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Electronics Engineer CV Example and Template
Electronics Engineer CV Example and Template
Electronics Engineer CV Example and Template

Electronics Engineer


A Principal Engineer with 10+ years of experience in handling engineering operations for technologically sophisticated manufacturers (mechanical/electrical/contamination), employing state-of-the-art systems and process methodologies. Faithful to the Company and got exposed to diverse departments. Successfully managed large-scale cross-country development projects and delivered expected results. Possess excellent interpersonal and communication abilities, and a wide range of technical skills. Thrives in high-pressure and challenging work environments. Seek a challenging position in a respectable and reputable place wherein my qualifications may be both applied and developed. Enjoy new challenges; can work independently and be part of a team, while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.



Principal Engineer/Electronics Engineer
  • Provide technical direction & lead a 10-member team composed of engineers.
  • Spearhead opportunities to integrate & develop continuous process improvement; reduce workmanship issues and failure.
  • Inspire situational leadership to galvanize and motivate the team on work & changes in the factory and organization.
  • Develop team strategies to increase yield significantly by +3% (amounting to $80K cost-saving) per quarter through effective control monitoring and corrective actions.
  • Act as the key lead alongside the Managing Director in long-term planning for scrap cost reduction, achieving $400K per quarter by reducing fallout and component salvaging.
  • Launch solution to reduce looping of failure parts via cluster stations fall-out; improve over-scrap cost by $100K.
  • Lead the concept development of LEAN manufacturing by combining processes to improve efficiency and utilization.
  • Employ data analysis (Excel pivot, JMP, Minitab, Six Sigma) to improve bottom-line and convince execution.
  • Discover and rectify a critical design flaw in shipping comb that causes contamination failures due to contact between surfaces, re-cast new design for current and future products; yield improved by +2%.
  • Receive and schedule a high volume of broadcast bookings across a range of clients and services.
  • Plan end-to-end global transmission paths using IP, fiber, and satellite links.
  • Provide clients with 24/7 operational support & troubleshoot assistance to swiftly remediate any issues; identify and resolve on-air failures in a timely and efficient manner.


Senior & Staff Engineer
  • Monitored technical standards and quality of remotely-used equipment.
  • Analyzed and rectified technical faults on systems and equipment.
  • Supervised projects to ensure their completion, on time, and to the highest standards, as set by the Engineering Management.
  • Skilled in design, repair, maintenance, and installation of technical systems.
  • Solved team concerns using excellent communication, supervisory, and problem-solving skills.
  • Focused on system development, created & executed testing guidelines/environment for new system release.
  • Led projects to perform on-the-fly data, emerging from different countries using specific scanning procedures; eliminated costly OCR (optical code reader) & reduced data migration; saved cost by $500K.
  • Implemented the first intelligent test package loading for the factory in Asia; the system automatically chose and loaded the correct test package from 1000+ test packages, and hence reduced human error and cycle time.
  • Resolved factory scrap inaccuracy by implementing real-time scrap traceability, allowing greater control on scrap management; the implemented area became the most accurately tracked components for the finance department, improving cost planning.


Systems Engineer
  • Recruited as a new engineer and challenged to dispatch characterization for new products.
  • Interfaced with internal leadership and collaborated with cross-site teams (Asia & US) for inter-factory projects.
  • Defined and characterized new product electrical test coverage and spec optimization.
  • Ensured product is capable to run HVM without major yield or productivity loss.
  • Acted as the department lab owner; managed high-cost equipment & tester inventories.
  • Undertook very thorough and detailed planning, to ensure production activities were not interrupted; systems ranged from navigation, security & monitoring, to radio/microwave/satellite communications.


Stanford University

B.Eng Electronics Engineering (Major: Computer Science)
  • Final Year Project: Intuitive modeler for virtual design environments.
  • Developed a human-computer interface that supports intuitive, fast design and manipulation of 3D part models and assembles from scratch.


  • Product engineering
  • Strong customer focus
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Cross-functional team leadership
  • Engineering process improvement
  • Manufacturing system development
  • Detailed project planning & scheduling
  • Utilization & continuous improvement
  • Cost -oriented improvement & control
  • LEAN manufacturing, FMEA, 8D, DOE & 6S
  • Data analysis, SPC
  • Excel Pivot, JMP
  • Minitab, Six Sigma
  • Situational leadership
  • Directing, coaching
  • Supporting, delegating
Electronics Engineer CV Example and Template
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