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Physician CV Example and Template
Physician CV Example and Template

Physician CV summary and profile

Ready to start with your Physician Curriculum Vitae? See our hand picked CV Examples above and view our live Physician CV Samples from our free CV builder.

How do I write a CV for a Physician?

  • Pick a Physician CV template that would stand out in front of the hiring manager.
  • Add the following sections to your CV: header, professional summary, work experience and licenses.
  • Make sure you add your residency rotations, pre-med school work experience and volunteer experiences to your CV.

How long should a Physician CV be?

A Physician CV should ideally be one page long. Any CV that is three pages or more is considered too long and risks getting you rejected.

Physician CV Objective

Physicians are professionals who practice medicine and are typically involved in either 1. The provision of continuing and comprehensive medical care to individuals, families, and communities known as general practice or 2. Focusing their practice on certain disease categories, types of patients and methods of treatment known as a specialist. Physician qualifications can vary wildly depending on the country. However, generally a physician requires a medical degree from a university.

Your Physician CV objective should be to reflect your education and experience in the industry. Use solid, quantifiable examples as often as possible when describing past work and experience. Be sure to use a resume template that is professional and showcases your skills. Physicians require constant learning, completing new qualifications and researching new methods, so try to demonstrate your enthusiasm.

Professional Tip: One area we constantly see Physicians miss or neglect from their cv is listing courses and training completed as on the job training. Any fellowships, certifications or advanced training should be included on your cv and listed near the top as recruiters will look for this first.

We’ve outlined some more tips for various CV formats depending on your position and experience below. So whether you’re a new grad, associate, assistant, resident, military or consultant, we’ve got you covered!

Physician CV Formats

General Physician CV

General physician cv’s should be customised depending on two important factors. Physical location and the type of practice.

Normally your cv will want to be focused on different areas depending on where the job you're applying to is located. For example, urban or city based general physician jobs tend to look favorably on the care of chronic health problems; the treatment of acute non-life-threatening diseases; the early detection and referral to specialized care of patients with serious diseases; and preventative care including health education and immunization.

However, if the job is located in a rural area such as in the country recruiters will be more interested and looking for skills in the following areas: pre-hospital emergency care, the delivery of babies, community hospital care and performing low-complexity surgical procedures.

The type of practice also plays a big role in the customisation of your cv, such as whether the practice is a hospital or private practice. Private practice will generally have a more favorable view and be interested in extracurricular activities and your ability to bring in new patients whereas hospitals will favor experience and efficiency over personality, marketing or networking skills.

Physician Assistant CV/ Physician Associate CV

A physician assistant cv or physician associate cv, also called a PA, should be focused on one specific goal: how you can help the physician in his/her daily job. PA’s work closely with physicians and are normally hired by the physician that needs them for the role. A lot of CVs in this area tend to miss the importance of references and broad experience. As physicians will be working closely with you they generally do their homework and the first thing they will look at is your experience and who you have worked with in the past. It is not uncommon for your references to be interviewed during the hiring process so make sure you only include references who will give you a positive recommendation.

Consultant Physician CV

A consultant physician is generally a specialist in a certain field of medicine or treatment. This role requires advanced training and certification so cv’s in this area will be focused on displaying your proficiency in that area of expertise. Any advanced training, fellowships, and qualifications will need to be included as well as previous experience. The key here is to show why you are the best specialist in this field of expertise and what new areas, technologies or unique experience you may have compared to other candidates.

Military Physician CV

Military physician cvs are quite different from normal physician CVs, in that military experience and ability to take orders weighs heavily on the recruiter's decisions. Any combat medical experience, deployments or field experience should be highlighted here as these factors will weigh heavily on a recruiters decisions. If you are a new military physician or don’t have live field or deployment experience, humanitarian and aid work medical experience can be used to show you have the training and experience in this area and should be looked upon favorably by recruiters.

Physician Resident CV

Physician residents, also known as a residency, is a form of graduate training before becoming a fully qualified physician. Resident physician positions are filled by recent graduates without qualified experience so it’s important to focus on your recent university qualifications and your experience during your studies. It is always beneficial to add to this type of cv any aid or volunteer work. This type of work is seen favorably by recruiters as it shows your values to help people which is a distinct trait of good physicians.

Physician CV Examples

Please find our Physician CV Examples Below. If you are after more examples we have a directory of over 100+ real CV examples sorted by position and title.

Physician CV Example and Template
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