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Program Volunteer CV Example and Template
Program Volunteer CV Example and Template

Volunteer CV Example

Program Volunteer CV

Program Volunteer CV - SUMMARY

Ability to convey the conceptual and practical aspects of the curriculum to students, while respecting their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and individual learning styles. Have demonstrated the power to develop a good rapport with people instantaneously and successfully redirect students often deemed as difficult. I am seeking a job that will maximize my teaching experience and training abilities, will challenge me, and help me grow. I aim to create a learning environment that allows each student to excel academically and gain the confidence and motivation to succeed in their academic careers and become well-rounded learners. I encourage open-mindedness and cultural awareness to foster respectable interactions. Take a great interest in learning about people and their strengths.

Program Volunteer CV - WORK EXPERIENCE

Program Volunteer, Academic Magnet High School

  • Devise explicit teaching models for literacy and numeracy.
  • Help with different project requirements with this organization for 4 years.
  • Deliver program to grade 8-12 students to help students develop a positive attitude towards education while recognizing personal and economic costs of living on their own.
  • Support students with diverse learning and health needs.
  • Coordinate other volunteers, holiday lessons, and meals.
  • Use student assessment data to inform teaching practice.
  • Report to regular classroom teachers about progress and student behavior.
  • Teach English and help the children understand US customs and culture.
  • Provide employment references for past volunteers.
  • Conduct mock interviews with job applications and offering feedback.
  • Schedule time with the school and get other volunteers to visit and for transportation.
  • Organize and arrange interviews for candidates.
  • Provide timely feedback to students on progression through comments on work and conversations.
  • Coordinate and purchase school assets.
  • Supervise and conduct extra-curricular sports such as male fitness, volleyball, floor hockey, and female fitness.

Assistant Teacher, BASIS Scottsdale

  • Created challenging projects for students to complete.
  • Oversaw the year, term, and unit planning and assessed documents for year 6.
  • Provided administrative and secretarial services to program coordinator and faculty.
  • Applied positive and consequential behavior management strategies.
  • Created lessons using differentiation and various entry-points to engage students of varying abilities.
  • Developed lesson plans and class material-combined instruction with demonstration to communicate objectives to class for evaluation.
  • Coached year 5 and 6 netball teams outside of school hours.
  • Attended professional development sessions to learn the latest best practices and strategies for effective teaching.
  • Actively participated in activities that included assessing student progress, assigning grades, taking attendance.
  • Developed reading groups implemented in the classroom.
  • Examined student test results and other data to determine the course for differentiated instruction.
  • Prepared course binders to be examined by the Ministry of Education for bi-yearly school inspection.
  • Developed unit plans for all subjects using the 5 E's instructional process.
  • Developed a positive relationship with all staff members in the school and continually sought feedback on teaching performance.

Teacher, Central Magnet School

  • Taught full time during term 3 in the year 2007.
  • Observed the teacher and examined various teaching techniques tailored to ESP students with language difficulties.
  • Led prayer and hymn singing.
  • Provided direct feedback to teachers on students’ abilities and performance levels.
  • Facilitated learning and provided students with the information and tools they needed to master a variety of subjects.
  • Evaluated students using a variety of assessment techniques learned and provided anecdotal observation and assessment for the classroom professor.
  • Supported teachers with parents’ concerns and gave feedback to both parents and students.
  • Assessed students' abilities through formal and informal assessments and provided suggestions for improvement.
  • Created new program materials and methods of instruction, developing methods of evaluation for evaluation.
  • Worked closely with students to support diverse learning needs including gifted and talented and dyslexia.
  • Utilized various teaching and assessment strategies for an inclusive classroom with various learning styles.

Volunteer CV Example - EDUCATION

Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Primary), University of Oxford Bachelor of Education, Vanderbilt University

Top Skills for Volunteer Work CV

  • Leadership skills
  • Learner assessment
  • Classroom management
  • Interacting with students
  • Ability to identify student needs
  • Organization and communication
  • Creative/technical lesson planning
Program Volunteer CV Example and Template
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