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STEM & ESL Tutor CV Example and Template
Academic Practice Tutor CV Example and Template
STEM & ESL Tutor CV Example and Template

Academic Practice Tutor


Aside from being equipped with numeracy and analytical skills, teamwork, communication, and people management, I am a highly dedicated individual with an ability to construct and clearly present abstract concepts to clients. I can multitask while staying organized and efficient. I am seeking a challenging role to apply my knowledge and skills to help companies achieve their goals. With the changing role of teachers as facilitators, in a world where we need to equip students to learn for themselves and for their futures, I believe that we need to infuse them with a love of learning, instill strong morals and values, and develop skills that they will need to negotiate this complex world we live in and simultaneously empower them to follow their individual passions.

Work Experience

Academic Practice Tutor

University of Michigan
  • Create and use innovative strategies including blended/digital pedagogies for sessions; lead students through developing assignments and supervise research projects for excellent student outcomes.
  • Deliver key academic/study skills to HLS students (Foundation and Undergraduate) and develop students’ digital literacy, numeracy, and virtual learning skills.
  • Work in conjunction with the learning resource team and the academic writing tutors to enhance students’ academic skills.
  • Ensure that the academic health and development of the program are aligned to the actions to improve all tutors and course leaders, specifically related to development within academic practice.
  • Monitor academic progress, and assess the success of the embedded practice in student groups, for quality reporting purposes.
  • Mentor and coach students to ensure good practice of CU Coventry students.
  • Internally verify assessments and monitor the quality of feedback to students for consistent practice, with specific regard to key academic conduct and practice.
  • Counsel students on course-related matters and provide them with necessary pastoral care as and when needed.
  • Support students with progression opportunities within the Coventry University Group, and develop all necessary employability skills for successful progression.

Academic Writing Mentor

Vanderbilt University
  • Delivered learning support by addressing the academic writing needs and concerns of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students from all curriculum areas in the university, particularly focusing on assignment planning, structure, style, grammar, referencing, presentation, narrative coherence, and clarity.
  • Worked with departments (Student Development Programme in Law School, WBS, and Psychology) to provide bespoke learning and study support to students.
  • Helped students develop and improve their academic writing skills.
  • Designed and delivered learning support sessions to facilitate students in conducting their respective research projects.
  • Developed students’ digital literacy skills and facilitated them to engage in critical debates.
  • Provided pastoral support to students in 1-2-1 academic advice and support sessions.


Skanska USA
  • Tutored four post-graduate students who were training to be English teachers.
  • Taught English as a second language to those belonging to non-English speaking backgrounds and provided writing/communication skills.
  • Ran holiday courses in January for the students; created online classes for adults in creative writing and a basic English grammar course.


PhD in Education-Centre for Education Studies

Princeton University
  • Awarded with a full departmental scholarship.

Master of Philosophy

Yale University


  • Course Writing
  • Writing & Publishing
  • Editing
  • Teaching
  • Social Media
STEM & ESL Tutor CV Example and Template
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