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Merchandiser CV Example and Template
Merchandiser CV Example and Template
Merchandiser CV Example and Template

How do I write a CV for a merchandiser?

To write a winning Merchandiser CV, follow these steps:

  • Select the perfect Merchandiser CV template.
  • In your CV header add a link to your merchandising portfolio - it can be a link to your website or to the photos of the work you did.
  • While writing your Merchandiser experience, make sure to list each work experience with a job title that has no more than 4-6 bullet points.
  • When you list your Merchandiser CV skills, make sure to highlight creative skills (e.g. storyboarding, color stories, visual theory, etc).
  • Finally, list your education in a short section at the bottom of the resume.



A skilled merchant providing 7+ years of experience in building and maintaining customer relationships. A creative and dynamic personality with consistent expertise in new markets to ensure sustainable success. Can leverage exemplary communication and in-person meetings to establish a presence and build a positive brand and promote continuous customer engagement. Specialize in working effectively to achieve goals as both a cross-functional team member and individual contributor. Bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish.

Work Experience


  • Accountable to the buying team for advertising, marketing, and merchandising of goods in the retail market through a store chain of more than 350 outlets.
  • Responsible for department sales & margin goals.
  • Negotiate marketing packages, totaling up to $3 million in sales.
  • Compose weekly advertisements for publications including magazines, flyers, and newsletters.
  • Support marketing initiatives by maintaining stock levels and keeping fill-rates at optimal levels.
  • Serve as the link between corporate and sales floor; ensure the correct stock is placed strategically to maximize sales and margin performance.
  • Observe inventory levels regularly; maintain inventory by restocking shelves with products from the inventory.
  • Set seasonal displays; follow planograms and store requirements.
  • Arrange for return and credit for damaged products.

Sales Manager

  • Worked at a small privately-owned wholesale electronics distributor.
  • Was responsible for sales growth by managing employees through motivational promotions, product & sales training.
  • Generated $1.6 million in overall annual sales, surpassing a $350,000 sales goal.
  • Exceeded average profitability of 3O%; clocked an impressive 50% profitability.
  • Launched a highly-effective sales strategy through careful competitive analysis.
  • Managed 22 employees from inside/outside sales, customer service, warehouse, purchasing, A/P, and HR teams.
  • Developed an incentive program for non-sales employees based on the achievement of shipping goals.
  • Ensured adequate inventory, provided prompt response to quotes, & gave technical advice to the sales force.
  • Integrated multiple departments and cross-trained employees, resulting in improved efficiency.


  • Scanned inventory and ensured pricing.
  • Collected payments in cash or credit and ensured that every banknote is authentic.
  • Issued receipts, refunds, changes, or tickets.
  • Redeemed tickets and coupons.
  • Resolved customer complaints; guided and provided them with relevant information.
  • Maintained clean and streamlined checkout areas.
  • Tracked transactions on the balance sheet and reported any discrepancies.


Bachelor of Arts

Boston College

General Education

Cabrillo College
  • General Studies, with high exposure to writing, public speaking, and critical thinking courses.
Merchandiser CV Example and Template
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