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Photographer CV Example and Template
Photographer CV Example and Template

How do I write a Photography CV?

To write a Photography CV, follow these steps:

  • Select the right template for a Photographer’s CV.
  • In your CV summary show that you have gained valuable photography experience and skills as a photographer.
  • List your photography experience in a reverse chronological order.
  • In your CV header, add a link to your photography portfolio.
  • Add your contact details and location.

Photography CV summary and profile

Ready to start with your Photography Curriculum Vitae? See the tips below to craft the perfect Photography CV. Then use our database of over 8000 CV Examples to build and view on our free CV builder.

Marketing CVs Generally fall under three types of CVs and Occupations.

Photography CV Objective

A photographer is someone who takes photographs to make money, by salary or through the display, sale or use of those photographs. The main objective of a photography cv is to demonstrate your art style, perspective, and talent. This is mainly done through your portfolio. It is important that your portfolio is up to date as new photos are given greater weighting and show's you’re actively working.

Don’t go easy on your experience, either, as employers will want to know every little detail about your work history and whether you can adapt to photograph different styles or events. The next important piece is to keep your cv relevant. Specific jobs will have different requirements as no two photography jobs are the same.

Your CV should reflect the job you are applying for. For example some photography jobs will either require a generalist - Someone with broad experience in many different roles (newspaper photographer, journalism photographer, advertiser photographer, magazine photographer, influencer photographer and social media photographers) or a specialist - Someone with detailed knowledge and experience in one photography type (food photographer, landscape photographer, crime scene photographer, real estate photographer and artistic photographers).

Photography CV Formats

Photography Assistant CV

A photography assistants main role is to “assist”. This means the cv should be focused on how you can help the photographer or group of photographers you will be working for.

Strong technical skills are essential for this role and they should be placed first and foremost on your cv. Concentrate on your skills in lighting and equipment setup as these are essential for any photography assistant role. If applicable, any digital editing or computer experience should be included in your cv too as these skills will be seen as favorable.

Photography Artist CV

A photography artist is seen as creating photographs in the vision of an artist. Important aspects of this type of cv are to show your attention to detail, creativity and art style. Your cv and portfolio should have a distinctive “style” that speaks for itself. Make sure to include any awards, media coverage or galleries that have featured your work.

Creative Photography CV

Creative photographers normally work with many different aspects of photography. They can be seen as more of a generalist than a specialist as they use their creativity and vision to create photographs with more artistic vision than pure commercial photographers. As with artistic photography, your portfolio is crucial and must show your distinct “style”. Be sure to include any awards, media coverage, publications or galleries your work has been featured in.

Fashion Photography CV

Fashion photography is a genre of photography which is devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items. It is definitely a specialist field in photography that requires experience and distinct skills.

Reputation is everything and fashion photographers should use their cv and portfolio as an opportunity to show which major brands they have worked with or publications their photos have been featured in. These days publications are no longer just magazines, so make sure to include digital channels such as Instagram and popular blogs in your portfolio to impress your potential employer.

Freelance Photographer CV

Freelance photography is one of the most famous jobs in the world. As with any freelancing job, the most important aspects to your cv will be your experience and skillset. Normally you will have worked with different clients on a variety of different projects. It’s important to show examples of all your project work as recruiters will be looking for breadth of experience and specialization.

Wedding Photographer CV

Wedding photographers are specialists at capturing moments. It is a field and class of photography with its own skill set and experience requirements. As with most photography jobs, your style and portfolio will be important. However, wedding photographers can easily stand out in their cv by reinforcing two important traits recruiters look for. These are “reliability” and “personality”.

Reliable photographers are given much more weight in their cv by potential employers as they are crucial to this role. An easy way to show your reliability is to detail your process before an event in your cover letter, explaining why you arrive earlier, have backup transport etc.

The second key area to display in your cv is your personality. Show you’re good with people and groups by putting any activities or hobbies that require interaction with large groups. Public speaking or debating, for example, are good indications that you are comfortable around people.

Photography Student CV

As a photography student, your experience will be limited so it’s always best to focus on your education, training, and skills. In the early days, it can be beneficial to do “pro-bono” or free work so you can fill out your portfolio which will help you get that first job and make your cv much more appealing. Another aspect to your cv is to publish to websites and blogs that let amateur photographs get exposure. This can then be used as a tool to show “published work” which will present you as having more experience.

Photography CV Examples

Ready to start with your Photography Curriculum Vitae? See our hand picked CV Examples above and view our live Photography CV Samples from our free CV builder.

Photographer CV Example and Template
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