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Senior Maintenance Engineer CV Example and Template
Senior Maintenance Engineer CV Example and Template
Senior Maintenance Engineer CV Example and Template

How to Write a Maintenance Engineer CV?

To write a Maintenance Engineer CV, follow these steps:

  • Select the right Maintenance Engineering CV template.
  • At the top of your CV, add your name, current maintenance role and contact information.
  • Next, add a short summary of your maintenance experience summarizing your achievements and the industry or type of maintenance work you did.
  • Describe your maintenance work experience and make sure to highlight the impact you made. Simply listing your maintenance duties won’t help you stand out in your CV’s experience section.
  • Finally, add your certifications, licenses and skills to your CV.

Maintenance Engineer

An innovative engineer with demonstrated success in supporting revenue growth, achieving cost reductions, and improving client satisfaction in customer-facing operations. Work proactively within a wider interdisciplinary team, conduct maintenance planning, improve operations analysis, and enhance computer proficiencies in Microsoft. Prepare a full range of maintenance plans that ensure good keeping an excellent preserving conditions of all group assets. Adept at analyzing the competitive landscape, conducting research, and attaining improved results through focused, strategic workflow, and business process analysis.

Work Experience

Caterpillar, Inc

Maintenance Engineer

2017-02 - Present

  • Plan, manage and control maintenance/OPEX budget of $26 million across multiple plants.
  • Plan and schedule maintenance activities (PMs and corrective tasks).
  • Organize, coordinate, and manage the day-to-day operations of the job site with the supervisor.
  • Oversee, direct, and lead the work of maintenance supervisors and help them set the direction for their shifts.
  • Prepare and maintain weekly maintenance schedules and weekly shutdown plans.
  • Implement management instructions for projects, services, and planned maintenance.
  • Provide technical guidance and direct the workshop staff.
  • Ensure daily compliance with planned and scheduled work.
  • Report to the manager on job progress and issues daily.
  • Implement numerous lean process improvements which contributed to year-over-year productivity improvements.
  • Assist in planning and administration of statutory and NOSA-related inspections.
  • Liaise with the client and effectively manage all queries and complaints.

Parker Hannifin Corp

Maintenance Engineer

2013-02 - 2017-01

  • Was responsible for the recruitment, retention, and development of all maintenance staff including supervisors, buyers, administrators, quality control, and technicians.
  • Ensured daily compliance with planned and scheduled work.
  • Arranged for site inspection from time to time to monitor the standard of work and completion schedule.
  • Ensured that all statutory maintenance and testing was carried out to the relevant standards and properly recorded.
  • Managed resources through various departments and Performed PTOs.
  • Managed and provided technical support to the supervisors to execute work/s effectively.
  • Identified and led multiple cost savings initiatives through cost analysis and auditing.
  • Verified correctness and completeness of all returned work orders and checked data capturing quality.
  • Worked in rotational shifts as and when required; was made available for 24/7 rostered standby duties and emergency call-outs.
  • Led the workforce in continuous improvement activities and ensured systems are in place to sustain the gains.
  • Tasked with procurement management of services, materials, and spares.

Xerox Corp

Maintenance Planner/Engineer

2007-10 - 2013-01

  • Carried out duties of maintenance planner during planners’ absence and when required to.
  • Provided a budgetary plan to operational partners.
  • Maintained planning and scheduling.
  • Submitted requirements and justifications for resources such as materials, tools, equipment, and manpower; monitor accuracy and variance.
  • Monitored daily progress of jobs, projects, and financial metrics.
  • Conducted administration and scheduling of maintenance activities (including assistance with shutdown planning and coordination).
  • Prepared and submitted quotations and estimates; liaised with supervisors/technicians to ensure the accuracy of quotations and estimates.
  • Compiled breakdown and maintained work reports; performed KPI analysis report generation every week and circulated to relevant team members.
  • Performed clerical duties as required by the job.
  • Assisted in continuous improvement and implemented reliability maintenance tactics.


Georgia Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Engineering

2002 - 2007


  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Technical office
  • Project management
  • Process improvement
  • Data analytics and reporting
  • Total productive maintenance
  • Computer literacy
  • MS Projects
  • MS Word, MS Excel
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Maintenance planning and scheduling
Senior Maintenance Engineer CV Example and Template
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