2024 UAE Resume Guide - Formats, Requirements, Templates & 10+ Examples

Our expert written guide on how to create a UAE resume with UAE resume templates and 10+ examples. Find detailed examples and tips on writing each section of your UAE resume.

How to Write a UAE Resume

To write a resume for jobs in UAE, follow these steps:

  • Start with personal information at the top. It should contain your full name, photo, nationality, your contact information, and your visa status.
  • Next, write a professional summary or objective statement. Tailor it to the job or industry and if you are an entry level professional, clearly state your career goals.
  • Then, list your work experience in a reverse chronological order. While writing your work experience, clearly list your company name, position held, dates of employment, responsibilities following the STAR method, and list your UAE or GCC work experience.
  • Create a new section titled skills and list your job related skills, soft skills, and other technical skills in this section.
  • List your language skills in a separate section. UAE is diverse and professionals with language skills are highly valued.
  • Next, list your certifications and licenses that you hold. They will make a hiring manager’s job easier.
  • Lastly, add references in a separate section for references. Some applicants also list their references within the work history section as well, but listing them under a separate section is preferrable.

How to Format a UAE Resume

The top resume formatting tips to follow while writing a resume for a job in the United Arab Emirates are:

  1. Select the appropriate resume format based on your work experience and industry standards.
  2. Keep the length of your resume concise, typically not exceeding two pages. However, if you have extensive experience or are in academia, a longer CV (Curriculum Vitae) may be acceptable.
  3. Utilize a professional font such as Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman, ensuring readability and professionalism.
  4. Maintain sufficient margins on all sides of the resume sections to enhance readability and visual appeal.
  5. Use a line spacing of either 1 or 1.15 to ensure clarity and organization in your resume layout.
  6. Remember to tailor your resume to the specific job requirements and cultural norms of the UAE job market, highlighting relevant skills, experiences, and achievements that align with the position you're applying for.

Resume Tips and rules for UAE

Length: Generally, resumes in the UAE should be concise and focused, typically not exceeding two pages in length.

Language: Resumes in the UAE should primarily be written in English, as it is widely used in business and professional settings. However, depending on the industry and specific job requirements, a resume in Arabic may also be advantageous.

CV or Resume: In the UAE, the terms "CV" (Curriculum Vitae) and "resume" are often used interchangeably. However, CVs tend to be more comprehensive, detailing academic qualifications, research, publications, etc., while resumes are typically shorter and focused on work experience, skills, and achievements. Depending on the employer's preferences or the specific job application, either a CV or a resume may be appropriate. It's essential to tailor the document to the job requirements and follow any specific instructions provided by the employer.

Data Engineering Resume Example for UAE

data engineering resume example for UAE

Sales UAE Resume Example

sales resume example for UAE

UAE Resume Example for Accountants

accountants resume example for UAE

Writer Resume Example for UAE

technical writer resume example for UAE

UAE Resume Example for Executives

executive resume example for UAE

Software Engineering Resume Example for UAE

software engineering resume example for UAE

Designer Resume Example for UAE

UAE design resume example

Project Management Resume for UAE

project management resume example for UAE

Retail UAE Resume Example

UAE retail resume example

UAE Resume Example for Teaching

teaching resume example for UAE

How to List Personal Information on UAE Resume

To list personal information on a UAE resume, add the following in your resume header:

  • Full Name: Display prominently at the top.
  • Contact Information: Include phone number (with country code +971), professional email, and city of residence.
  • LinkedIn Profile (Optional): Include a link if it's up-to-date and professional.
  • Date of Birth and Nationality: Optional but commonly included. Use discretion based on preference.
  • Marital Status and Family Information: Generally omitted, but included if relevant to the position.

How to List Your Name on UAE Resume

Follow these instructions while listing your name on UAE resume: Placement: Place your full name at the top, prominently. Formatting: Use a slightly larger font size, bold or capitalize for emphasis.

Photo on UAE Resume

A photo is commonly expected on a UAE resume. Here’s what to consider while adding a photo to your UAE resume:

  • Placement: Place your professional photo in the top corner of your resume, usually the upper right or left side.
  • Size: Keep your photo small and passport-sized, typically 2x2 inches or 4x4 centimeters.
  • Attire: Dress professionally for the photo, wearing business attire that reflects the industry norms. Avoid casual clothing or attire that may not align with professional expectations.
  • Background: Choose a plain, neutral background for your photo to ensure that you remain the focal point. Avoid busy or distracting backgrounds.
  • Expression: Maintain a neutral or friendly expression in your photo. Avoid extreme facial expressions or gestures.
  • Quality: Ensure that your photo is clear, well-lit, and of high quality. Avoid blurry or low-resolution images that may detract from your professionalism.

How to List Your Nationality on UAE Resume

List your nationality in the personal information section of your UAE resume. Clearly list Nationality followed by your nationality.

Some examples of how to list Nationality on a UAE resume:

  • Nationality: Emirati
  • Nationality: American
  • Nationality: British

How to List Your Contact Information on UAE Resume

When listing your contact information on your UAE resume, make sure to add a professional email address and a +971 phone number in the resume header.

How to Mention Your Visa Status on UAE Resume

Visa status should be listed in the resume header. It is important to list the type of visa you hold as well (e.g. Employment visa, Residence visa, or a Visit visa)

How to Write a Winning Work Experience on UAE Resume

  1. Write your work experience in a reverse chronological order.
  2. Use bullets instead of paragraphs to explain your work experience.
  3. While describing your work experience focus on highlighting what you did and the impact you made (you can use numbers to describe your success).
  4. Use action verbs in your bullet points.

