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Discover federal resume writing services with VisualCV to help you put your best foot forward in your next job search.

We know that overhauling your resume can take time and energy you may not have. That’s doubly true if you’re trying to plan a career change, which can require you to rework your resume for a whole new industry. That’s why we offer a professional resume writing service—to help you develop the best possible resume for the industry where you want to work.

It’s also no secret that the federal government can afford to be selective when hiring. Positions tend to be in high demand, thanks to the great benefits that federal employees are eligible to receive. If you’re hoping to build a career in federal government, you’ll need a resume targeted to that professional sphere—one that can outshine the competition and impress any hiring manager.

With our federal resume writing service, you’ll have a real edge over your competitors for any federal job you want. Our writing team will work with you to build a resume that speaks to your strengths in a language that federal hiring managers will understand. Read on to learn more about this amazing service, which will allow you to take charge of your federal job search today!

In this article, we’ll cover the following points:

  • What you need to know about applying for federal government jobs
  • How our resume writing services work
  • How a resume writing service can help you land your dream job

What to Know About Federal Government Jobs

The federal government may not seem like the most glamorous of employers. But these jobs come with some amazing benefits, and can form the basis of a lifelong career for the right candidate. If you want to know more about the world of federal government job applications, read on—we’ll tell you everything you need to know!

The Benefits of Federal Government Jobs

Federal government jobs are in demand for some very serious reasons. These jobs typically offer benefits including—but not limited to—paid vacation time, paid sick leave, health insurance, pension plans, life insurance policies, and on-the-job training. Not only do they offer security across almost every aspect of your life; they also allow you a platform to build your skills, whatever your long-term career goals might be.

With jobs in the private sector, these benefits aren’t always guaranteed. While some jobs may offer some of these benefits, very few offer all of them. It’s a great incentive for many people to consider working for the federal government.

The Federal Government Job Application Process

The federal job application process can be extremely slow. It’s not uncommon for hiring managers within the federal government to take six months to a year to find the right candidate. In extreme cases, it can take even longer!

But crucially, the federal government fills an average of 90,000 job postings every year (excluding the US Postal Service and the military). Even accounting for the lengthy hiring process for each role, that’s an amazing number of jobs available. If you want to work for the federal government, you will stand a great chance of finding a job that suits your skills and experience level.

It’s worth remembering that the federal government has its own job portal, and that all candidates have to apply through that site. If you want to work for the federal government, prioritize creating an account at USAJOBS.gov. Once you have an account, you can start your federal government job search in earnest.

How Does a Resume Writing Service Work?

If you’ve never used a resume writing service before, you’re probably curious about how it all works. At VisualCV, we’ve developed a simple three-step process to deliver you the best possible resume—with the fastest possible turnaround time. As long as you already have a VisualCV Pro membership, you’ll be able to nail every step of the process with ease.

Here’s what you need to do to get the most out of this service, so we can help you get results in your job search.

Step 1: Send Us Your Current Resume

Don’t scrap your current resume just yet! Whatever it looks like, whether or not it’s targeted to the industry where you want to work, it’s a useful resource for our team of resume writers. It gives us an at-a-glance picture of your experience, skills, and educational background, so we can find the best way to showcase your accomplishments in your new resume.

You can upload your existing resume to VisualCV.com after purchasing your resume writing service. Our prices scale according to your seniority and level of experience, so make sure you purchase the right tier! It will allow us to give you the most specialized support possible.

Step 2: Consult Our Team

Once you’ve uploaded your resume, we’ll set up a time for you to talk to our writing team directly. This is your opportunity to talk in more depth about your career goals and your job search plans. We want to hear everything that might be relevant to your resume—it will help us to target it more effectively to the industry where you want to work.

Our professional resume writing team will give you as much insight as possible into their ideas for your new resume. You’ll always have the chance to provide your own input—after all, it’s your resume and your career! This conversation means that your new resume will be a collaboration between you and our team of experts, so you can enjoy both an incredible finished product and a reassuring sense of creative control.

