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Self Employed Life Coach CV Example and Template
Self-Employed Locum Pharmacist CV Example and Template
Self Employed Life Coach CV Example and Template
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Self Employed Pharmacist


I have enjoyed working as a self-employed locum pharmacist and have been involved in all day-to-day duties of running a pharmacy. I am looking for an opportunity to be involved in building a pharmacy team passionate about delivering excellent service, which I believe is one of the keys to growth. I can advise patients in all areas of managing their medicines but also lifestyle advice including diet, weight control, and Type II diabetes. I hope to be able to develop services in these areas. Currently, looking for a suitable pharmacist vacancy in a modern well-equipped pharmacy.

Work Experience

Self Employed

Locum Pharmacist
  • Work in a variety of settings, always striving to offer the best possible customer service and experience.
  • Undergo seasonal flu vaccination training on 3 occasions and administer 400+ vaccinations, including staff vaccinations for 2 Morrisons stores.
  • Train 2 pre-registration students, one final year pharmacy student in addition to technicians, dispensers, and counter staff.
  • Aid my delivery of high-quality MUR's; undertake training and pass consultation skills for pharmacy certificate, safeguarding children, and vulnerable adults.
  • Complete and certify to access Summary Care Records; also attend face-to-face training for this, looking forward to using this to deliver well informed MUR's with more constructive feedback to GP's.
  • As a newly qualified pharmacist, this gives me experience in a wide range of pharmacies from single-shop independents through to large multiples.
  • Attend meetings of the Bradford Branch of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and eventually receive the appointment as the Vice Chairman and Social Secretary.
  • Attend the Branch representatives meeting in London and take responsibility for organizing the annual Pharmacy Ball, garnering 100+ people.

Self Employed

Locum Pharmacist
  • Liaised with doctors in the situations where the prescriber should be contacted regarding prescribing issues.
  • Undertook medicine use reviews (MUR) and NMS (New Medicine Service) to help patients understand their current or new treatment, respectively.
  • Kept up-to-date with current pharmacy practice, attended workshops, and completed continuing professional development (CPD).
  • Carried out consultations with patients in a private consultation area or over the counter, to diagnose and treat common ailments and diseases in adults, children, and the elderly.
  • Daily dispensed and supervised treatment of drug misuse (methadone and buprenorphine).
  • Kept a register of controlled drugs for legal and stock control purposes.
  • Prepared dose administration aids (DAA) for the elderly and those with memory/learning difficulties.
  • Managed needle and syringe exchange; undertook measuring and fitting compression hosiery.
  • Monitored blood pressure and cholesterol level and diabetes screening service.
  • Provided emergency contraception service.
  • Provided and supervised "over the counter" and "P-medicines" sales.
  • Dispensed medicines to patients or their careers to make sure they receive clear and correctly-labeled medicines and taught them how and when to use and how to store the prescribed medicines to ensure the safe and effective use of the product.

Rowlands Pharmacy

Pharmacy Manager
  • Achieved outstanding customer relations on a consistent and quantifiable basis.
  • Implemented multiple patient care programs, delivered quantifiable improvement in outcomes through medication therapy management (MTM) implementation (e.g. Diabetic patient population management (insulin protocols aligned with St. Cloud Medical Group physicians)).
  • Owned identifying improvement opportunities in pharmacy systems; targeted unique needs of specific/chronic health conditions; drove change adoption for pharmacy and patient services improvement.
  • Championed continuing education, ensuring timely professional development in disease state management and acting as a preceptor to rotations students.
  • Partnered with district/regional leadership in developing quality improvements, assuring regulatory compliance, and Walgreens ethics, policies, and procedures.
  • Built and drove continued specialty sales through infusion medications, Hepatitis C referrals, and PCSK9 Inhibitors.
  • Developed and implemented streamlined process caring for patients requiring specialty medications such as Hepatitis C, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Chronic Inflammatory Disease, PCSK9 Inhibitors, Osteoporosis and Botox between multiple clinics and pharmacy (Walgreens) locations.
  • Developed and implemented a therapeutic interchange collaborative practice agreement between St. Cloud Medical Group and Walgreens.


Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Certificate in Infectious Disease

The Arizona University

Master of Pharmacy

University of Southern California

Bachelor of Pharmacy


  • Good analytical skills
  • Planning and organization
  • Expert in clinical pharmacy
  • Knowledge of medical information
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Knowledge of economic evaluation
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office

Professional Strengths

  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills; extensive experience building relationships with patients and their families as well as liaising with doctors, nurses, and other clinical staff. Experience working with children.
  • Outstanding sense of empathy, both naturally and acquired after several years of working with vulnerable patients; can understand patients’ experiences, concerns, and perspectives.
  • Teamwork ability, learned through several years of working collaboratively with different groups of people to achieve the best patient care. High standard for confidentiality and sensitivity
  • Analytical, administrative, and computer skills.
  • Exceptional critical thinking and data and time management; can multitask.
  • Perseverance and motivation in all aspects of life.
  • Management, organization, and leadership skills: can work under pressure, solve problems, and face situations where quick decisions are needed in moments of high workload.
Self Employed Life Coach CV Example and Template
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