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Freelancer CV Example and Template
Freelancer CV Example and Template

Freelancer CV Example

Ready to start with your Freelancer Curriculum Vitae? See our hand picked CV Examples above and view our live Freelancer CV Examples from our free CV builder.

Our freelancer CV examples can help you create the perfect CV to win the interview. A freelancer CV must be concise, with a huge attention to detail. your CV must reflect the skills the job requires - meaning you should be extra careful not to make any mistakes.

The following freelancer CV examples will help you choose the the correct CV format for your application.

How to Write a Freelancer CV?

  • Select the right Freelancer CV template to showcase your work.
  • At the top of your CV, summarize your freelancing experience, various industries you freelanced for and the impact you made.
  • Write your freelancing experience under a CV work experience section. List “freelancer” at the top followed by the duties you performed and the impact it made under bullet points.
  • Create a portfolio section on your CV and list your top portfolio links there.
  • Finally, add your skills in a CV skills section.

How do you put Freelancer on a CV?

To add freelance on a CV, simply add an entry under your work experience section, add “Freelancer” followed by the freelancing work performed and impact made in a bulleted list.

Freelancer CV summary and profile - Example

Extensive experience working with information systems, technical expertise in implementing critical IT solutions. Ability to lead medium to large development programs/projects within the framework of a formal methodology, analyzing organizational systems, and utilizing RAD tools for application deployment.

Freelancer CV Example - Work Experience

Freelance Software Engineer

  • Reviewing business and functional requirements. Translate tehm to technical application sepcifications.
  • Create functional specifications, build system architecture and technical design.
  • Mentoring client and users in teh content technology practice.
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