, but you don’t have any experience, your resume needs to tell hiring managers two critical things. The first is that you are qualified to carry out the role – in this case, that means that you have the qualifications and the license that you need. The second is that you have the skills to help you do well.

Estheticians need both skills and qualifications in order to be considered for work. This means that your resume should focus equally on both areas. When you have more experience as an esthetician, you can balance out your skills and qualifications with a more in-depth experience section, too.

But in the immediate term, keep in mind that there are other ways to build experience than finding a relevant job! Internships and volunteer experience can be featured on your resume, as long as they’re relevant to the role you want. You can also cite any previous, less relevant jobs you’ve held, as they may have required you to use skills that are also important for an esthetician.

In general, an esthetician resume written by someone with limited relevant work experience should contain the following:

  • A summary
  • Your education, including your qualifications and licenses
  • Your skills
  • Any experience you have

The Best Format for an Esthetician Resume

When choosing your professionally-designed esthetician resume template from our selection, remember that your resume’s format can steer hiring managers to the strongest areas of your resume. You should select a format that will draw attention to your strengths and minimize any weaker points.

As an esthetician, your resume should strike a good balance between all sections. You should try to choose a template that offers that same balance visually. If anything is minimized by your resume format, it should be your experience section – at least until you have more relevant work experience behind you.

Keep in mind that many companies use an applicant tracking system (or ATS) to sift through candidates’ resumes. This can help companies speed up the hiring process, but it also means that if your resume doesn’t get past the ATS software, it may never be seen by a person. ATS software usually looks for keywords drawn from the job description, so make sure you refer to the job description as you write your resume!

ATS software can also be thrown off by complicated resume formatting. But don’t worry – all of VisualCV’s resume templates are designed to get through ATS software. That means you can focus on the content of your resume, and leave the formatting to us.

3 Esthetician Resume Examples

Most resumes begin with a summary – a concise description of your best attributes. It’s one of the first things a recruiter will see about you, so it’s worth taking the time to get it right! And remember, your summary needs to reflect the demands of the job, so you can’t use a generic summary for every application.

Summaries are especially useful when applying for entry-level roles. That’s because they let you draw attention to your skills and qualifications right away, even when you don’t have much experience. When you have more experience behind you, you can rework your summary so it calls attention to that, instead.


  • Qualified and licensed esthetician with two years’ prior experience as a make-up artist. Customer-focused and highly organized, with a passion for changing lives through skincare.
  • Esthetician licensed in the state of Texas. Past experience as a salon receptionist, hoping to transition into a career in beauty. Driven, motivated and customer-oriented, with high levels of personal organization.
  • Licensed esthetician with previous work experience as a sales representative. Committed to delivering great customer service through clear communication and in-depth knowledge of the industry.

How Not to Write an Esthetician Resume Summary

Your summary needs to be short, clear and direct, focusing on what you can deliver in the role you want. It should tell a hiring manager why you meet the requirements for the job, and it shouldn’t be too wordy or personal. You can explain why you want the job in your cover letter – but you shouldn’t do that here.

Remember, not all recruiters agree that you need a summary on your resume. If you’re having a hard time getting it right, you should be able to leave it out!


  • After three years as a make-up artist, I have developed a passion for the beauty industry and would love to build a more sustainable career. That’s why I retrained as an esthetician! I am passionate about skincare and skin health, and can’t wait to begin this new chapter of my life.

Do You Need a Resume Objective?

We’ve covered summaries in depth – but what about your resume objective?

Believe it or not, there is a difference between the two. Your summary should be a short description of the qualities that make you right for the job. Your objective should be a one-sentence statement about your planned career trajectory in the future.

Objectives are most common when applying for entry-level roles; more senior roles don’t usually need them. But because you’re applying for a job in a field where you have no prior experience, you should consider including an objective. It’s a way to show hiring managers that you take this job seriously as a step on your long-term career journey. Esthetician Resume Objective Example:

  • Aspiring esthetician looking to build a career in the beauty industry.

How to Describe Your Experience on Your Esthetician Resume

When you don’t have much relevant experience, it can be daunting to complete this section of your resume – but remember that not all experience involves paid work! If you’ve volunteered or interned in the past, that experience could help you strengthen your resume. This is particularly true if your experience is relevant to the job you want.

