Modern CV Templates

Putting your best foot forward with a modern CV template is a great way to get noticed by a hiring manger. Here are a few of our favorites!

VisualCV's Elegant Modern CV Template

Your CV is your first and only chance at a great first impression, which means every element of it should be specifically designed to impress. Of course, the first thing you should be worried about is the content of your CV, but remember that looks matter, too. VisualCV’s CV templates allow you to fully customize your CV to mesh with your industry, personality, and the job for which you’re applying. The only thing you have to do is decide which template to use! Many people are attracted to modern CV templates because they offer clean lines and a concise layout – hiring managers won’t have to sift through too many design elements or frills to figure out whether you’d be a good fit. Since companies (and ATS software!) don’t spend much time at all looking at each resume they receive, the more you can do to stand out in a modern, professional way, the better.

What is a Modern CV Template?

Modern CV templates are CV templates that verge away from the traditional, formal templates you may be used to. They often rely on clean, minimalist layouts that draw attention to the applicant’s experience and skills in a thoughtfully-designed way. Keep in mind that modern CV templates don’t necessarily have to be standard black-and-white templates, either! VisualCV’s modern CV templates are all fully customizable, meaning you can play with colors and other design elements to make sure your CV feels like your own.

When Should You Use a Modern CV Template?

Modern CV templates can be used for a variety of industries and career paths. Because the main focus of a modern CV template is your experience and skills, nearly every job for which you apply could use a modern CV template. The key is to think about industry standards and expectations – a modern CV template that uses bright colors or even photos could be great for an artistic, more casual industry, for example, but wouldn’t be quite right for a finance or law application.

When Should You NOT Use a Modern CV Template?

As we shared above, modern CV templates can be used fairly widely throughout your job search: the key is to use customization to your benefit and not your detriment. Think about the standards in your industry – are people usually dressed casually at work, in a laid back environment? Or is it more of a suit-and-tie situation? Use that information to narrow down your modern CV template choice, as well as any customizations you may choose to include.

How to Change to a Modern CV Template

If your CV could do with a bit of a makeover, it's usually not too difficult to adjust things to a more modern style. Do a bit of research about the norms in your industry. If, for example, you're currently job hunting in the legal or financial fields, a modern CV will look different to what might be considered a modern CV in more artistic industries. However, more conservative doesn't always mean less modern! Using clean lines, sans seriff fonts, or adding tasteful pops of color can go a long way toward modernizing your CV. Of course, the best part of using VisualCV's downloadable modern CV templates is that you're able to put your existing CV content into a sleek, modern CV template.

Best Modern CV Templates


Elegant Modern CV Template
VisualCV's Elegant modern CV template

The Elegant CV template is just that: an elegant, modern CV template that will allow you to showcase your best professional achievements. Featuring a banner that allows you to add a pop of eye-catching color, Elegant is a fantastic choice for a modern CV template that focuses on you as the applicant.


Gallant modern CV template
VisualCV's Gallant modern CV template

With a clean line racing down the left side of the template, Gallant encourages the eye of a hiring manager to continue reading down the rest of your CV. While Gallant features plenty of room for your work experience, education, skills, and any other sections you’d like to highlight, you can also customize the sidebar to feature any additional sections you may be interested in, such as a summary, objective, references, or awards.


VisualCV's Onyx modern CV template

A perfectly eye-catching CV for creative and non-creative industries alike, Onyx is an attention-seeker at heart. Use the bold photographic header to showcase design work, add a headshot, or simply include an extra element to set you apart from the crowd. Onyx is a perfect modern CV template for industries that include portfolios, such as art, design, photography, architecture, or modeling. Give potential employers a sneak-peek of what your portfolio has in store, and they’ll be sure to give your CV more than a quick scan!


Clair Modern CV Template
VisualCV's Clair modern CV template

A popular choice for those looking for modern CV templates, Clair utilizes color and unique design elements to create a wholly modern look. The eye-catching banners, whose colors can be fully customized, encourage hiring managers to continue to read after that initial glance. Clair puts your work experience front and center, ensuring that you’re showcasing your very best.

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