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Operations Manager CV Example and Template
Operations Manager CV Example and Template
Operations Manager CV Example and Template
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Operations Manager


A highly motivated and results-driven professional with extensive experience in managing and mentoring a vast range of operational departments. Ability to lead teams and coordinate innovations, as well as recognized to troubleshoot problems through detailed analysis and intelligent solutions. Progressive operations manager and effective leader who insists on using proven methods and cutting-edge technology to cut costs, streamline operations, and increase productivity. Able to formulate strategies and implement effective strategies in areas ranging from business development, operational planning, and financial administration. Dynamic and progressive team leader with strong communication skills and a proven competency for relationship building and first-rate customer relationships. Excellent organizational and time management skills. Ability to understand the complexities of tasks, change priorities, and meet deadlines. Inspire others to take action; change perspectives to present approaches by contributing to projects that deliver commercial value through strong execution on cost-efficiency and operational improvements.

Work Experience

Oracle Corporation

Operations Manager

2017-03 - Present

  • Report directly to the Circle Vice President to provide forecasting, scheduling, and budget management.
  • Analyze monitors and key performance indicators (KPIs), identify challenges in performance, trends, and inefficiencies, and write targeted quality assurance and training courses.
  • Increase productivity by over 50%, using reports and data to identify areas of lost revenue.
  • Improve usage by 15%.
  • Enhance service level by 40%.
  • Create a monthly strategic plan.
  • Generate revenue and reduce attractiveness by the coaching team to be customer-focused and agent-focused to the general public.
  • Receive service levels and KPIs annually.
  • Create a bonus compensation plan focused on agent productivity and generate quality leads to lower attractiveness and better performance.
  • Create KPI analysis tools using Six Sigma principles.


Unit Manager

2014-12 - 2017-02

  • Developed and implement staff training and mentoring programs.
  • Implemented customer quality procedures.
  • Did courteously deal with customer issues.
  • Approved time-off requests and prepared staff schedules.
  • Audited and implemented new incentives to maximize agent performance.
  • Led entry-level collections and customer service representatives.
  • Focused on customer experience and collector effectiveness to produce consistent results.


Regional Brand Manager

2011-11 - 2014-11

  • Cultivated relationships with local non-profits and organizations that share our clients' objectives.
  • Increased brand awareness by 40% within one year by connecting to our targeted demographic in the local area.
  • Developed, monitored, and controlled brand management budget.
  • Revive social media marketing efforts which significantly increased targeted demographic engagement and brand loyalty.
  • Trained support team and oversee the execution of new processes.
  • Managed client accounts.


Sales and Marketing Manager

2011-11 - 2014-11

  • Investigated staff work, supported 200+ customers and distributors, reduced complaints, improved customer service, and organized the logistics of annual seminars.
  • Administrated schedules and deadlines, ensuring that operational deadlines were met or exceeded.
  • Actively participated in the acquisition of new resources and reviews of performance.
  • Supervised quality assurance processes, materials management, project management, and scrum sessions.
  • Identified areas of improvement and continuously evaluate processes and procedures.
  • Advised junior supervisors and team members on marketing matters and guide as needed.


University of Pennsylvania

Business Analytics Course

2010 - 2011

Areas of Expertise

  • Business growth
  • Client participation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Change management
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Operational excellence
  • Continuous professional development
  • Financial analysis (Profit & Loss Reporting)

Managerial Skills

  • Result-oriented
  • Conflict-resolution
  • Project Management
  • Product positioning & branding
  • Web & print content development
  • Marketing strategies & campaigns
  • Development of training materials
  • Planning and organizing company events
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experienced seminar trainer, offline and webinar
  • Ability to manage cross-functional teams and multi-disciplinary projects
  • Critical thinking, decision making, and problem-solving skills
Operations Manager CV Example and Template
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