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Pharmacy Volunteer CV Example and Template
Pharmacy Volunteer CV Example and Template
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Pharmacy Volunteer CV


A passionate, result-focused professional with a solid education in nursing. Diversified experience in different nursing settings from acute care, physician office, and specialty pharmacy. Proven track record of success in both hospital and home care settings. Perform well under high-pressure and can work efficiently in fast-paced environments. Proven leader who can solve problems through critical analysis. Interact effectively with all levels of associates. Possess outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. Dedicated to increasing knowledge and abilities to the highest performance level. Possess excellent problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Demonstrate effective communication and collaboration with team members to deliver patient-centered care.

Work Experience

Pharmacy Volunteer

Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Stay in the operation room’s hallway to keep track of same-day surgery progress to update to the volunteer’s desk.
  • Provide medication therapy management, patient counseling, and interdisciplinary collaboration with physicians.
  • Provide information regarding the status of patients’ appointment.
  • Provide medication reconciliation, patient counseling, and interdisciplinary collaboration with physicians and residents for the geriatric population.
  • Provide emotional support to patients’ families during their visit to the hospital.
  • Help the nurses and caregivers at the group homes in managing patients’ medications.
  • Help pharmacists and the medical team members with medical reconciliation for newly admitted patients.
  • Perform technician duties such as stocking medications in inventory and med carts.
  • Interview patient, patient caregiver, and contact patient's preferred pharmacy.
  • Shadow the pharmacist and technicians to understand their roles in the community setting.
  • Guide patients’ families to any area in the hospital that they need to go to.
  • Check blood pressure, administer blood glucose tests and vaccines.
  • Help transport patients, using hospital wheelchairs through the designated department.

Staff Nurse

Cleveland Clinic
  • Provided direct nursing care to patients
  • Assessed patients, maintained knowledge of daily labs, and knowledge of baseline heart rhythm.
  • Provided exceptional palliative care to elderly patients, providing them with a happy and comfortable life which increased life expectancy by 5%.
  • Monitored vital signs and telemetry throughout the shift.
  • Consistently demonstrated obedience to established facility procedures, protocols.
  • Managed central IV lines, chest tubes, blake drains.
  • Managed particularly difficult emergencies by employing quick action, thereby saving an accident victim’s life.
  • Attended staff meetings; help with the assessment of staff skills at yearly “skills day”.
  • Developed and implemented patient care plan, increased patient confidence by 35%.
  • Assisted other team members as needed throughout the shift.

Registered Nurse

Mayo Clinic
  • Performed appropriate treatment as ordered by physicians.
  • Assessed and managed temporary pacemakers according to hospital policy; documented assessment and interventions.
  • Accurately completed assignments and general duties which increased overall efficiency by 40%.
  • Oversaw medication administration and assessment of therapeutic response.
  • Increased referral rates by 15% and maintained a customer satisfaction rate of over 95%.
  • Assisted with placement of central IV lines, chest tubes, and with cardio-version procedures.
  • Improved healthcare service and overall quality standards of the facility by 20%.
  • Supervised student nurses, role-modeled professional nursing, and assisted with nursing skills development.
  • Corresponded appropriate information to patients, peers, managers, and physicians–decreased communication gap by 40%.
  • Participated in discharge planning throughout the hospital.
  • Established good relationships with patients and families.
  • Provided excellent customer service to patients and physicians.
  • Initiated and assisted in emergency resuscitative measures.
  • Educate the public on high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
  • Provide companionship, emotional support, respite for caregivers, and above all, offer a presence, an ear to listen to stories, and an understanding smile.
  • Clarify with providers from another site regarding patients’ medications.
  • Follow hospital policies and procedures.
  • Developed nursing standards which resulted in a better quality of patient care.
  • Educated patients and families on medications, diet, and cardiac rehabilitation.
  • Interacted effectively with patients, visitors, and others.


Doctor of Pharmacy

University of Kentucky

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Duke University

Associates Degree in General Studies

Houston Community College


  • Emergency care
  • Patient relations
  • Bedside care
  • Patient-centric care
  • Policy & procedures
  • Clinical knowledge
  • Excellent documentation skills
  • Reviewing doctors’ orders for medications
  • Maintaining patient confidential information
  • Patient support and customer service
  • Advanced cardiac life support
  • Performing medication therapy management
  • Answering patient questions regarding reactions to medications and side effects
Pharmacy Volunteer CV Example and Template
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