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US Marine Corps CV Example and Template
US Marine Corps CV Example and Template

How do you write a military CV?

  • Select the right military CV template.
  • Write a short summary at the top highlighting your relevant military experience and achievements.
  • List your experience in a reverse chronological order.
  • Add your skills in a CV skills section.
  • Finally, add your educational background at the bottom of the military CV.
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How do you write military experience on a CV?

While listing your military experience on a resume, make sure to list your most recent experience first and follow a reverse chronological order.

Military CV summary and profile

If you’re applying for a job in the military or have a military background the following military CV samples will help.

The military is a great career starting point that teaches you valuable skills that employers value. To be accepted into duty, you need a CV that proves your dedication and capabilities. The following military CV examples will help you write that Cv, and follow the correct military CV format.

If you are not entering the military but leaving it, your CV should should focus on the skills you gained during your service. Your discipline and expertise will be valuable to your new employer.

Military CV Example - Summary

Highly motivated, results oriented security and information professional with an exemplary military background. Adept at providing security and transport to confidential information and personnel. Track record of military security leadership and thrives under high pressure environments.

Military CV Example - Work Experience

Military Security, United States Marie Corps 8156 Marine

  • Served as Marine Security at American Embassies in Nairobi, Moscow and Zagreb.
  • Assistant Detachment Commander in-charge of supervising up to 23 Marine Detachments in Moscow.
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