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Personal Trainer CV Example and Template
Gym Instructor CV Example and Template
Personal Trainer CV Example and Template
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An experienced fitness provider possessing 7 years with proven expertise in organizing and leading the execution of healthcare services. Possess comprehensive knowledge in the field of personal training and diet management. Display exceptional communication and interpersonal skills; excel in both one-on-one client care with proven success working on specialist teams. A dynamic client advocate; passionately ensure the highest quality care and support from providers, administrators, and institutions. Solid background in managing individuals, initiatives. Energetic, charming, and charismatic group fitness instructor with a strong background in Olympic weightlifting, sports performance training, team training, nutrition, weight loss, and specialized adolescent training. Areas of expertise include exercise correction, injury prevention, cardiovascular physiology, muscular physiology, and biomechanics.



Personal Trainer/Health Promotion Specialist

2019-08 - PRESENT

  • Responsible for strategic planning and consultation.
  • Coordinate health risk appraisal (HRA) and biometric screening.
  • Design incentive plan, work with your team to customize innovative solutions that can be integrated into the benefit plan design.
  • Undertake well-being and lifestyle coaching.
  • Conduct fitness testing/risk monitoring, including basic on-site fitness assessments, and monitoring weight, body mass index (BMI), and blood pressure.
  • Implement wellness programs and recommend next steps.
  • Take fitness and exercise classes.
  • Provide fitness center equipment recommendation and management.
  • Demonstrate how to carry out various exercises and routines.
  • Watch clients do exercises and show or tell them correct techniques to minimize injury and improve fitness.
  • Give alternative exercises during workouts or classes for different levels of fitness and skill.
  • Monitor clients’ progress and assist them to adapt to programs, as needed.


Personal Trainer

2015-12 - 2019-07

  • Led early morning CrossFit classes and taught exercise correction and mobility to small groups.
  • Tracked and monitored attendance in classes for marketing purposes.
  • Was responsible for marketing activities related to gym, apparel, products, and miscellaneous services.
  • Developed expertise in providing coaching for Olympic lifting.
  • Participated in various CrossFit events, obstacle races, and Olympic lifting competitions.
  • Designed, built, and ordered start-up facility and equipment.
  • Was in charge of monthly financials, monitoring product inventory, and placing orders for new supplies.
  • Programmed for the entire gym and coached all levels of CrossFit classes.
  • Incorporated supplement sales (+$1,000/month).
  • Designed marketing and advertising strategies to attract new clients.
  • Increased membership to +100 within the first year.
  • Coached small group, 1-on-1, sports teams, and those requiring Therapeutic Exercise (Cerebral Palsy).


Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

2013-07 - 2015-11

  • Led group classes, as directed by the supervisor, to accomplish the mission and goals.
  • Conducted energizing, fun, safe, and educational group exercise classes.
  • Built effective relationships with members; helped members connect with one another.
  • Maintained working knowledge of wellness and trends to provide effective information and support to members.
  • Kept accurate class attendance records.
  • Responded to immediate and emergencies.
  • Provided fitness consultations, personal training sessions, and personal fitness assessments including body composition, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength, and muscular endurance assessments.
  • Conducted personal training program in the newly-built recreational facility; was awarded fitness wellness major of the Year.



Bachelor of Science
  • Physical Education/Fitness Wellness and Health
  • Got an overview of exercise science that is a broad degree and prepares UCM graduates for career opportunities in health, wellness, and fitness (e.g., personal training, strength and conditioning, training for special populations, cardiac rehabilitation, and diabetes education/weight management).
  • The program provided foundational knowledge for attending graduate programs in areas such as exercise physiology, biomechanics, athletic training, and other kinesiology-related fields. Students in this major may choose to work with healthy clients, athletes, those with injuries, or those with special considerations in a clinical environment.



Certified Personal Trainer


Health Coach


  • Creative business strategist
  • Training the mind & body
  • Setting and reaching realistic and measurable goals with clientele
  • Nutrition & supplement advisement
  • VO2 max, force plate, body composition measurements
Personal Trainer CV Example and Template
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