Russia CV Tips & Format Requirements

Applying for a job in Russia? This guide has the tips, examples, & format requirements needed to write the perfect Russian CV. Create your VisualCV today!

Russia CV Requirements

When looking for a job in Russia, be sure to include the necessary information - like with much of Europe, you will need to include your date of birth, for example. Unlike much of Europe, however, a photo is not required. Russian CVs must cater to the specifics of Russian culture and expectations.

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Russia CV Tips and rules:

Length: Two pages is the appropriate length of a Russian CV - any more will be seen as excessive.

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Russia CV Format, Order and Layout:

Photo: A picture is optional, but not recommended. Include an image if it is specifically requested or if you are certain it will help your chances, but otherwise leave it out.

Personal Information: At the top of your CV, include these personal details: name, address, date of birth, phone number, and email address.

Education: List your education above your Work Experience. Include the diplomas and degrees that you have earned, as well as the dates of your educational achievements.

Work experience: It is most common to list previous positions in reverse-chronological order. Also acceptable is listing most relevant skills and positions first - according to, “This is a good resume if you are entering the job market after a long absence or if you are entering the job market for the first time with little related experience, but a lot of skills.” Write your CV with the job you are applying to in mind - research the company and the position so that your CV is tailored to best suit both.

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Other Russia CV sections:

Skills: You may want to include a list of skills you are proficient in, including design and computer skills.

Languages: Include a list of the languages you are fluent in.

References: It is not necessary to provide a list of references. Instead, simply provide references separately when asked for them by the employer.


Be strategic when applying for jobs around the world, as different countries and different companies have unique expectations and rules. Your resume should be customized to fit not only the country you are applying to, but to the specific job. Your Russian CV should follow all of the above rules for best results.

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