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Law Graduate CV Example and Template
Computer Science Graduate CV Example and Template
Law Graduate CV Example and Template

Graduate CV


A versatile IT graduate, with a strong drive to succeed in the industry. An enthusiastic mid-level Scrum Master. A friendly, mature, and resilient individual with a proven entrepreneurial approach toward objectives and tasks. An expert in project coordination; possess a strong track record of successful work with cross-functional teams.



Technical Projects Coordinator
  • Responsible for release train management i.e., dependencies, challenges.
  • Plan and develop new modules/features in the existing web application.
  • Create and update user technical content.
  • Design and build a series of networking courses for VCE customers.


Software Development Internship
  • Undertook software development project for tech startup Microsoft.
  • Responsible for system administration.
  • Tested and implemented changes in SLURM, a management application.
  • Build and develop shell scripts to automate load testing.


National University

B.Sc Degree in Computer Science
  • First Class Major in Bachelor of Computer Science.

Merrol Hyde

Intermediate (CBSE)


  • Oracle Database 10g
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Services Associate V2


  • JavaScript
  • Python, C++
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Computer Networking Design
  • Written and oral communication
  • Project Management tools
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