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PHD Student CV Example and Template
PHD Student CV Example and Template
PHD Student CV Example and Template

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PHD Student CV


Education professional with a strong belief in life-long training and smart university practices. Committed to developing new initiatives to take advantage of innovative technologies for the betterment of humanity. I work easily and effectively with international as well as regional strategic partners. Pivotal in site methodologies in compliance with safety, quality & cost control standards. Possess competent cross-functional skills and ensure on-time deliverable within pre-set cost parameters.


PHD Doctorate in Structural Engineering

Michigan State University

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering.
  • Dissertation: "Probabilistically- Based Models to Represent Loads due to Shipping Activities".

M.Sc in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering

Stanford University
  • Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering.
  • Thesis: "Design and Reliability of Pre-stressed Columns".

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering

Stanford University
  • Structures Emphasis.

Work Experience

PhD Researcher

Bamboo Creative
  • Develop probabilistic models to represent loads due to human activities.
  • Work on random vibration theory and reliability principles that are used to develop load models to represent human loads on structures.
  • Collect data from a force platform and a floor system.
  • Suggest design criteria for assembly structures.
  • Develop software to facilitate the calculation of individual and group human loading for predefined motions.

Research Engineer

Harper Inc
  • Prepared and presented a synthesis of the best knowledge available on different bridge elements, summarized various practices, and provided recommendations that relate to each bridge element.
  • Provided an abstract of all research projects related to bridge engineering and/or maintenance for the last 30 years in the State of Michigan.
  • Developed a report on the probabilistic characterization of ground anchors in the reliability of navigation systems.
  • Reviewed, evaluated, and characterized the reliability of ground anchors and suggested the statistical parameters to describe the behavior of anchors over a structure's lifetime.
  • Developed dynamic loads produced by occupants of public assembly structures.
  • Responsibilities included gathering a large sample of forces due to human movements.
  • Trained undergraduate assistants to maintain data acquisition system used to measure human loads.
  • Developed code to convert measured deflection to force-time histories.
  • Prepared a final report to the National Science Foundation (NSF) on the status of the research project.

Project Engineer, and Design Engineer

Penguin Random House
  • Prepared and gathered site survey data.
  • Managed the construction of 1000 housing units @ $14,000,000; responsibilities included construction management, preparations of reports and contract documents, planning and coordination of detailed phases of the project, and preparing the engineering documents needed to finance the project.
  • Tasked with construction and finishing of several multiple family rental projects; responsibilities included civil drafting, site work, foundation, and superstructure.
  • Designed multiple-family units, mosques, and the completed structural design of 35 10-story residential buildings.
  • Developed a computer program to facilitate the design of reinforced concrete.
  • Prepared and gathered site survey data.
  • Wrote construction progress reports.
  • Supervised and ensured the quality of concrete mix produced on the site.


Academic & Business Development

  • Team leadership
  • Research & analysis
  • Smart university initiatives
  • New academic business development

Strategic Planning

  • Change management
  • Capacity building
  • Operational excellence
  • Strategic planning & analysis

Presenting & Writing

  • Lecturing
  • Proposal writing
  • Author of 6 books
  • Keynote speaking


  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Awareness building


  • Expanding knowledge and utilization of all matters related to the business of organizations/corporations/universities to identify new opportunities/prospects, and driving business growth and requirements.
  • Developing strategies for future planning of strong/smart education and training programs.
  • New initiatives for academia, vocational training, and corporate world and developing world.
  • Increasing awareness on the use of technology-enhanced education and training to empower change, reform, and advancement of emerging economies.
  • Initiating elaborate business development plans, designing, and implementing processes to support business growth, through stakeholders and market definition.
PHD Student CV Example and Template
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