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Senior IT System Administrator CV Example and Template
IT Support CV Example and Template
Senior IT System Administrator CV Example and Template

IT Support


An experienced professional with proven success in system administration and network engineering aspects in industrial, manufacturing, and office product environments. Possess strong ability to manage projects from conception to completion, ensuring on-time, on-budget, and on-target delivery. Extensive background in building and overseeing teams that meet and exceed designated goals and expectations. Expertise in implementing strategies, infrastructure, and systems. Well-versed in software and hardware troubleshooting and identifying malware and virus risks. I aim to continue my career with an organization that will utilize my management, supervision, & administrative skills for mutual growth and success.

Work Experience

Software Developer and IT Support

Adobe Systems, Inc
  • Develop a custom application for a federal government organization. The development objective is to provide a Windows application that allows employees and contractors from different states within the department to quickly access, manipulate, and update data from a central MSSQL database.
  • Create software for mobile devices to allow employees in the field to enter new information easily. This is implemented using Windows Mobile devices, replacing an earlier custom embedded system unit with an ARM processor.
  • Create a new approach to address the need for constant availability and the sheer volume of data being carried into the new application that requires an amount of computing power that would be uneconomical to maintain after the initial migration.
  • Use a cloud-based deployment for the application, providing me with experience deploying enterprise software to systems such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, to a lesser degree.
  • Conduct the development using Visual Studio and Microsoft's source control solution.
  • Complete the web development using ASP.NET in C#.

Network Administration

Oracle Corp.
  • Operated and configured thin client-based networks for security and ease of deployment.
  • Managed work tasks through the use of a ticketing system and communicated effectively through email and text chat to solve problems without making a physical trip.
  • Tasked with the administration of networks, servers, and data storage solutions utilizing multiple protocols such as ethernet (copper or fiber), fiber channel (copper or fiber), Infiniband, and wireless solutions.
  • Used penetration testing tools and techniques for profiling networks from remote, local and physical vectors efficiently with automated tools in addition to conventional methodologies.
  • Performed software testing and quality assurance, especially in virtual environments.
  • Was responsible for large-scale data storage, utilizing enterprise tape storage devices, especially those of StorageTek.

IT Support, Inc
  • Executed technical strategies to increase efficiency and service.
  • Interfaced with other departments to resolve complex or emergent operational problems.
  • Assisted technical teams in design and development tasks.
  • Provided technical expertise and sports knowledge to support the efforts of clubs & stadiums.
  • Oversaw and evaluated IT operations.
  • Supervised IT personnel in scheduling and completing tasks and status reports, assisting with problem escalation.
  • Managed resource allocation to scope and estimate user requests by determining their impact and costs.
  • Utilized software life-cycle methodology.
  • Created and maintained an information technology project plan that communicated tasks, milestone dates, status, and resource allocation.
  • Built relationships with external IT vendors and service providers.
  • Managed security of network, systems, and enterprise information.
  • Assisted test team in creating test plans and testing efforts.
  • Researched and evaluated new technologies to be used as enhancements or upgrades to an existing server, network, and other IT infrastructure equipment.


Master of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Software Development

C# (or any .NET language), Visual Studio, Ruby on Rails, Python, C++. Experience with many project management systems (Visual Studio Team Services, GIT, etc) and agile development methods.

Host Configuration

  • Manage numerous websites using a variety of different hosting systems, primarily utilizing virtual private servers but also familiar with common shared hosting systems like the CPanel.
  • Fully comfortable with configuring and managing DNS, HTTP servers, configuring user permissions, and maintaining existing systems.

General IT and IT Support

  • Provide IT support, computer repair and custom builds.
  • General troubleshooting, network support, firewall, and security implementation.
  • Experience with assisting others in technical tasks even when they have very limited knowledge.

Analytical Instruments

  • Vast knowledge of the proper operation and usage of instruments used in the analysis of chemical samples; usage and programming of sample preparation and analysis of automation devices.
Senior IT System Administrator CV Example and Template
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