Lifeguard Job Description for Resume

If you’re looking for lifeguard job descriptions for your resume, rest assured that you’ll find plenty of advice and examples here!

A lifeguard job description for a resume

The way you portray your previous experience on your resume can make or break your next job application. If you’re looking for lifeguard job descriptions for your resume, rest assured that you’ll find plenty of advice and examples here!

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Lifeguard Job Description for Resume

First of all, there are a few ground rules you should take into account when you begin writing your resume’s work experience section.

Keep this in mind: each job posting you see is, essentially, a company describing a problem they have. Your resume’s job is to explain how you’ll solve that problem. Read the job description carefully to determine what the “problem” is. You can then use that information to customize your resume, highlighting the toughest, most complicated transactions of your career in order to demonstrate that you’re the best candidate for the role.

When writing your work experience, the most important thing to remember is to discuss results, not just your work responsibilities. Potential employers should already understand the day-to-day tasks you completed at your previous positions. What they’re actually interested in is what you achieved, and how it positively impacted the workplace. Your work experience section should be a place where you can brag as much as you want!


  • Monitored pool


  • Monitored pool and surrounding area for summer season, responsible for roughly 300 pool users per day
  • Avoided major incidents for the duration of season.

Lifeguard Job Description for Resume: Example One

Lifeguard | Cook County Pool | Summer 2019

  • Monitored pool and surrounding area during summer season, serving roughly 5000 patrons per week and successfully preventing major medical incidents and maintaining pool safety and cleanliness
  • Assisted with summer camp activities with adjoining Cook County Day Camp and monitored camp participants accordingly
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Why it works: This job description is a great example of using numbers to demonstrate what you’ve achieved in a position. It’s one thing to share that you were able to complete the summer season with no major incidents, but when a hiring manager understands that you were responsible for 5000 people per week, that picture becomes even clearer.

Lifeguard Job Description for Resume: Example Two

Lifeguard | Linden Community Pool | 2019-Present

  • Shift leader responsible for assigning daily tasks to team of 4 community center lifeguards monitoring pool and surrounding areas with an average of 1000 visitors per week
  • Swim lesson instructor, teaching children between the ages of 2 and 15 swimming basics, survival skills, and first aid
Lifeguard job description example two

Why it works: Anything extra you’ve done in your job is usually a great way to stand out when you write your lifeguard job description on your next resume. In this example, the applicant is not only a shift leader, they also teach swimming lessons – it’s a good demonstration of their initiative and leadership skills.

Lifeguard Job Description for Resume: Example Three

Lifeguard | West Covina Community Pool | Summer 2020

  • Lifeguard responsible for monitoring, cleaning, and protecting the pool and surrounding areas during the summer season, averaging 2500 patrons per week
  • Managed supply room, reporting zero losses of pool equipment, chemicals, or other supplies throughout season
Lifeguard job description example three

Why it works: Again, any additional duties you performed on top of the basic requirements of a lifeguard position will help to set you apart from the competition. In this case, the applicant kept such a close eye on the supply room that they managed that absolutely nothing went missing. Accidents happen, of course, but if you can brag about them not happening, all the better.

Example Cruise Lifeguard Duties for Resume - Example Four

  1. Set up and ensured the availability of supplies and equipment during operating hours, proactively replenishing and maintaining them as needed.
  2. Interacted with guests, providing directions and offering guest service assistance to enhance their experience.
  3. Adapted to additional duties and responsibilities as assigned, aiming to consistently exceed guest expectations and deliver exceptional products and services.
  4. Took personal responsibility for safety and the environment, prioritizing accountability for oneself and others in the vicinity.
  5. Demonstrated environmental consciousness as part of the overall accountability.
  6. Performed rescues of guests in danger of drowning and remained alert to prevent accidents.
  7. Administered first aid, CPR, Oxygen, and AED as necessary, promptly responding to medical emergencies.
  8. Monitored activities around aquatic recreational facilities to prevent injuries and proactively provided assistance to guests as required, ensuring their well-being within the area.

Part Time Lifeguard Duties for Resume - Example Five

  1. Ensured the safety of patrons by directly supervising the aquatic area and maintaining a vigilant presence.
  2. Conducted daily testing of swimming pool and hot tub water chemistry to ensure proper balance and sanitation.
  3. Recorded and posted pool temperatures, pH, and chlorine levels for all pools, ensuring compliance with safety standards.
  4. Maintained a clean and safe environment by performing designated cleaning assignments and adhering to cleanliness protocols.
  5. Completed daily checklists of duties to ensure all necessary tasks were performed efficiently.
  6. Regularly inspected pool equipment and promptly reported any issues or malfunctions to the Director.

Job Description for Shallow Water Lifeguard on Resume - Example Six

  1. Maintained constant surveillance of the pool area or body of water, remaining attentive and vigilant at all times.
  2. Demonstrated knowledge of emergency procedures and promptly responded to emergency situations with a sense of urgency.
  3. Provided first aid when necessary and completed accurate incident/accident reports to ensure proper documentation.
  4. Exhibited familiarity with and consistently communicated policies and guidelines for the pool, body of water, and whirlpool, ensuring adherence to safety protocols.
  5. Attended monthly in-service training to enhance knowledge and skills, staying up-to-date with industry best practices.
  6. Reported to the Aquatics Director/Aquatics Supervisor, while regularly interacting with supervisors, staff, volunteers, and participants.
  7. Conducted thorough observations of all sections within assigned responsibility zones, accommodating any necessary adaptations as needed.

Example Pool Lifeguard Duties for Resume - Example Seven

  1. Provided a safe, customer-friendly, and enjoyable environment for kids and families by observing and supervising pool activities.
  2. Supported water safety and interacted with kids and families, ensuring a positive and engaging experience through continuous surveying of pool activities.
  3. Worked effectively with diverse groups of children and families in a group setting.
  4. Maintained a consistent schedule, working Monday through Saturday.
  5. Supervised the aquatics area to prevent accidents, assisted swimmers, and responded promptly to emergencies.
  6. Created a safe and positive atmosphere that prioritized participant safety and satisfaction, aligning with YMCA policies and procedures.
  7. Oversaw multiple activities, including open swim, water exercise, swim lessons, lap swimming, and boating.
  8. Maintained constant surveillance of the pool or body of water, adhering to emergency procedures and taking immediate action during emergency situations.
  9. Administered first aid when necessary and completed accurate incident/accident reports.
  10. Demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of pool policies and guidelines and effectively communicated them to participants.
  11. Consistently attended monthly in-service training to enhance knowledge and skills.

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