Describe Your Experience Effectively

Your experience section needs to show what you accomplished in your previous roles. Recruiters want to see proof that you were able to get results in the past. This will give them confidence that you can achieve similar things again in the future.

Wherever possible, you should point out specific results you achieved in former roles. If you were able to boost profits by a certain percentage, for example, that’s an obvious benefit that you can prove you delivered. But positive outcomes without a numerical value – such as satisfied customers or praise from a manager – are also great to include.

Do: Spa Receptionist, Blue Lagoon Spa | 2019

  • Greeted and welcomed customers on arrival at the spa, taking coats and offering beverages to enhance their experience
  • Entered all customer bookings into the spa’s booking system, ensuring a clear and orderly schedule for all spa employees
  • Took responsibility for deliveries, inventory management, answering phone calls, and a wide range of other logistical duties within the spa

How Not to Describe Your Experience

Don’t just write a straightforward list of the tasks you completed in former jobs! Without any context, that won’t tell hiring managers anything new or useful about you. Remember, the fact that you did the job in the first place isn’t the point; you need to prove that you could do your job effectively.

Don’t: Spa Receptionist, Blue Lagoon Spa | 2019

  • Greeted customers
  • Placed customer bookings
  • Handled spa logistics

How to List Skills on Your Esthetician Resume

When listing skills on your resume, pay careful attention to the job description for the role you want. It will typically contain a list of the skills you’ll need to demonstrate. But remember that not every useful skill will be listed on every job description – so it’s useful to take the initiative and the time to research helpful esthetician skills.

For general information about skills on your resume, check out our resume skills guide here!

Esthetician Hard SkillsEsthetician Soft SKills
Make-up applicationCustomer Service
Skin analysisOrganization
IPL hair removalProblem-solving
Chemical peel applicationTeamwork
Facial messageFlexibility
Point-of-sale useCommunication
Physical enduranceMulti-tasking
Health and safety awarenessInitiative

Professional Certifications for Estheticians

Certifications show recruiters that you take your professional development as seriously as your work, and that you’re willing to take the initiative to pursue both. They’re also great proof of your skills, which can be extra useful when you don’t have much relevant work experience. If you’re able to, we always recommend pursuing a certification in your field.

To work as an esthetician, you’ll need to complete a relevant course – we recommend doing some research into courses available in your area – as well as a licensing exam. Beyond that point, it’s important to remember that the industry is always progressing as new treatments are developed. Keep on top of industry news, so you’re aware of your options when it comes to training in new procedures.

The Most Important Soft Skills for Your Esthetician Resume

While working as an esthetician will require you to make extensive use of your hard skills, that doesn’t mean you should neglect your soft skills! They can give you a real advantage in completing your day-to-day tasks. And if a role is particularly competitive, having the right soft skills could give you an advantage when you apply.

Here are some of the most important soft skills to include on your esthetician resume!

Customer Service

As an esthetician, you’ll find yourself facing a lot of direct customer contact. You’ll need to make customers feel welcome in your workplace, put them at ease during their treatment, and build a bond with them so they’ll want to come back and see you again. If customer service isn’t your forte, this may not be the role for you!


Your work as an esthetician will be pretty self-directed – which means you will need to be as organized as possible, to deliver the best experience for your customers. This skill will also help you to be taken seriously by your colleagues at work.


A salon can be a chaotic work environment, despite the superficial air of calm! You may need to deal with staff shortages, unhappy customers, or equipment failures – and ideally, you’ll need to do it without giving your customers cause to worry. A knack for problem-solving will take you a long way, as a result.

Esthetician Salaries

Because entry-level esthetician roles don’t require a college education, salaries tend to be on the lower side. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a median average salary of $37,300 per year (or $17.93 per hour) for estheticians.

But remember, if you deliver great customer service as an esthetician, you may be able to benefit from customer tips. This additional income can really boost your salary over time!

You should also keep in mind that, while entry-level esthetician roles can be pretty low-paid, you may be able to negotiate for better salaries as you build more experience. It’s important to manage your expectations in the early stages of your career, but that doesn’t mean you should be willing to settle forever.

Final Thoughts

Working as an esthetician can allow you to translate a passion into a career. It can also give you a way to change people’s lives, by giving them the confidence to face down the world. It can be incredibly rewarding work – so why not give it a try?

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