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Technical Writer CV Example and Template
Technical Lead CV Example and Template
Technical Writer CV Example and Template
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I have advanced technical skills in a very broad range of systems and architectures. I also have very good customer and people-facing skills. I thrive in situations where I can both engage technically and interact on a “human” level. I can pick up new ideas, applications, methodologies, and skills very quickly. Skilled in collaborating with all members of the organization to achieve business and financial objectives. Have been a key team player in various large and small-scale projects right from initiation, planning and defining architecture, development, and deployments, to supporting giant applications in production. I am proficient in Python, Java, C, CPP with a working knowledge of Javascript and SQL programming languages. I enjoy roles where I can utilize my technical and interpersonal skills to produce quality solutions and work. I can communicate complex technical ideas and solutions to stakeholders and customers in a way that can be easily understood.


Technical Lead

Oracle Corp
  • Perform requirement analysis and effort estimation; develop a good understanding of the functional requirements of the entire module.
  • Organize training every quarter to transfer knowledge to new hires on GPU and OpenCL programming for Galaxy devices.
  • Assist internal and external security experts with solution penetration testing.
  • Accountable for the technical delivery, maintenance, and monitoring of Loyalty Oracle Corp’s IT infrastructure.
  • Test and demonstrate business users for the features developed.
  • Responsible for human pose estimation and crossing intention prediction as part of the VRU perception team.
  • Support the previous project from offshore.
  • Setup development, QA, and stage environments.
  • Work as the technical leader for design and implementation of continuous improvement and testing services for next generation of provisioning services for war-fighter information network-technical (WIN-T) program, using state-of-the-art .NET tools and processes.
  • Build and deploy a crossing intention model to achieve SOTA results on the PIE dataset in classification while improving the false-negative rate by 25%.
  • Produce detailed design and associated documentation.
  • Walkthrough with the business users and record the pain areas in the existing document management system as artifacts, keeping in mind the future integration with ARCHIBUS as the end goal.
  • Act as the technical team lead and SME on the new agile-based team to develop Microsoft deployment toolkit services for next-generation patch deployment and new image deployment for both virtual and bare-metal systems.

Technical Lead

Adobe Systems, Inc
  • Understood and owned the framework of the system and maintained it during development.
  • Recorded change requests for the next phase.
  • Conceptualized and implemented Mimictron, a novel technique for automation of desktop applications using Computer Vision, which is filed for the patent in 2017.
  • Interacted with clients for requirements and technical analysis, undertook effort estimation, and resolved offshore team’s business-related queries.
  • Developed technical experience with all aspects of the Zinios platform including front end (UI) IIS and SQL back end, as well as various information flows.
  • Implemented Openflow (SDN) controller and client extensions for prototyping content-centric networking (CCN) to optimize network efficiency in CDNs.
  • Updated automatic image finalization tasks from VBScript to PowerShell.
  • Defined the technical stories under each of the epics and estimations.
  • Implemented a chrome extension that captured and streamed video along with an action log, to use as a data capture tool.
  • Led the technical team during the process of implementation.
  • Researched & proofed concepts for complex technical issues in emerging technologies and cloud-based solutions; worked closely with the client for continuous feedback and future implementations.
  • Acted as the lead Engineer in multi-group integration efforts. (VMware, Windows, Linux, Deployment, Security).
  • Defined RAML for the custom REST APIs using API designer.


Microsoft Corp
  • Communicated with client/other stakeholders over task status, queries, etc. in calls/emails and commence iterative development at the onsite.
  • Gave inputs and reviewed security and privacy risk management protocols and documentation.
  • Developed a semantic segmentation model (Bayesian SegNet) in Caffe as a building block of Mimictron pipeline, along with text detection (YOLOv2), table parsing (LSTM), and icon detection (Random Forest).
  • Designed and developed applications with a similar look and feel as that of the legacy applications but on the latest technology stack with mobile compatibility.
  • Undertook technical planning, code review, and work management of the team; led developmental efforts from offshore.
  • Provided technical direction and made decisions on matters of security as it relates to the solution.
  • Developed PowerShell-based GUI wrapper to support legacy Perl scripting as an interim solution.
  • Performed demo of the features built on a biweekly basis.
  • Built an android app for in-device object recognition, using images on Galaxy S5/Note 3 devices.
  • Managed and provided technical direction to external Vendors.
  • Mentored and supported new staff and student interns.
  • Designed, coded, debugged, configured, and deployed applications; worked on system architecture for complex applications development in emerging technologies.
  • Modified/created deployment instructions for staging environments based on issues faced in dev and test environments.
  • Developed and implemented test-driven development for provisioning services based in Powershell.


University of Illinois

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering

University of Michigan

Bachelor of Technology


  • Jenkins
  • Node.js
  • Power BI
  • Kubernetes
  • Couchbase NoSQL
  • .NET Framework /.Net Core
  • Platforms
  • Windows, Linux
  • iOS, OS-X, macOS
  • AWS, VMware vCloud
  • MS-Azure, Oracle Cloud Citrix
Technical Writer CV Example and Template
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