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Digital Marketing Manager CV Example and Template
Digital Marketing Manager CV Example and Template
Digital Marketing Manager CV Example and Template



I have learned to use my time and assets efficiently, and most importantly, to be flexible and disciplined to get things done. A proactive, result-oriented, and analytic person, who loves the world of startups, principally for the dynamic and challenging environment. Proven record of accomplishment of developing and cultivating trust and respect with clients, vendors, and colleagues. Forward-thinking and motivated young professional with proven interpersonal, organizational, and analytical skills. Expert in creating and implementing online strategies like SEO, SEM, SMM, email marketing, content marketing, affiliation marketing, and growth marketing. Results-driven leader with demonstrated success in growing revenues, fostering brand awareness, and managing several types of campaigns to solve a variety of marketing challenges.


Manager, Digital Marketing


2018-05 - PRESENT

  • Lead the digital team and perform strategies to acquire users and create brand authority.
  • Responsible for developing and driving integrated, multichannel fundraising, and consistent engagement strategies across our client base.
  • Brief agencies with marketing and promotional calendar/s.
  • Increase the quality of potential clients by more than 70%; create and implement a sales funnel.
  • Help our clients advance their missions through integrated fundraising campaigns that maximize revenue, increase awareness, mobilize communities, and motivate action.
  • Monitor and maintain email database & segmentation for the UK and international markets.
  • Create and lead a multidisciplinary team in areas such as design and digital marketing.
  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the digital marketing team’s work across an inspiring mix of clients.
  • Research and recruit affiliates to enhance brand awareness.
  • Create digital marketing strategies to focus on performance and fit the personality of each client.
  • Lead the development of all multichannel revenue-generating and awareness-building marketing campaigns across the agency client base.
  • Provide support in managing the day-to-day relationship with the digital trading teams, identifying key trade priorities and actions.


Digital Marketing Specialist

2017-05 - 2018-06

  • Consulted on all Centene client’s current digital marketing efforts and responsible for identifying areas for improvement.
  • Assisted the digital marketing manager in implementing the US paid & organic search strategy.
  • Worked with affiliate bloggers and developed collaborative project proposals.
  • Set and optimized advanced strategies in social media, search engines, and affiliate media.
  • Supported the digital marketing manager and content supervisor to plan and execute the UK & international CRM strategy.
  • Evaluated, budgeted, and forecasted all digital marketing campaigns and activities to meet revenue targets.
  • Spearheaded the strategy and execution of all digital acquisition & engagement strategies across the agency.
  • Identified innovation opportunities to support the brand through digital channels.
  • Provided strategic direction, implemented best practices, and measured and analyzed integrated marketing/fundraising programs, while also participating in all new business development efforts.
  • Kept a daily track of performance and spend across all key channels (PPC, Affiliates, and SEO).
  • Implemented digital tactics such as SEM, SEO, SMM, Affiliate Marketing, and digital PR.


Digital Marketer

2004-07 - 2010-01

  • Negotiated with the big fishes in the digital industry and survived to count it.
  • Planned and executed the marketing calendar, considering the overall company strategy.
  • Created and increased our digital presence and one of our clients.
  • Planned and executed innovative affiliate strategies and promotions together with the digital marketing manager.
  • Ensured seamless integration of email, social, mobile, search digital display advertising, and direct mail to deliver fundraising campaigns that yield results.
  • Established a sustainable content strategy.
  • Worked as an educator and evangelist on the latest trends in digital communication channels and integrated marketing both internally and with clients.
  • Analyzed and forecasted various data sets to achieve weekly, monthly, bi-annual, and annual business targets.
  • Set and optimized advanced strategies in social media, search engines, and affiliate media.
  • Reported and analyzed marketing campaigns and channels using Google Analytics, Bronto, and Hootsuite (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, six-monthly, yearly).



B.B.A., Marketing and Business Administration

2000 - 2004


Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

1997 - 2000


  • SEO
  • PPC
  • CRM
Digital Marketing Manager CV Example and Template
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