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Video Editor CV Example and Template
Video Editor CV Example and Template
Video Editor CV Example and Template



I am an editor with a background of 5+ years in advertising, film making, and creating short films. I have hands-on knowledge of FCP, Premiere Pro, and Avid. My main duties have been editing, but I also have filmmaking experience as a director. I am qualified in editing videos for commercials, music clips, case studies, short films, and documentaries. Along with being hardworking and reliable, I have excellent communication skills and enjoy building rapport with colleagues and customers. I like working in teams and I am confident of working on my own.


Video Editor

Threaded Films
  • Work on pre-production, production, and distribution of different cinematography projects.
  • Manage the entire process of creating videos from production to postproduction with the organization of the small team.
  • Manage video projects from conception to final edit and the proper color correction.
  • Undertake value-added creative responsibilities, as per program requirements.
  • Perform digital video editing workflow from beginning to finished product, i.e. ingested raw footage into non-linear editing software.
  • Responsible for all gear management and frequently in charge of editing workflow between the shooter, producer, and editor.
  • Responsible for filming and editing weekly shows that are uploaded to the company's website.

Assistant Editor

Lionsgate Films
  • Acted as an Assistant Producer and Editor on internal corporate video production projects.
  • Acted as an Assistant Editor on multiple personal and professional videos (Hotel Wit, Navy Pier, Perkolator Coffee Shop, Sputnik Records and Books, etc).
  • Worked as a Director of Photography (DOP) and Editor for short films “Traincasting” and “Breaks My Heart”.
  • Worked as a Director of Photography (DOP) and Editor on small business commercial shoots.
  • Acted as an Assistant Producer and Editor on internal corporate video production projects.
  • Was in-charge of cutting, trimming, mixing, color correcting, and organizing clips for professional clients and independent filmmakers.
  • Was responsible for properly transferring, transcoding, ingesting, editing, encoding final product for multiple types of outputs using Adobe Media Encoder.
  • Was responsible for all gear management, and frequently in charge of editing workflow between the shooter, producer, and editor.

Videographer/Editor Intern

Dish Network Corp
  • Acted as a Video editor of programs, news, promotional material, and commercials for the channel.
  • Created commercials for big clients such as The Illinois Nature Conservatory, Joffrey Ballet, Chirp Radio, and Chicago Craft Beer Week.
  • Handled cameras such as Sony FS700, Canon C100, Panasonic GH4, Black Magic Cinema Camera, Black Magic Ursa 4.6k.
  • Edited footage to a digestible size while keeping the story and the goal of the video interesting and unique, using Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve.
  • Was responsible for capturing memorable moments in a cinematic style.
  • Equipped with all necessary filming, sound, and light equipment, capable of acting like a one-man team to fulfill the strict creative needs of the client.
  • Created style, themes, objectives, and flow of each of the shows, paying particular attention to the target audience.


BFA - Film and Television/Editing

DePaul University


  • Cannon OS-Pro Operator
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • REDucation - RED camera


Audio & Sound

  • Sound Grip
  • Sound Design
  • Multitrack Recorder

Final Cut Pro

  • Mix
  • Color grade
  • Edit
  • Animate

Motion Graphics & 2D Animation

  • Mocha
  • Starglow
  • Trapcode Mir and Form

Camera Operator

  • Sony Cameras
  • RED Certified
  • Canon OS Certified
  • EFP camera operation

Adobe Premiere Pro

  • PluralEyes
  • Magic Bullet
  • Color Correction
  • Audio/Sound Mixing
  • Edit with integrated add on Knoll Light Factory


  • Expert in lighting, and knowledgeable in the use of most types of light kits.
  • Proficient with interview-style filming for commercial or documentary-style videos.
  • Onset experience for both commercials and feature film environments.
  • Strong expertise in linear and non-linear editing, excellent skills in transferring, transcoding, ingesting, and properly organizing all raw data.
  • Highly proficient with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Prelude, and Adobe After Effects.
  • Excellent skills in visualizing production script.
  • Very proficient with the color correcting process within Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Understands the nature of lighting a scene, blocking, and rig setup, and teardown.
Video Editor CV Example and Template
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