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Design Engineer CV Example and Template
Design and Development Engineer CV Example and Template
Design Engineer CV Example and Template
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Design Engineer


An Industrial Design Engineer with full-scale product development life cycle experience, including establishing client design intent, project management, developing and implementing innovative design features, overseeing complete production processes, and ensuring product quality. Extensive knowledge of 3D printing and hands-on CNC machining-G-code programming, HAAS machine operation, FDM SLA & SLS experienced. Self-starter, proactive, goal-oriented, acknowledgment & reward-seeking engineering management professional with high initiative & motivation. Versatility endowed by creativity, design thinking, innovation, reverse engineering, leadership & ability to juggle & manage multiple tasks; can readily adapt to the fast-paced changing environment. Possess extensive knowledge of 3D printing and hands-on CNC machining- G-code programming, HAAS machine operation, FDM SLA & SLS experienced.

Work Experience

Design Engineer

Lockheed Martin

2019-05 - Present

  • Consult with client to establish design intent.
  • Design and prepare detailed electronic (CAD) working plans, or scale drawings for complex projects from observation, measurements, sketches, and specifications.
  • Prepare electronic layouts, detailed scale drawings, and create material and equipment requirements from sketches, specifications, and standard layouts provided by customers, consultants, and/or departmental contacts; review and manipulate electronic files received from consultants and departmental contacts.
  • Coordinate with all parties involved in relevant architectural construction. interpret and reproduce architectural and interior design drawings to be implemented in final specifications.
  • Produce reliable and accurate shop drawings according to the company manufacturing procedures and supervise their production.
  • Conduct formal and informal product design reviews throughout the software and product development lifecycle to provide input on functional requirements, product designs, schedules, and potential issues.
  • Provide support to install teams and clients.

Design Engineer


2017-01 - 2019-04

  • Drove the planning of works alongside design, operations, engineering project management, logistics & other departments.
  • Led project management improvements reducing the inhouse design time by over 433% from a completion rate of 30 houses per month to 160 houses per month; strategies involved removing the outsourcing process, communication delay & lack of specialists in outsourced firms.
  • Designed, edited, updated maps & layouts, and modeled electrical MV layout drawings for 800 houses for electrical contract works for electrical Industries like ESB using Autocad and ArcGIS, Paint shop Pro, Sketch up, etc.
  • Performed data analysis on the information in databases and created app-based reports associated with projects ensuring data accuracy.
  • Coordinated in meetings and provided weekly updates for meeting targets, misinformation & problems encountered and solutions implemented onsite using Excel, Foxit, Adobe Pro.

Mechanical Design Engineer

GE Aviation

2014-01 - 2016-12

  • Directed, supervised, and implemented project development, and business planning for front-line, back-office, and derivatives products.
  • Managed the portfolio, wealth, brand, and future investments of the startup.
  • Hired or outsourced personnel, and coordinated with partners, contractors, consultants, government agencies, lawyers, suppliers, and external manufacturers.
  • Oversaw purchasing; procured & purchased raw materials from the supplier, manufacturing; manufactured & assembled the components, operations, and logistics/ transportation; handled exporting & importing of parts.
  • Marketed new ideas, project plans, & benefits to investors; presented advertisement campaigns.
  • Developed new products, solutions, and services; implemented optimal problem-solving methods through research and development to meet client's expectations.
  • Worked as a creative consultant for other companies.
  • Contributed to every aspect of the project lifecycle for six major products; conceptualized, modeled progressive iterative 3D models & designs, created simulations & prototypes, created engineering drawings & assemblies & used statistical analysis; analyzed market & sales strategies, production plans, forecasted investment & sales.

Quality/Measurement Control Design Engineer

U.S. Department of Energy
  • Implemented process improvement that increased accuracy by 30% (from 60% to 90%), and process efficiency by 32% (from 65% to 97%) while improving process cycle time by a factor of 60 (from 300 down to 15 seconds), thereby reducing bottleneck and improving overall production rates by 30 times.
  • Performed validation of quality controls & measurement controls based on lATF, ISO/TS 16949 guidelines.
  • Assessed and audited over 5000 units spanning five major aluminum products while ensuring compliance to product specifications.
  • Sorted & tracked products for Ikea, BMW, etc into recycling & packaging within targeted Project deadlines.
  • Designed & developed an automated quality control system to measure the twist tolerance for multiple new aluminum products.
  • Collaborated with multicultural, multiethnic & multilingual teams.


Masters of Engineering Science

Carnegie Mellon University

2008 - 2009

  • With 96.54%.

Bachelor of Science

Purdue University

2005 - 2008

  • Mechanical Engineering with an aggregate of 89.9%.


  • 3D CAD/CAM Modelling Software: Excellent in design & development, mechanical design, 3D modeling, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Revit & CAD designing.
  • Project/Team Management/ Leadership: Good team player, with great leadership & project management skills, excellent presentation skills, analytical reporting,
  • and record-making skills.
  • Flexibility/Adaptability/Managing Multiple Priorities/Time Management: Excellent in multitasking with multiple projects at the same time, scheduling & delivering project deliverables at the right time.
  • Creativity, Awareness & Ingenuity: Excellent conceptualization, reverse engineering, assimilation, visualization, innovation, & novelty capabilities. A creative & out-of-the-box innovative thinker, excelling in product development, ideation & problem-solving.
  • Interpersonal Relationships/ Communication Skills: Extrovert and can easily build relationships with interpersonal skills, good public speaker & fun to be around.
  • Positive Attitude/Motivation/ Energy/Passion: Motivated by goals & rewards and self-motivated by accomplishment, constantly updating competencies by training under a continuous improvement plan.
  • Office Packages & applications: Excellent command of Microsoft Office™ tools, Microsoft Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, MS Word, Spreadsheets & Apple Keynote, Pages, Numbers.
  • Computer/IT skills: Familiar with operating systems Windows - (98, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 10), Apple OS-X, computer problem diagnostics, repair, hardware troubleshooting, assembling & upgrade skills.
Design Engineer CV Example and Template
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