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Delivery Driver CV Example and Template
Delivery Driver CV Example and Template
Delivery Driver CV Example and Template

Delivery Driver

What should be on a CV for a Delivery Driver?

The following should be on a Delivery Driver’s CV:

  • The type of license that you own and what type of vehicle you can drive.
  • Type of delivery industry you have worked with.
  • The region you’ve previously worked with.
  • Any notable achievements (e.g. reaching perfect 5 star customer ratings).

How do I write a Delivery Driver CV?

To write a Delivery Driver CV, follow these tips:

  • Select the right Delivery Driver CV template.
  • Add your CV header at the top that contains your name, location, contact details and current role.
  • Write a short CV summary below CV header that summarizes your driving experience and skills.
  • Next, list your delivery driving experience in a reverse chronological order.
  • Add your certifications (if certifications are required) and the type of vehicles you are qualified to drive.

Tips to Write a Great Delivery Driver CV Summary

  • Concise resume summary highlighting relevant delivery driver experience and skills.
  • Emphasize years of experience and notable achievements in previous roles.
  • Showcase skills in route planning, navigation, customer service, and cargo handling.
  • Quantify achievements with measurable results, such as on-time delivery rates or customer satisfaction scores.
  • Tailor the summary to match the job description, incorporating keywords and demonstrating alignment with the employer's needs.


An accomplished bilingual (English/Spanish) customer service specialist. A dedicated and enthusiastic individual who excels at prioritizing, completing multiple tasks simultaneously, and following through to achieve goals. Flexible and hard-working with a strong drive to succeed. Possess strong results-driven capabilities. Apart from working, I play drums and am a passionate photographer. I love spending time with my family and listen to good live music.

How to Describe Delivery Driver Experience on CV

To best describe your delivery driver experience:

  • Start with your most recent position and work backward, including company name, job title, and employment dates.
  • Describe key responsibilities relevant to the desired job, such as route planning, vehicle maintenance, customer service, and timely deliveries.
  • Highlight achievements like exceeding delivery targets, receiving positive feedback, or implementing efficiency improvements.
  • Quantify achievements with metrics like daily delivery count, size/value of goods delivered, or performance indicators.
  • Use action verbs like "delivered," "managed," "coordinated," "ensured," "resolved," and "maintained."
  • Include relevant certifications/licenses, such as a CDL, and tailor your work history to match the job requirements.


Delivery Driver
  • Deliver a wide variety of items during the day and night.
  • Follow route and time of delivery.
  • Load, unload, prepare, inspect, and operate delivery vehicles.
  • Ask for feedback on provided services and resolve clients’ complaints.
  • Collect payments.
  • Inform on new products and services.
  • Complete logs and reports.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Spice Symphony

Delivery Driver
  • Ensured all packages are accounted for and signatures received.
  • Assisted the driver in delivering the correct package to the customer.
  • Adhered to established work schedules and attendance standards; remained punctual to work and meetings.
  • Sorted and palletized goods to be loaded for delivery.
  • Assisted the driver with housekeeping and maintaining the cleanliness of the truck.
  • Performed other duties as assigned.
  • Completed on-time package distribution by matching and coding best routes; operated delivery technology for targeted results; detected shipping/receiving discrepancies; demonstrated consistent accuracy and teamwork.

The Pink Door

Administrative Assistant
  • Served as a receptionist or first-line liaison to internal and external.
  • Greeted customers/visitors, answered the telephone, provided directions or information, and solved routine issues.
  • Communicated routine and general information to staff and customers.
  • Maintained inventory of office equipment and supplies.
  • Received, processed, and ensured confidentiality of sensitive information and materials.
  • Assisted with routine travel arrangements.
  • Worked as per the standardized company rules and regulations.


University of Wyoming

Bachelor of Arts
  • Cumulative Grade Points Average/3.1 Scale 4.0.

Top Delivery Driver Skills for CV

  1. Route planning
  2. Vehicle maintenance
  3. GPS navigation
  4. Time management
  5. Attention to detail
  6. Knowledge of traffic laws and regulations
  7. Safe driving practices
  8. Customer service
  9. Inventory management
  10. Basic math skills
  11. Problem-solving
  12. Adaptability
  13. Physical stamina
  14. Familiarity with delivery software or apps
  15. Vehicle inspection and pre-trip checks
  16. Knowledge of local roads and areas
  17. Handling cash or payments
  18. Documentation and record-keeping
  19. Ability to lift and carry packages of various sizes
  20. Communication with dispatch or supervisors
  21. Hazardous materials handling (if applicable)
  22. Ability to work independently
  23. Familiarity with delivery routes and schedules
  24. Organizational skills
  25. Ability to handle stressful situations
  26. Attention to vehicle cleanliness and hygiene
  27. Problem-solving for delivery-related issues
  28. Ability to work in various weather conditions
  29. Basic vehicle troubleshooting skills
  30. Basic knowledge of vehicle maintenance tools
  31. Ability to operate vehicle tracking systems
  32. Familiarity with manual and automatic transmissions
  33. Knowledge of fueling procedures
  34. Understanding of weight restrictions and load limits
  35. Ability to read and interpret maps or directions
  36. Knowledge of handling perishable items (if applicable)
  37. Familiarity with delivery documentation, such as waybills or delivery receipts
  38. Basic knowledge of vehicle safety equipment
  39. Ability to work with delivery manifests or schedules
  40. Familiarity with special handling requirements for fragile or delicate items
  41. Ability to follow specific delivery instructions or special requests
  42. Knowledge of vehicle insurance and liability coverage
  43. Ability to handle delivery-related paperwork
  44. Familiarity with delivery tracking systems
  45. Ability to communicate effectively with customers
  46. Knowledge of loading and unloading procedures
  47. Basic knowledge of vehicle maintenance schedules
  48. Ability to handle multiple deliveries and prioritize tasks
  49. Basic knowledge of traffic patterns and congestion areas
  50. Ability to handle unexpected situations or delays during deliveries
Delivery Driver CV Example and Template
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