42 Managed Synonyms for Resume

Try out these Managed synonyms for your resume instead. Make your resume concise, sharp and more impactful with these Managed synonyms.

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In this article, we will show you:

  • Synonyms for Managed that you should use or avoid.
  • Example of how to use these Managed synonyms on your resume.

Top 42 Managed Synonyms for Your Resume in 2022

  1. Preside
  2. Rule
  3. Care For
  4. Operate
  5. Execute
  6. Advocate
  7. Officiate
  8. Call The Shots
  9. Oversee
  10. Concert
  11. Engage In
  12. Govern
  13. Head
  14. Superintend
  15. Call Upon
  16. Take Care Of
  17. Guide
  18. Instruct
  19. Disburse
  20. Watch
  21. Take Over
  22. Captain
  23. Regulate
  24. Run
  25. Carry On
  26. Designate
  27. Train
  28. Command
  29. Influence
  30. Supervise
  31. Boss
  32. Hold Down
  33. Steer
  34. Maintain
  35. Counsel
  36. Administer
  37. Conduct
  38. Direct
  39. Engineer
  40. Handle
  41. Pilot
  42. Dominate

Other Managed Synonyms for Resume that are not a Great Fit (Use With Caution)

  • Use
  • Manipulate
  • Minister
  • Ply
  • Request
  • Wield

Where to Highlight Managed Synonyms on Your Resume?

Generally, you can add Managed to the following sections of your resume:

  • “Managed” synonym on your resume’s header
  • “Managed” synonym on your resume’s summary or objective
  • “Managed” synonym on your resume’s work history section.
  • “Managed” synonym on your resume skills section

Using Synonyms Instead of Managed on Resume - Examples

Administer Instead of Managed on Resume - Example

  • “Administering SAP ERP, Databases, and Cerner EMR.”
  • “Administer employee benefits enrollment and employee engagement programs.”
  • “Administer and manage ground activities on event sites and ensure smooth operations.”
  • “Administering safety audits.”
  • “Serving as a member of the senior operations management team that administers, directs, coordinates and executes operational plans.”

Conduct Instead of Managed on Resume - Example

  • “Conduct HR audit in line with the human resource guidelines and state laws within the budgeted time, adopting the correct audit methodology.”
  • “Conduct employee onboarding process.”

Govern Instead of Managed on Resume - Example

  • “Design, implement and govern best practices to optimize clients' portfolio.”
  • “Deliver and govern localization projects for over 15+ countries and across 13 business units.”
  • “Govern the identity and verification program for combating spam, platform development and migration.”
  • “Govern policies, procedures, practices and platforms.”

Guide Instead of Managed on Resume - Example

  • “Building out storyboards and survival analysis to facilitate and guide each stakeholder decision process towards the business roadmap.”
  • “Guide and assist in architecting distributed software architectures that could handle processing >2TB of data per day.”
  • “Act as a guide to observe, measure and teach team members on how to…”
  • “Guide territory sales engineers to deliver the right customer service.”
  • “Provides insightful, impactful, and disruptive insights to influence and guide design teams and a product to success.”
  • “Guide, motivate and empower production teams.”
  • “Guide floor cleaning operations and assess their effectiveness.”

Handle Instead of Managed on Resume - Example

  • “Handle the branch budget with accurate forecasts and allocation of expenses under various office activities.”
  • “Handle cash flow everyday, making daily, weekly and monthly cash flow finance reports.”
  • “Also handle Facebook ad campaigns and assess the performance.”
  • “CEO appointed me to handle all sales activities.”
  • “Ability to work independently without supervision and handle multiple tasks concurrently.”
  • “I handled all in-patient and out-patient requests.”
  • “Key clients handled…”
  • “Able to handle challenging, complex tasks in a fast-paced environment.”
  • “Handle a team as an Engineering Manager to deliver high quality and bug free mobile applications.”
  • “Handle tenant communications, process maintenance requests, and problem resolution to drive tenant satisfaction.”

Maintain Instead of Managed on Resume - Example

  • “Create and maintain various business intelligence tools and data models to support predictive maintenance and allow stakeholders to take proactive decisions.”
  • “Maintain audit files and accounts payable and accounts.”
  • “Maintain and monitor all network and security personnel on ground for high profile events with large footfalls.”
  • “Design, implement and maintain robotic automation processes to ensure smooth warehouse operations.”

Operate Instead of Managed on Resume - Example

  • “Operate the hydrochloric acid plant as per compliance with all state and federal regulations.”
  • “Operate commercial real estate projects from concept through launch and operations.”
  • “Operate teams in compliance with HACCP.”

Oversee Instead of Managed on Resume - Example

  • “Oversee sales activities and other revenue generation streams.”
  • “Oversee design, development and production of CISCO’s IoT gateway.”
  • “Oversee global operation teams distributed across 14+ countries.”
  • “Responsible for overseeing the following:...”
  • “Overseeing a team of in-house creative designers and copywriters.”
  • “Oversee tax preparation for 10+ clients of TaxBox Inc.”

Run Instead of Managed on Resume - Example

  • “Run and maintain the virtual private cloud for our customers at ACME.”
  • “Run, prepare, authorize and issue foreclosure notices.”

Supervise Instead of Managed on Resume - Example

  • “Supervise process execution, evaluate on a daily basis and monitor productivity in the long term.”
  • “Implement and supervise all daily carnival operations.”
  • “Coordinate, follow up and supervise ongoing projects for ACME.”

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