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Secretary CV Example and Template
Secretary CV Example and Template

How do I write a CV for a Secretary?

To write a CV for a secretary follow these steps:

  • Instead of writing your job description, list what you achieved and how you did it.
  • Make sure you follow a reverse chronological order while listing your work experience.
  • Add a professional summary or objective that helps a hiring manager understand your secretarial skills and experience.
  • List your education briefly.
  • Customize your CV for each job.

Secretary CV summary and profile

Ready to start with your Secretary Curriculum Vitae? See our hand picked CV Examples above and view our live Secretary CV Samples from our free CV builder.

Secretary CV Objective

A secretary or personal assistant is a role whose main job consists of supporting management, executives, and staff using a variety of project management, verbal communication, written communication and organizational skills.

As secretaries and assistants can include many different roles and specializations, it is hard to outline one or two main objectives for a cv. It is important, however, that secretary cv’s focus on support, co-operation, and assistance as this is the primary function recruiters look for when hiring for this position.

The other objective for a secretary cv is to display appropriate experience with software, tools, and processes of the hiring organization. This can be as simple as showing training related to word processors, spreadsheets or complex telephone systems. No matter how trivial it’s important to list all tools, software and equipment that you have or previously have experience in.

Below we go into more depth on secretary cv formats so whether you're new, have no experience or are experienced we have you covered.

Secretary CV Formats

Legal Secretary CV

A legal secretary is a person who works in the legal profession, typically assisting lawyers by preparing and filing legal documents, such as appeals or motions. A good legal secretary cv should have the common elements of a cv such as a cover letter, experience, qualifications, education, and skills.

However, particular emphasis should be made on your skills in reading, typing, time management and time sheets. Most lawyers struggle with billing requirements of the firm so good time management and timesheet skills are essential to really stand out on your cv.

Executive Secretary CV

An executive secretary helps assist those in management positions(executives, c-level employees, presidents, board members, and chairpersons) within corporations or organizations. Executive secretaries should include on their cv both normal secretarial skills such as reading, typing, phone communication, email communication and researching but also great presentation skills as they will normally accompany executives to meetings and professional events.

Office Secretary CV

An office secretary assists with the daily operation of a business, organization or corporation and can include handling phone communications, email communications and time management of multiple employees. Most office secretaries will have similar skill sets so it’s important to differentiate your cv by including any extra training or qualifications. For example, Microsoft office training is looked upon favorably with recruiters.

Dental Secretary CV

Dental secretaries assist with the daily operation of dental practices which include dentists, dental nurses, dental hygienists, and surgeons. Most dental secretary jobs require the normal format of a cv with cover letter, experience, qualifications, education, and skills. However, your cv should focus on training and experience with practice management software and roster software as these are used daily in dental practices and an essential skill most recruiters will look for.

Medical Secretary CV

Medical secretaries assist in the daily operation of medical practices and clinics which includes assistance to doctors, nurses, and surgeons. As with dental secretary cvs, a medical secretary cv should include all standard cv formatting such as a cover letter, education, experience, qualifications, and skills section. In the skills section, you should include experience or training with practice management software and rostering/ time sheets as this will be looked upon favorably by employers with similar software. Another area to focus on here is "privacy and security".

If you’ve had any document management training and worked in medical clinics or practices before you should include this on your cv as it’s extremely beneficial to potential employers.

Junior Secretary CV

A junior secretary is a secretary in training or someone with no prior secretarial experience. As with most junior positions, your cv will not have much experience or work history but that doesn’t mean you can’t show part-time job experience or volunteer work.

Any experience that helps show your skills in a particular area that relates to a secretary position should be included in your cv. This means anything related to phone communication, emails, printing, computers, time management, billing or cash handling should be included.

Secretary CV Examples

Please find our Secretary CV Examples below. If you are after more examples we have a directory of over 8,000 live Resumes sorted by position and title here.

Secretary CV Example and Template
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