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IT Systems Engineer CV Example and Template
IT Engineer CV Example and Template
IT Systems Engineer CV Example and Template

IT Engineer CV


An IT system administrator with strong experience in managing application server operations across Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X platforms. Can effectively plan, install, configure IT infrastructures to achieve high availability and performance. Skilled troubleshooter, comfortable managing systems, projects in a range of IT environments. Exceptionally strong customer-facing skills, technical expertise, and a commitment to service excellence have resulted in global partnerships with recognized market leaders. Positive attitude, intense competitive drive, teamwork, and creativity that gains trust and builds rapport across different cultures.

Work Experience

IT Engineer

  • Provide remote support for browser, iPad, and Android client applications.
  • Train customer support teams in Server operation and iPad client install.
  • Install remote or on-location of on-premise systems (Docker-based).
  • Install Linux-based MySQL, Jboss, NFS servers, Apache, and Windows servers.
  • Create/manage QA and Dev VPC’s, on VMware ESXi via vSphere.
  • Create and maintain product reference and training documentation.
  • Migrate hardware and software services from one data center to another.
  • Assist with user support for multiple groups during the consolidation of resources.
  • Manage Veritas tape backup using SCSI attached tape library device.
  • Onsite install and troubleshooting and upgrade of Small business networks.
  • Remote and onsite repair or recovery of computers and laptops.
  • Bare-metal build-out of customer servers and workstations.
  • Install and configure a variety of Network Services including Domain controllers, DNS, and DHCP servers (MS).

Support Engineer

  • Checked network IT-security/firewalls/IDS/security concepts.
  • MacAfee Epo 3.6 Version and 4.0 Versions and Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition.
  • Completed knowledge of telecom infrastructure using G650 Gateways and S8500 Avaya Voice Server.
  • Received hands-on Working knowledge of Cisco router, switches, and firewalls; planned and deployed IT infrastructure.
  • Specialized in desktop/laptop/server, network hardware; backed-up tools such as iron mountain connected data protector and develop a thorough understanding of SAN and NAS technologies.

Information Security Analyst

  • Reported & monitored on a monthly, weekly, & daily basis.
  • Undertook network & security vulnerability assessment project.
  • Worked as a fully managed services project team member.
  • Acted as the Symantec SEP Endpoint Protection administrator.
  • Served as the IT Risk and Information Security Management committee member.
  • Served as the Microsoft Security Assessment team member.
  • Was responsible for basic firewall configuration.
  • Installed devices for network/operating.
  • Was responsible for systems/applications/anti-virus implementation and integrated it with Saudi Airlines.
  • Operated the reservation software (GALILEO).
  • Provided full support to all Saudi Airlines travel agencies.
  • Troubleshot and supported the Saudi Airlines Software.
  • Configured and implemented VPN.
  • Served as the IT Inventory management team member.
  • Served as the billing system team member.


Bachelor of Technology

Harvard University

Key Competencies

  • NFS Server configuration
  • Apache server configuration
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Systems installation, configuration & upgrading
  • Technical support for on-premise application
  • Linux 7
  • Docker install and configuration
  • MySQL install and configuration
  • vSphere virtual machine management
  • Customer training and documentation
IT Systems Engineer CV Example and Template
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