27 Passion Synonyms for Resume

Try out these Passion synonyms for your resume instead. Make your resume concise, sharp and more impactful with these Passion synonyms.

Passion Synonyms for Resume

In this article, we will show you:

  • Synonyms for Passion that you should use or avoid.
  • Example of how to use these Passion synonyms on your resume.

Top 27 Passion Synonyms for Your Resume in 2022

  1. Rapture
  2. Heat
  3. Vehemence
  4. Fervor
  5. Warmth
  6. Frenzy
  7. Ecstasy
  8. Devotion
  9. Dedication
  10. Flare-Up
  11. Transport
  12. Storm
  13. Zeal
  14. Hurrah
  15. Fit
  16. Spirit
  17. Zest
  18. Sentiment
  19. Indignation
  20. Excitement
  21. Fire
  22. Intensity
  23. Feeling
  24. Affectivity
  25. Eagerness
  26. Affection
  27. Joy

Other Passion Synonyms for Resume that are not a Great Fit (Use With Caution)

  1. Outburst
  2. Wrath
  3. Misery
  4. Suffering
  5. Distress
  6. Temper
  7. Agony
  8. Anger
  9. Resentment
  10. Dolor
  11. Ire
  12. Rage
  13. Outbreak
  14. Paroxysm
  15. Animation
  16. Fury
  17. Ardor

Where to Highlight Passion Synonyms on Your Resume?

Generally, you can add Passion to the following sections of your resume:

  • “Passion” synonym on your resume’s summary or objective
  • “Passion synonym on your resume’s work history section.
  • “Passion” synonym on your resume skills section

Using Synonyms Instead of Passion on Resume - Examples

Fervor Instead of Passion on Resume - Example

“As a change management professional, I mentor others with a fervent desire of constant improvement.”

Warmth Instead of Passion on Resume - Example

“On a mission to provide a work environment that brings a sense of warmth, friendliness, and pride in the work we do.”

Devotion Instead of Passion on Resume - Example

  • “Illustrate high devotion to our customers by providing the best customer service.”
  • “I would like to work with an organization that would share my devotion towards green initiatives.”
  • “Devotion towards compliances and safety of my co-workers.”
  • “Devotion to her work.”
  • “My devotion to my work goes beyond maintaining our production line, I actively participated in plant layout decisions too.”

Dedication Instead of Passion on Resume - Example

  • “My aim is to grow with the right organization through dedication and innovation.”
  • “Deliver high quality products through exceptional dedication to our quality assurance.”
  • “Dedication for helping others going through depression and stress.”
  • “I have worked with commitment and dedication towards fulfilling Amazon’s deliveries and have always exceeded my goals.”

Zeal Instead of Passion on Resume - Example

  • “I have a zeal for solving complex mathematical problems.”
  • “I have developed a zeal for developing customer experience strategies for enterprises.”
  • “10+ years of experience, with a zeal for top notch production planning.”

Spirit Instead of Passion on Resume - Example

  • “Experienced software engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit.”
  • “I am a design creative spirit that loves building design systems.”
  • “Possesses a strong team spirit and works well with cross-functional teams.”
  • “I am a very competitive and result driven spirit.”

Zest Instead of Passion on Resume - Example

  • “Meet organization goals with zest and integrity.”
  • “Paul for zest for configuration of learning management systems and instructional design.”

Excitement Instead of Passion on Resume - Example

“Keep everyone excited and motivated about challenging projects at ACME.” “Excited to apply my warehouse management skills at Amazon.”

Intensity Instead of Passion on Resume - Example

“Leads with expertise, intensity and creativity to build rapport across teams.”

Eager Instead of Passion on Resume - Example

  • “Eager to apply new skills and learn more.”
  • “Mark is hardworking, reliable and eager to learn more.”

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