Research CV Examples and Templates for 2022

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Research CV Example and Template
Research CV Example and Template
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How do you write a research CV?

To write a research CV, follow these steps:

  • Select a CV template that’s right for research/academia.
  • Next, add your research goal within your CV summary or objective.
  • List your GPA clearly.
  • Show that you perform research work independently and how your past experience or skills will be helpful.
  • Add your research publications.

How do you list research experience on a CV?

To add your research experience on a CV, add another entry to your work experience section and list the research work you did in a bulleted list.

Research CV summary and profile

Ready to start with your Researcher Curriculum Vitae? See our hand picked CV Examples above and view our live Researcher CV Examples from our free CV builder.

Research CV Objective

A research position is a person engaged in research, possibly recognized as such by a formal title. This is a very broad definition and relates to the fact that research positions generally cover multiple jobs and job titles. It’s important to distinguish between these positions so that we may accurately define research cv objectives.

The first objective to a research cv is to determine if the job you are applying for requires specific qualifications and/or education. For example, it is likely that research assistant roles will require a degree or postgraduate degree to even apply for the position, whereas a research fellow or research associate will usually require a minimum of a master’s degree.

Once you’ve identified your qualifications are sufficient, it is now time to show your expertise in the associated field.

Research positions generally require an advanced understanding of one specific field so it’s beneficial to only include experience, education, study, and training in that field and complementary fields. Make sure you look at the research project and the requirements because the person in charge of the project, grant or funding may be looking for a generalist but it’s normally safer to be very specific about your expertise and your devotion to the field.

The next focus area on your research cv should be on your reading, writing and analytic skills as these are the core skillset many recruiters are looking for on your cv.

Below we go into more detail on research cv formats and some real-life example cvs to help you get started on applying for your next job or position.

Research CV Formats

Research Assistant CV

Research assistants are researchers employed by a university or a research institute to assist in academic research. In most cases, a research assistant cv should focus on education, qualifications or interests around the area of research the potential candidate is applying for.

Most research assistants will be hired on their subject matter knowledge of the research being undertaken and their abilities in reading and writing. Following orders of the principal investigator or lead will also be crucial in hiring for this position so make sure you include your willingness to do what you’re told in your cover letter.

Research Associate CV

Unlike research assistants, research associates are normally full-time positions that are not under direct supervision or mentoring. Research associate cvs should have a laser-like focus on education and qualifications in their respective field. Be sure to include all awards, published works, and prior research.

Research Consultant CV

Research consultants are experts in their field who are hired to help complete research on behalf of an academic institution or research institute. Sometimes consultants can be hired specifically to fill a gap in the research currently undertaken by a specialist in another field.

Research consultant cvs generally focus on education, credentials and published work. As a consultant, they should demonstrate considerable experience across different projects or research. Make sure in your cover letter to include reasons why you will be highly beneficial to completing a research project or why your experience of working on different projects would be useful to the project at hand.

Research Fellow CV

A research fellow is an academic research position at a university or similar research institution, usually for academic staff or faculty members. Your educational qualifications and published work are essential to applying for this position. A doctoral degree or postdoctoral degree is generally considered mandatory unless you have equivalent work experience in the industry.

Research CV Examples

Please find our Research CV Examples below. If you are after more examples we have a directory of over 200+ real CV examples sorted by position and title.

Research CV Example and Template
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