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Marketing Coordinator CV Example and Template
Digital Marketing CV Example and Template
Marketing Manager CV Example and Template
Marketing Coordinator CV Example and Template
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Marketing CV summary and profile

Ready to start with your Marketing Curriculum Vitae? See the tips below to craft the perfect Marketing CV. Then use our database of over 8000 CV Examples to build and view on our free CV builder.

Marketing CVs Generally fall under three types of CVs and Occupations.

Traditional Marketing CV

Traditional Marketing CVs can include anything from information about your abilities in sales, public relations, publicity, advertising, marketing communications and marketing planning.

Traditional marketing is very broad in nature so you should specify what channels you've worked with and your results. In particular, employers will be interested in what you bring to the table that could differ from other marketers so make sure you let your specialization be known.

Digital Marketing CV

A digital marketing specialist will be responsible for managing online marketing campaigns, sometimes many at a time, with the goal of reaching new customers and retaining the interest of old ones. Digital marketers will have to ensure strong brand promotion and grow the online presence of their business. A great digital marketing resume must show familiarity with the many facets of online marketing. This will include things like search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media campaigns, content marketing, and email marketing. The role may also include video production, website administration, user experience development, and blogging.

Your digital marketing CV should show your experience with social media, SEO, email marketing and the like. A resume format that demonstrates media savvy and a keen eye for digital marketing and social media trends is important. Your should also quantify your role whenever possible – show how your marketing initiatives translated to a greater click through rate or improved sales.

Marketing Manager CV or Marketing Operations CV

A Marketing Manager or Marketing Operations Role varies across Marketing teams and so, therefore, does the definition. Typically, Marketing Managers/MO is responsible for marketing performance measurement, strategic planning guidance and execution, budgeting, process development, professional development, and marketing systems and analytics.

The role is increasingly responsible for affecting change in the marketing team. This work typically connects closely to, or includes, lead generation, and involves the alignment of Marketing with Sales, Business Units, IT and Finance. Marketing professionals' career paths sometimes originate in Finance, IT, Sales Operations and other analytical or process-oriented roles. The Marketing Manager enables the marketing team to shift from being viewed as a cost center to operating more like a business with best practices, processes, assets, and reporting.

Your Marketing Manager CV should show your experience with managing teams, budgets and a track record of acheiving marketing goals, objectives or milestones. You should also quantify your role whenever possible – show how your marketing initiatives translated into sales or other metrics such as brand awareness, brand discovery or product engagement.

Marketing Coordinator CV Example and Template
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