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This page provides you with Architect resume samples that you can use for inspiration in writing your own resume, or for creating one through our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Architect resume.


With the ever-increasing rise in housing and commercial developments, the role of an architect couldn’t be understated. But with a saturated job market, strong sketching skills and a passion for quirky projects won’t be enough alone to get you that attract new gig. You’ve got to stand apart from your competition with the perfect architect resume. We’ve had the pleasure of inspiring so many professionals like yourself with our architect resume samples, so what are you waiting for? Let us help you reach your career potential today!


  • Graphic Design & Publications
  • Information Architecture
  • Research Analysis & Presentation
  • Project Management
  • Sales

Architect Resume Sample

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You’re racing against the clock - you’ve got a grand total of 6 seconds to gain the recruiter’s attention, and keep it. The key to doing this is to highlight pivotal career highlights, including skills specific to the job.

By crafting a reverse-chronological format resume you can play up these big wins immediately.

Don’t forget to use clear, easily readable font-type, big headings and enough white space throughout your architect resume. Lastly, export in PDF over Word - it will ensure a clean and neat final product, ready to be assessed by recruiters.

The summary section:

Your summary section is the ultimate elevator pitch. If you’re an experienced architect with professional grounding in everything from design inception and blueprint analysis to overseeing operational budgets, utilize this section accordingly.

A good example of an experienced architect summary section is:

Professional and dedicated Architect with 10+ years completing new construction projects, from preparation sketching, to client relations, budget management and supply procurement. Managed on-site team of 30+ employees and contractors, evaluating bids for contract services. Seeking to leverage managerial skills in the industrial sector.

Alternatively, here’s a summary section that won’t grab the recruiter’s attention:

Dedicated Architect with years of experience planning and executing projects. Great team management skills. Looking to move into a more industrial role.

Get access to tips and examples through our resume builder to inspire you to build the best architect resume.

If you’re a junior architect, use this section as an objective statement. It will allow you to include any transferable skills and really highlight your goal-driven professional motivation.

A junior Architect objective statement could be:

Recently graduated professional Architect seeking entry-level position at your firm. Competent with Google Sketch Up and Adobe suite, consolidated through industry placement including blueprint analysis and site surveys. Won third place in Best Denver Environmental design competition. Goal-driven mindset with a keen interest to further professional practice.

This objective statement, however, is lacking in substance:

Junior Architect without industry experience is looking to work at your role. Wish to apply tertiary course work into real world design projects.

Work experience:

Now is the time to really tailor your architecture work history to the job. Maybe you’ve had years of experience as a superintendent or perhaps you’ve just assisting on your first construction drawings - no matter your professional level, we will make this section really pop.

Have you managed operational budgets to ensure sales targets are profit margins were met on big, national projects? Have you single-handedly made bid-winning designs at a 30% lower cost that your competitors? Make it count here!

_Architect Resume with experience: _ Before you list your work experience, consider the following: What are the qualities and skills required for the job? How do you meet these particular qualities and skills: Use bullet points for a clear conveyance of information Start with your most recent job

Whilst you don’t want to overload this section, you do want to show specifics where possible. Start with the company name, your position, and the dates worked, followed by your achievements.

Registered Architect Spearhead Design 2013-2018 - Lead manager of operational budgets across medium-level industrial projects, ensuring annual sales targets were met and profit margins intact - Delivered design projects 5 years running that were within 99% budget of proposed budgets - Co-managed project approach, engineer meetings, problematic issues and resolution formulation - Rolled out over 50 new construction projects for electrical firms, coal plants and national railway lines

Here’s an architect work experience section that doesn’t include enough detail:

Registered Architect Spearhead Design 2012-2017 Worked on a variety of new construction projects Dealt with engineers on problematic issues

Architect Resume with no experience: It’s highly recommended to take of voluntary experience in the architecture field and using it in your resume. Assisting in blueprint design for a local company, or helping to set up cranes of other equipment is all highly valuable, transferable experience.

Freelance Architect Spearhead Design 2017-now Assisted head architect is making 3D CAD drawings for home construction project Annual visits to Denver Architecture summits with company, lead by professional architects in Colorado state Assisted in budget operations and profit margin calculations for home construction projects in local area

This work experience section, however, falls short on the details:

Freelance Architect Spearhead Design 2017-now Helped head architect with day-to-day design jobs Watched how blueprints are constructed

We’ve crafted this resume guide that has lots of information on how to write the best architect work experience section.


BA courses in architect and often a master’s certificate are required on the long road to the architecture profession. Make sure you include any specific training or courses you’ve completed - specialism programs like Enterprise and Solution Architecture, Information Assurance, Cloud Security and IT Modelling are all fantastic examples of your drive to continue your professional practice.

Include the following information: Where you’ve studied What you’ve studied When you studied Any extra certificates (Modelling, Solution Architecture, Information Assurance, Cloud Security, CAD, Field Measurement)

BA Architecture Murray Darling University 2012-2016 Dux of environmental sustainability architecture 4.0 GPA 3-month industry placement at national windfarm, overseeing blueprint design and field measurements for construction of 50 new wind turbines

Here’s an education section that needs expanding:

BA Architecture Murray Darling University 2012-2016 4.0 GPA Major in Sustainability

Best Architect skills:

Recruiters want to see how you have applied your knowledge and skills to you career - your technical skills will underpin the basis of your practice, whilst your softer skills will outline with interpersonal qualities.

Header Header
3D CAD design Communicating with subcontractors
Blueprint design Critical thinking
Project management Adaptability in the project
Managing project budgets in line with profit margins Attention to detail
Supply procurement Perceptive
Sketch Up Collaborative
Design inception Creative thinking
Site surveys Level-headed and realistic

Extra tips:

Cover letter: Yes or no? You can see our tips here on how to write the perfect architecture cover letter. By doing one you may help attract potential recruiters to your resume!

DO (make yourself look great) Highlight your architect assistant work Add any specialised training programs you’ve been on, like CAD training or environmental design Include specific industry places you’ve been on

DON’T (embarrass yourself or lie) Stretch the truth about your professional capabilities Write in an unprofessional manner Forget to include key figures and statistics

For even more inspiration, you can check out our architect resume templates here to craft the perfect resume.

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