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When you look for jobs on Indeed, you need to use a great resume.

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As one of the largest and most-used online job boards, Indeed is a great tool for finding a new role. If you are using Indeed as a job search platform, it’s important to write a great Indeed CV.

Fortunately, making an Indeed CV is no different from making any other kind of CV. When you apply for a job using Indeed, you have the option to upload a PDF or Word document. You can make this Indeed CV with the CV making platform of your choice.

To make a great Indeed CV, it’s important to:

  • Select a great CV template
  • Showcase your work experience
  • List your education
  • Customize your CV for every application

What is an Indeed CV?

When you apply for a job on Indeed, you will be given the option to either use your Indeed CV, or upload a CV from your computer. In that way, any CV can be your Indeed CV.

If you make a profile on Indeed, you will have the opportunity to create a CV right inside the website. This CV will be hosted on Indeed, and can be used to apply for jobs when applying directly from the Indeed site. It can also be downloaded as a simple PDF. The downloaded PDF, however, is very simple and unformatted. If you are applying for a job using a PDF, you will be better off using a dedicated CV builder.

Many jobs hosted on Indeed will require you to apply on the company’s official website. In fact, most job-seekers find that applying directly to the company website gives them a better chance of landing a job interview. Whether you are using Indeed or any other platform to find job postings, it is often a good idea to find the posting on the company’s website and apply there.

What is an Indeed CV Maker?

To make an Indeed CV, you can use any CV building platform, including VisualCV. A great Indeed CV maker will allow you to select a great CV template, include all the right CV sections, and easily customize your CV for every application you complete on Indeed.

Essentially, an Indeed CV maker is any CV-building software that allows you to create a great CV PDF.

How to write an Indeed CV

When you write an Indeed CV, it’s important to make sure it has all the right sections. Whether you apply on Indeed or on a company website, you will need to have a great CV template and all the right CV content. With these steps, you will have an effective CV in no time.

1. Select a great CV template

When you apply for a job through Indeed, it’s important to make sure you have a CV template that suits the job and company you are applying to.

To find the right template for your Indeed CV, consider your industry. Is it a traditional company, like law or finance? Or is it a more modern industry like marketing or technology? The answers to these questions will help you decide on an Indeed CV template.

If you are applying for a job in a traditional industry, you will likely want a more traditional CV template, like VisualCV’s Zenith template.

Indeed CV Maker: Zenith Template

If you are in a more modern industry, however, you may want a CV with more striking characteristics, like VisualCV’s Quartz template.

Indeed CV Maker: Quartz Template

Either way, the template should be appropriate for your industry and showcase your skills and experience effectively. An eye-catching PDF CV template is usually the best way to do this.

2. Write a great CV summary

On an Indeed CV, the summary section is your introduction to an employer. It is the section where you can select your most relevant and most impressive accomplishments and abilities and present them right at the top of your CV.

While not strictly mandatory, the Summary section is a great way to open your resume. With the right collection of highlights, it can be exactly what convinces hiring managers to keep reading.

In your Summary section, list your key highlights in a short paragraph or bulleted list. Your Summary section should be no more than a few lines long, and it should be positioned near the beginning of your CV.

3. Showcase your work experience

Your Work Experience section is the most important part of your Indeed CV. It should be the longest and most detailed part of your CV, containing key achievements and abilities from past positions.

In your Work Experience section, list past jobs in reverse-chronological order, beginning with your most recent position and working backwards. For each item, list the job title, company name, dates of employment, and a job description.

The descriptions of each job are very important to your Indeed CV. These sections are where you describe your achievements and responsibilities in each past role. This will tell employers what you have achieved and what you are capable of.

Work Experience Example: Indeed CV Maker

When writing your job descriptions, it’s important to focus on making your experience sound as relevant and impressive as possible. To do this, focus on accomplishments rather than duties. Listing specific highlights will be much more impressive to a hiring manager than a boring list of duties. Remember, this is a marketing document, not a grocery list.

When showcasing your accomplishments, use quantifiable successes as much as possible. If you can use numbers to demonstrate your skills, your experience will seem much more credible. These numbers could be for sales, revenue, team size, client satisfaction scores, or any other measurable aspect of your job.

You should also be careful about how you describe your experience. Each of your accomplishments should sound impressive and exciting. To make sure your experience sounds impressive, use eye-catching action words like spearheaded, developed, demonstrated, and collaborated. Action verbs will keep hiring managers interested and cast your experience in an impressive light.

4. List your most relevant skills

It’s important to include a Skills section in your Indeed CV. A Skills section is a great way to match your professional skill set with the job posting.

For a simple Skills section, list your skills in a simple bulleted list, with the most relevant skills at the top.

For a slightly more robust Skills section, give each skill area a heading, then list examples of that skill in bullets beneath.

Your Skills section is the best place to showcase the expertise you will bring to your next role.

5. Show your education

If you are an experienced job-seeker, your Education section does not need to be very long. Simply list your academic credentials in reverse-chronological order, beginning with your most recent degree and working backwards. For each entry in your Education section, list the degree and the school name. Dates are optional.

