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Construction Project Manager CV Example and Template
Construction Manager CV Example and Template
Construction Project Manager CV Example and Template



A talented construction manager, project manager, and engineer with 30+ years of experience. Based on my skills and capabilities acquired from my education and experience, I consider myself an enthusiastic construction manager who enjoys being a part of a successful and productive team. I am quick to grasp new ideas and concepts, good with analytic and problem-solving skills, and can remain calm, controlled, and focused even under significant pressure. I am proactive and can demonstrate high levels of motivation required to meet the tightest of deadlines. I possess a strong ability to perform effectively. I strive towards new challenges; possess soft skills such as leadership, management, and creativity, and constantly try to improve myself and my workplace. I like to work in a well-established and reputed organization, that gives the perfect environment for breeding productivity and success. I possess diverse experience in managing and overseeing project recovery plans in program and cost.


Maintenance/Construction Manager

  • Develop, lead, and mentor a large multi-disciplinary team with technical knowledge and support of the disciplines and their activities; target to implement CMMS using SAP under development from the build, completion to commissioning start-up and handover.
  • Accurately identify clients’ key requirements.
  • Create effective, informed, and highly motivated teams focused on project managers (PMs) and manage construction managers (CMs).
  • Plan maintenance programs and prioritize work within a schedule.
  • Undertake financial planning for the long lead spares, resolving current and future, unforeseen maintenance needs.
  • Negotiate contracts with suppliers and vendors that were dealt with by HQ procurement.
  • Develop and implement maintenance workflow processes, procedures, and a management control system.
  • Manage the construction division of the Company.
  • Estimate cost for the new projects.

Construction Manager

The Turner Corporation

2015-12 - 2018-02

  • Documented worker productivity.
  • Created reports comparing hours billed versus clocked in hours.
  • Created actual manpower curve reports for the entire project.
  • Audited prime contractor reconciliations.
  • Documented cost savings for the owner of $1,269,263.24 by finding erroneous and duplicate billings in contractor reconciliations.
  • Created and submitted budget allocations for the cost to complete (CTC) and investment tax credit (ITC).
  • Found potential savings of an additional $6,000,000 for an owner on the project.
  • Created financial projections for the hurricane insurance claim.

Senior Project Manager

Kiewit Corporation

2012-12 - 2015-11

  • Was responsible for project communications, attending kick-off meetings, project board meetings, and creating communication plans.
  • Advised the owner of any issues that may affect his asset or failure to deliver the contracted deliverables.
  • Created and submitted billing for T&M labor for pipefitters, operators, boilermakers, & ironworkers.
  • Created sub-contracts, and negotiated vendor purchases.
  • Designed templates and procedures for inter-office accounting, tracking, and inventory functions.
  • Trained, advised, and mentored the workforce to instill enthusiasm for the project, health and safety practices, and expectations.
  • Approved purchases, signed payroll, and promoted valued employees.
  • Supervised 90+ employees at a remote construction site.
  • Created executive dashboards for client and CPI executives to track progress and - financial standing every week.
  • Uncovered four additional lumpsum contracts for insulation, fire protection, HVAC & plumbing, & roofing and siding sheet metal.
  • Created budgets, manpower curves, and schedules of values for payment.
  • Conducted stakeholder engagement activities, involving senior stakeholders.
  • Managed project teams, both external and internal, contractors and suppliers.


Bachelor of Engineering

University of California

2012 - 2013

  • Bachelor of Engineering (BE), Civil Engineering - Construction.



  • Mobilizing, managing, and procuring resources.


  • Coordinating engineering and procurement activities and disseminating information to project members and stakeholders; long-term strategic planning.

Value management

  • Establishing what value means to the client. Clearly defining and agreeing on project objectives. Establishing how objectives can best be achieved. Managing change.

Construction Management

  • Managing the delivery of all construction requirements that are required in the contract, logistics, permitting, snagging, and handover activities; ensuring project delivery of established technical, budgetary, schedule, and quality requirements.


  • Inspiring a shared vision for the PMT. Business development & core business analysis. Managing and controlling costs as per budgetary requirements. Leading the way in the process of fabrication and coatings to deliver on time.

Project Management

  • Consistent in using best practice PMO methodology to create a project plan to fit stakeholder/customer needs successfully within budget and provide the desired results.


  • Stakeholder engagement involving senior stakeholders. Project communications, kick-off, checkpoint meetings, project board meetings, and communication plans.
Construction Project Manager CV Example and Template
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