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Professor CV Example and Template
Professor CV Example and Template

Professor CV summary and profile

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Professor CV

Professors are responsible for teaching students, designing lesson plans and academic curricula, advising students, coordinating with other faculty, and more. Professors typically have a master’s degree or PhD in their field, and are expected to conduct research and maintain knowledge of their specialty subjects. Different professor positions include associate professor, assistant professor, and adjunct professor.

Professor CV Skills

These skills and achievements are an asset to professor CVs:

  • PhD in relevant field
  • Commitment to teaching
  • Dedication to student success
  • Student support
  • Course and program development
  • Public speaking
  • Professional conduct
  • Subject expertise
  • Published work

Professor CV Format

A professor CV should be long and academic, featuring academic achievements, past positions, and published work. You will likely be asked to provide copies of transcripts and credentials, as well as references from past positions. Write your work history in reverse-chronological order, and be sure to correctly format your list of publications as academic sources.

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