15 Lead Synonyms for Resume

Try out these Lead synonyms for your resume instead. Make your resume concise, sharp, and more impactful with these Lead synonyms.

Lead Synonyms for Resume

In this article, we will show you:

  • Synonyms for Lead that you should use or avoid.
  • Example of how to use these Lead synonyms on your resume.

Top 15 Lead Synonyms for Your Resume in 2022

  1. Primacy
  2. Priority
  3. Facade
  4. Ahead
  5. Supremacy
  6. Precedence
  7. Advance
  8. Advantage
  9. Start
  10. Top Spot
  11. Title Role
  12. Front Rank
  13. Edge
  14. Vanguard
  15. Point

Other Lead Synonyms for Resume that are not a Great Fit (Use With Caution)

  • Star
  • Top
  • Bulge
  • Cutting Edge
  • Margin
  • Spark

Where to Highlight Lead Synonyms on Your Resume?

Generally, you can add Lead to the following sections of your resume:

  • “Lead” synonym on your resume’s header
  • “Lead” synonym on your resume’s summary or objective
  • “Lead” synonym on your resume’s work history section.
  • “Lead” synonym on your resume skills section.

Using Synonyms Instead of Lead on Resume - Examples

Primacy Instead of Lead on Resume - Example

Priority Instead of Lead on Resume - Example

“Priority Customer Relationship Manager for our valuable customers in the Bay Area.”

Ahead Instead of Lead on Resume - Example

“Possessing unique insights & the capability to plan ahead when working on design projects.”

Advance Instead of Lead on Resume - Example

“I would like the opportunity to expand my skills and apply them with the right organization where I can advance with.”

Title Role Instead of Lead on Resume - Example

“Held a title role for new market acquisition for our commercial loan services.”

Vanguard Instead of Lead on Resume - Example

“Regarded as vanguard and exemplary in redesigning and redefining core customer experiences at ACME.”

Point Instead of Lead on Resume - Example

“Act as the main point of contact for infrastructure platform management and troubleshooting.”

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