19 Led Synonyms for Resume

Try out these Led synonyms for your resume instead. Make your resume concise, sharp, and more impactful with these Led synonyms.

led synonyms for resume

In this article, we will show you:

  1. Synonyms for Led that you should use or avoid.
  2. Example of how to use these Led synonyms on your resume.

Top 19 Led Synonyms for Your Resume in 2022

  1. Routed
  2. Directed
  3. Tailed
  4. Captained
  5. Administered
  6. Piloted
  7. Marshaled
  8. Supervised
  9. Drive
  10. Showed
  11. Mastered
  12. Superintendent
  13. Steered
  14. Under Authority
  15. Conducted
  16. Oversee
  17. Ushered
  18. Guided
  19. Commanded

Examples of Using Another Word for Led on Resume

  • “Supervised a staff…”
  • “Managed and supervised…”
  • “Drive higher…”
  • “Guided the…”
  • “Marshaled a team of…”
  • “Piloted a team of…”

You can use these words instead of “Led” on your resume. We will show a few examples of Led synonyms below.

Other Led Synonyms for Resume that are not a Great Fit (Use With Caution)

  • Subjugated

Where to Highlight Led Synonyms on Your Resume?

Generally, you can add Led to the following sections of your resume:

  • "Led" synonym on your resume’s summary or objective
  • "Led" synonym on your resume’s work history section.
  • "Led" synonym on your resume skills section.
  • "Led" synonym on your resume’s education section.

Using Synonyms Instead of Led on Resume - Examples

Commanded Instead of Led on Resume - Example

“Commanding new cadets and harnessing them to a joint unit force.”

Superintendent Instead of Led on Resume - Example

“Operations Superintendent of 10+ years for Food processing companies.”

Supervised Instead of Led on Resume - Example

  • “Supervised sanitation schedules, calendar management, worker resource management, sanitation priorities, and issue resolution.”
  • “Supervised a staff of 20 people and managed an operating budget of $900k/year.”
  • “I supervise the east coast sales team at ACME.”
  • “Managed and supervised all QA work at 3 separate production lines at ACME.”
  • “Supervised and assisted students with their end of the year projects.”

Oversee Instead of Led on Resume - Example

  • “Oversee all accounting operations at KPMG’s NYC office.”
  • “I oversee all compliance-related audits at Hershey's. My day-to-day responsibilities include supplier compliance verification, traceability, and maintenance paperwork verification.”
  • “Oversee all safety training programs and work with HR to ensure compliance.”

Marshaled Instead of Led on Resume - Example

“Marshaled a team of real estate brokers to manage the bay area real estate market and provide 100% customer satisfaction.”

Directed Instead of Led on Resume - Example

  • “Directed and produced several small music videos for Portuguese artists.”
  • “Directed and managed advertising campaigns for several large fast food brands.”

Drive Instead of Led on Resume - Example

  • “Drive revenue through advertising and local event marketing.”
  • “Drive the business roadmap for ACME’s supply chain line of business.”
  • “Drive higher productivity and team engagement through SCRUM.”

Piloted Instead of Led on Resume - Example

  • “Piloted community outreach program that reached 60,000+ people and gathered 500 volunteers per event.”
  • “Piloted a team of field data collectors to collect viral infection data in the northwest region.”
  • “Piloted 1:1 service customization based on client requirements.”

Ushered Instead of Led on Resume - Example

“Ushered our team in an unpredictable and complex environment while exceeding our team’s goal.”

Guided Instead of Led on Resume - Example

  • “Guided the corporate strategy and implementation of new processes for six operation teams.”
  • “Guided the change management team at ACME and resolved change management roadblocks.”

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