Step 3: Get Your Professionally Written Resume

We’ll usually need a maximum of three business days to produce your new resume. That allows our writing team enough time to take your resume to the next level.

We’ll write every aspect of your resume based on your previous resume and our conversations with you, so it’s a true reflection of your skills and experience as a candidate. We’ll also ensure that your resume is tailored to the industry you want to work in, from the experience we feature to the template we use.

Once you have your new resume, you’ll be ready to go after the job of your dreams! Our customers report amazing rates of success with their professionally written resumes, and we’re confident that you will get similar results.

The Benefits of a Resume Writing Service

So is a professional resume writing service right for you? If you’re considering using our service, it’s important to understand all the benefits it can offer—for you and your career alike. Here are the biggest reasons why we think our federal resume writing service is worth the investment for you.

Insider Industry Knowledge

As professional resume experts, our writing team makes it their business to understand the job search process. They stay on top of industry developments and job hunting trends, so they remain aware of each industry’s norms and professional standards. And they’re ready to apply that knowledge to your resume, so your finished product is perfectly in line with the role and the industry you’re aiming for.

This is particularly important when you’re hoping to land a job in the federal government. It’s important to understand the accepted style and format of the kind of resume that can win you federal government jobs. Our team is prepared to meet those standards, bringing a deep understanding of federal job applications to the table.

Fast Turnaround Times

Think about how long it would take you to completely rewrite your resume. It could take some long evenings of looking up past employment dates, researching job descriptions, and trying to quantify skills you’ve been honing for years. And remember, your regular life doesn’t press pause just because you’re trying to find a new career—you’ll need to work on your resume around your regular responsibilities, which could make it take even longer.

We guarantee that our writing team will get your new resume into your hands within three business days of your initial conversation. You won’t have to spend any of that time working on your resume; as the professionals, our team will take care of it all for you, without any of the stresses or interruptions that come with daily life. It’s a weight off your shoulders, so you can concentrate on other things.

The turnaround time we offer has an added benefit for applicants hoping to work for the federal government. Because it can take so long for federal hiring managers to sort through candidates, it’s important to meet the application deadlines for the role you want—otherwise, you could miss your chance, and similar roles may not appear for a long time. We’ll deliver you a polished resume, ready to submit, as quickly as we can, so you’ll be able to submit your federal government job application in plenty of time.

Professional Resume Templates

At VisualCV, we believe we have some of the best resume templates on the internet. We offer an incredible range of templates to suit any industry, role, or level of experience. And we’re particularly proud of the fact that all of our resumes are compatible with ATS software, regardless of their layout or their level of image content.

Our resume templates are all professionally designed, and they get results. Our VisualCV Pro customers even report getting compliments from recruiters and hiring managers when they use our templates! We know how to strike the perfect balance of design and function, so you can give your resume that extra flourish.

Two column resume template selection screen
An example of VisualCV's professional resume temlates

When you purchase a professionally written resume from VisualCV, our team will select the perfect template for your resume. They’ll make that decision based on the industry you want to work in, your level of experience, and any preferences you share in your conversation with the team. This is a part of the service we offer, and it means you’ll receive a completely finished product when we sent you your resume after three business days.

All of these benefits add up to create a comprehensive service—one that can seriously bolster your chances of getting the job you want. Our professional resume writing experts have helped thousands of people develop their careers, and we’re proud to have been a part of their professional journeys. With help from our team, you can turn your career into a success story just like theirs.

When you take a VisualCV resume with you into your federal government job search, you’ll have a competitive advantage over other applicants. Our federal resume writing service is an investment in your future, which can help to take you from the earliest stages of your job search to the career of your dreams. And in such a competitive job market, it’s an advantage you can’t afford to miss out on.

Check out our professional resume writing services today, and invest in the option that’s right for you. We’re ready and waiting to help you transform your resume—so what are you waiting for? Take control of your career today!

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