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Counselor CV Example and Template
College Counselor CV Example and Template
Counselor CV Example and Template



An inspired professional. Master of Science in Professional Counseling with a background in teaching practices and case management. Talent for resourcefulness and proofreading. A cooperative and motivational colleague. Accustomed to handling sensitive and confidential records. Flexible, versatile, and adaptable. Poised and confident with the ability to easily transcend cultural differences. Excellent team-building skills. I love working in teams to attain project goals.


College Counselor

Columbia University

2018-03 - Present

  • Provide personalized writing guidance for the college-bound student.
  • Create tailored strategies to help each student access higher education.
  • Offer tools to high school students to support the college application process.
  • Help parents benefit from prospective college students taking ownership of the college preparation process.
  • Produce confidential documentation in a timely manner.
  • Assess and support the needs of students, utilizing goal-focused treatment plans.
  • Utilize team and independent strategies to achieve monthly goals and tasks.
  • Conduct intakes and appropriate assessments to establish a level of care.

Admissions Counselor

Minnesota Math and Science Academy

2015-12 - 2018-02

  • Engaged in all aspects of the admissions process, including applicant and student advising.
  • Designed workshops on financial aid, course enrolment, and other topics related to enrolment and retention for a variety of audiences including students, faculty, staff, and board of trustees.
  • Prepared reports on admissions data and retention.
  • Assisted with marketing and social media presence.
  • Designed and managed orientation program.
  • Supervised volunteers.
  • Contributed to fundraising plans and implementation.
  • Conducted all visit arrangements for prospective students.
  • Served on the Educational Model committee reporting to the board of trustees.

Upper School Counselor and College Guidance Advisor

George Washington Academy

2012-12 - 2015-11

  • Advised and counseled 200 students consisting of 60% English language learners representing more than 40 nationalities.
  • Represented the school at international college counselor events and conferences.
  • Designed individualized academic and behaviour plans for at-risk students.
  • Counseled students with mental health, social-emotional, or learning needs.
  • Co-led the committee to implement a school-wide child protection plan.
  • Coordinated multiple college fairs and admissions visits per year.
  • Delivered classroom guidance and academic advising curriculum at three local schools.
  • Conducted workshops for scholarship applications, interview skills, and resume writing.
  • Administered interest inventories and assessments to guide students in career selection.


College and Career Counseling Certificate

University of California

2012 - 2013

  • Focused on those who work with students making the transition from high school to college and need training and information that is up-to-date, comprehensive, and practical.
  • Intended for college admissions personnel who want to become more familiar with high school processes and other institutional protocols.

Master of Education

Holy Names University

2006 - 2012

  • The mission of HNU's education program is to prepare students to bring a positive change in urban schools.
  • The curriculum highlights subjects such as social foundations, systemic inequities, and racial bias that are imparted by highly experienced faculty with specialization in working in urban environments.



  • Fiction author
  • Business plans
  • Marketing copy
  • Successful grants

College Counseling

  • Advise college-bound students and families, especially in writing the college application essay and scholarship applications.

Public Speaking

  • Deliver multiple sermons on topics of inclusion and social justice in interfaith settings Fundraising and business pitch experience.

Academic Advising

  • Assist students from around the world as they navigate the graduate seminary experience.
  • Design and deliver workshops.
  • Plan and implement an engaging orientation program with a community service focus.

Community Service

  • Offer an innovative community service model of engagement to incoming graduate students, faculty, staff, and current students by considering the needs of those being served as central to the planning and implementation of the service with respect at the heart of all activities and decision making.


  • Engage in all aspects of the admissions process, including applicant and student advising.
  • Design and manage orientation program. Supervise volunteers.
  • Prepare reports on admissions data and retention.
  • Assist with marketing and social media presence.
  • Contribute to fundraising plans and implementation.
  • Conduct all visit arrangements for prospective students.


  • Human rights
  • Writing, Reading
  • Crisis counseling
  • Human sexuality
  • Career counseling
  • Online counseling
  • Trauma counseling
  • Adulthood counseling
  • Adolescent counseling
Counselor CV Example and Template
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