You can also include descriptions of your coursework or important projects, but this is only recommended if you need to fill out space on your CV. Most of the space on your resume should be given to Skills and Work Experience.

6. Customize your Indeed CV for every job posting

You can’t rely on a single CV for every job application. Every job posting will have slightly different requirements, and every company will have a different idea of a perfect candidate. It’s important to customize your CV every time you apply for a job if you want your job search to be successful.

To customize your CV, match your skills to the job as closely as you can. Study the job posting, and look for the specific skills, tools, and expertise the company is screening for. Use the exact words and phrases from the posting to describe your experience (as long as it’s true).

This will ensure that your CV is a great match for the position, and ensure you make it through the Applicant Tracking System.

Indeed CV Maker: CV Example

Indeed CV Maker: Nevis template

Strategic Marketing Consultant


Chris Smith is a Strategic Marketing Consultant with a strong background in developing and executing comprehensive marketing strategies for small businesses. With expertise in statistical analysis, search engine marketing, and social media, Chris has successfully driven long-term sustainability and growth for clients. Notable achievements include a 20% increase in new customer acquisition through a customer referral campaign and the establishment of a robust marketing infrastructure for rapid company growth. Chris has a proven track record of conducting market research and analysis to identify target audiences and develop targeted marketing campaigns. With excellent communication skills, Chris effectively collaborates with cross-functional teams and maintains clear communication with clients. Chris holds a Master of Science in Management Studies from MIT Sloan School of Management and a Bachelor of Arts from Yale University. Fluent in German, Chris brings a global perspective to marketing strategies.

Work Experience

Strategic Marketing Consultant RichestSoft

  • Developed and executed comprehensive marketing strategies for small businesses, collaborating closely with their teams to drive long-term sustainability and growth.
  • Successfully refreshed the communication channel mix and launched a customer referral campaign, resulting in a 20% increase in new customer acquisition.
  • Led the development of the brand and established a robust marketing infrastructure, facilitating rapid growth and enabling the company to expand ahead of schedule.
  • Conducted market research and analysis to identify target audiences and develop targeted marketing campaigns, resulting in increased brand visibility and customer engagement.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure the seamless execution of marketing initiatives, effectively leveraging resources and maximizing impact.
  • Maintained clear and concise communication with clients, explaining marketing strategies and tactics in a manner easily understood by non-marketing professionals.
  • Proofread all marketing materials and communications to ensure accuracy, professionalism, and error-free presentation.
  • Consistently achieved milestones and objectives, delivering measurable results and driving business success.

Marketing Strategy Consultant PowerTrain

  • Provided comprehensive marketing, sales, and business strategy consulting services to growing and evolving firms, delivering impactful solutions in a challenging economic climate.
  • Authored and presented an authorized business plan, resulting in a successful $5 million capital raise for a client.
  • Coordinated and managed all activities related to the implementation of the business plan, collaborating effectively with vendors and consultants.
  • Crafted an engaging and persuasive executive summary, generating significant interest and securing multiple investor meetings for a client.
  • Developed a targeted sales strategy for a green start-up firm, leveraging market data and research to drive growth and profitability.
  • Implemented a comprehensive go-to-market branding and marketing strategy for a SaaS firm, resulting in increased brand visibility and customer acquisition.
  • Assisted the National Marketing Conference with strategic planning, surpassing attendance goals and ensuring a successful event.
  • Provided guidance and expertise to a local non-profit organization, developing an effective marketing and social media strategy that increased awareness and donations.

Marketing Manager Webinopoly

  • Conducted comprehensive market research and competitive analysis to inform marketing strategies and campaigns, resulting in a 20% increase in brand awareness and customer engagement.
  • Developed and executed new media marketing plans, leveraging digital platforms to reach target audiences and drive lead generation.
  • Created compelling positioning and messaging for enterprise software companies, including IBM and EMC, resulting in increased market share and customer acquisition.
  • Led go-to-market initiatives, coordinating cross-functional teams to ensure successful product launches and maximum market penetration.
  • Produced high-quality marketing collateral, including white papers and sales materials, that effectively communicated product features and benefits to customers.
  • Implemented web key-performance indicators and metrics, enabling data-driven decision making and continuous improvement of marketing efforts.
  • Recommended and implemented a web product management methodology that reduced development costs and time by 10%, improving efficiency and profitability.
  • Acted as a speaker at industry events, trade shows, and seminars, showcasing expertise in security, network, communication, and content management software and marketing.


Bachelor of Business Administration State University


Content Marketing

  • Communication channel strategy and management.
  • Successful at delivering content through videos and images.
  • Created compelling emails that cut through the clutter.

Marketing Strategy

  • Strategic marketing planning to align with sales and business goals.
  • Designed and deployed integrated communication strategies that delivered awareness and action.
  • Built and implemented the brand strategy designed to connect and engage.
  • The agile approach focused on monitoring performance and adjusting.

Digital Marketing

  • Social media management, continually adapting to the evolution of the medium.
  • Manage the development of sales tools, designed with user experience in mind.
  • Website management, from strategy to content development, and execution.

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