How to List your UAE or GCC Work Experience on Resume

You should list your UAE or GCC experience in the work experience section. While doing so, make sure to include the following:

  • Job Title: Provide your job title.
  • Company Name: Include the name of the company or organization where you worked.
  • Location: Specify the city and country where the company is located (e.g., Dubai, UAE).
  • Dates of Employment: Include the start and end dates of your employment (month and year).
  • Responsibilities and Achievements: Describe your key responsibilities and achievements in bullet points. Focus on quantifiable achievements and use action verbs to start each bullet point.

Education Background on UAE Resume

When detailing your education background on a UAE resume, include the following information:

  • Degrees Obtained: List the degrees you have obtained, starting with the highest level of education achieved. Include the type of degree (e.g., Bachelor's, Master's) and the field of study.
  • Institutions Attended: Specify the names of the institutions where you obtained your degrees. Include both the full name of the institution and its location (city and country).
  • Graduation Dates: Provide the dates of graduation for each degree obtained. Include the month and year of graduation.
  • Majors/Fields of Study: Mention the majors or fields of study for each degree obtained. This helps employers understand your academic background and expertise.
  • Relevant Courses or Projects: Optionally, you can include any relevant courses or projects undertaken during your education that demonstrate your skills and expertise in your field.

Example Format to List Education on UAE resume

Example 1:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Example 2:

  • Institution: XYZ University, Dubai, UAE
  • Graduation Date: May 2022
  • Major: Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Example 3:

  • Institution: ABC University, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Graduation Date: June 2018
  • Major: Mechanical Engineering
  • Relevant Courses/Projects: Include any relevant coursework or projects that highlight your skills and expertise, such as "Strategic Management," "Financial Analysis," or "Engineering Design Project.

Skills to Emphasize on Your UAE Resume

When creating a resume for the UAE, emphasize these key skills:

  1. Language Proficiency: Fluent in Arabic and English.
  2. Cross-Cultural Communication.
  3. Technical Skills relevant to your field.
  4. Leadership and Management Abilities.
  5. Adaptability and Flexibility.
  6. Customer Service Orientation.
  7. Teamwork and Collaboration.
  8. Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking.
  9. Time Management and Organization.
  10. Networking Skills.

How to List Languages on UAE Resume

There are two ways to mention language proficiency on a UAE resume: In the language section In the skills section

It is preferable to add them under a language skills section; however, if that’s not an option, add language proficiency under the skills section.

Here are a few examples from the language section of a UAE resume:

Language Proficiency With Detailed Scores Example

English Language Proficiency Test (IELTS) Overall Band Score: 8.0 Writing: 7.5 Speaking: 8.5 Listening: 8.0 Reading: 8.0

Listing Language with Examination Authority Example

  • Test de Connaissance du Français (TCF)
  • Level: B2
  • Institutional Evaluation Example:

Listing Language Skills with Center Certification Example

Arabic Proficiency: Advanced

How to Mention Arabic proficiency on UAE Resume

Native Speaker:

Arabic (Native Speaker) Fluent in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and proficient in various dialects, including Gulf Arabic.

Fluent Proficiency:

Arabic (Fluent) Proficient in both written and spoken Arabic, with a deep understanding of regional dialects and cultural nuances. Advanced Proficiency:

Arabic (Advanced) Capable of conducting business negotiations, presentations, and written correspondence in Arabic. Comfortable with formal and informal communication styles.

Intermediate Proficiency:

Arabic (Intermediate) Competent in everyday conversations and basic written communication. Continuing to improve language skills through immersion and practice. Beginner Proficiency:

Arabic (Beginner) Currently learning Arabic with the goal of achieving fluency. Basic understanding of grammar and vocabulary.

How to List Certifications and Licenses on Your UAE Resume

  1. Section Heading: Create a dedicated section titled "Certifications and Licenses" or "Professional Credentials" to clearly highlight this information.
  2. List Certifications: Begin by listing each certification or license you hold. Include the full name of the certification or license, the issuing organization, and any relevant dates (e.g., date of issuance or expiration).
  3. Relevance: Prioritize certifications and licenses that are most relevant to the position you are applying for. Highlight those that demonstrate your expertise and qualifications for the job.
  4. Formatting: Use a consistent format for listing certifications and licenses, such as bullet points or a table format. Ensure that the information is easy to read and well-organized.

UAE Resume Certification Example

Project Management Professional (PMP)

  • Issuing Organization: Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Date of Issuance: January 2021
  • Expiration: January 2026

Example of How to List License on UAE Resume

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Issuing Organization: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
  • Date of Issuance: June 2018

How to List References on UAE Resume

When listing references on a UAE resume, follow these guidelines:

  1. Create a separate section titled "References" or "Professional References" to clearly indicate that the following information pertains to your references.
  2. Provide their full name, job title, company name, email address, and phone number for each reference, ensuring accuracy.
  3. Mention your professional relationship with each reference briefly, such as a former supervisor or colleague.
  4. Obtain permission from potential references before listing them and ensure their willingness to provide a positive recommendation.

Example of References on UAE Resume


John Smith

  • Job Title: Senior Manager
  • Company: ABC Corporation
  • Email: john.smith@example.com
  • Phone: +971 50 123 4567
  • Professional Relationship: Former Supervisor

Sarah Johnson

  • Job Title: Marketing Director
  • Company: XYZ Company
  • Email: sarah.johnson@example.com
  • Phone: +971 55 987 6543
  • Professional Relationship: Colleague

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