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Chemist CV Example and Template
Chemist CV Example and Template
Chemist CV Example and Template



A versatile chemist working with different types of chemicals, compounds, and materials. Accomplished in performing tests, documenting results, and writing papers. Well-organized and detail-oriented with good critical thinking, problem-solving, and instrumentation care developed over the past four years. Experienced in analytical work, two years of peptide/bio-organic synthetic research, and four years of wet chemistry and organic synthesis. My experience and knowledge expand over several subsections of chemistry and have taught me how to learn new skills proficiently. My years of teaching math have also taught me time management, organization, and how to teach concepts to myself and others proficiently.

Work Experience

QC Chemist

  • Measure and test the organic and inorganic products.
  • Begin my 12-hour shift by calibrating, maintaining, and operating the lab equipment and instrumentation.
  • Develop new analytical protocol procedures and standardized solutions for new products to analyze the physical and chemical properties; this included analytical methods for GC, HPLC, LCMS, MS, NMR, wet chemistry, and many more.
  • Learn how to thrive in a high-pressure and detail-oriented job showed me that I can do well in even the most challenging and demanding of jobs.

Analytical Chemist and Lab Tech

Archetype Communications
  • Performed a wide variety of analyses on samples received by our lab as well as researched and tested the viability of new analytical methods for the analysis of atypical samples; participated in the R&D of new projects at their earliest stages; conducted bench-top scale tests and reported the findings to the managing engineers.
  • Primary duties involved the reception and cataloging of samples, then generating reports of the analytical findings requested.
  • Became expertly proficient with typical analytical laboratory procedures, safety protocols (also given a 30-hour OSHA Outreach training through the company), and the following devices and methods.
  • Returned to my prior position during summer break to assist with a particularly heavy sample volume.

Organic Chemistry PhD Student

Traduce Language Academy
  • Assisted the professor by answering students’ questions, provided a general explanation of the experiment, replaced broken glassware, collected and returned lab reports.
  • Primary project involved synthesizing cyclic decapeptide-peptoid hybrids to examine which features caused certain macrocycles to have membrane passive permeability properties.
  • Achieved drug-like cell permeability and oral bioavailability that became increasingly difficult as molecular weight increases beyond ~600 Da. However, some cyclic peptides defied this trend, showing high passive permeability and oral bioavailability (BA) even with molecular weights exceeding 1000.
  • Based on a series of published synthetic cyclic decapeptides with exceptionally high oral BA, generated two libraries of derivatives in which we replaced pairs of N-methyl residues with N-alkylglycine (peptoid) residues and investigated their physicochemical, ADME, and PK properties.
  • Performed NMR temperature shift experiments and hydrocarbon-water partition coefficients that indicated very different structure-property relationships depending on the location of the peptoid substitutions.
  • Found that like the parent compounds, our cyclic peptomer derivatives had high passive membrane permeabilities, although our compounds had much lower oral BA due to high efflux and fast metabolic clearance.

Research Fellow

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Conducted preclinical targeted therapy-iterative drug development-target validation- proteomics and high dimensional data analysis-hormone and kinase signaling.
  • Undertook preclinical validation and drug re-purposing of carvedilol for cancer; developed patentable diagnostic tool; cardio-oncology; methods to quantify single tumor cells in vivo -stromal tumor establishment.
  • Studied and performed experiments in pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, dosing, tissue-specific drug interactions, signal transduction, neural stress, bone metabolism.
  • Researched bubonic plague and cholera vaccine development; protein purification; aging and immunity/inflammation; colony management.
  • Performed meningitis pathogenicity and immune function research.
  • Created operations team and supervised construction; set and met deadlines, community outreach.
  • First or co-authored 6 high impact peer-reviewed research articles, plenary conference presentations in the US and Europe; my talks and articles were featured as cover page articles and highlighted in various scientific media such as the Science Daily; co-authored and helped to secure 2 NIH-RO1 grants, and 1 stimulus grant funding; was invited as reviewer for 4 Journals.



Johns Hopkins University

M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry

University of California
  • GPA: 4.0
  • Courses taken: Modern Organic Synthesis, Chemistry Seminar (six quarters), Teaching Chemistry, Modern Physical Organic, Spectroscopy Analytics, Advanced Biophysical Methods, and Independent Study

B.Sc. in Chemistry

University of California
  • GPA: 3.0
  • Relevant Science Courses: Biology of Behavior w/Lab, Psychology of Brain and Behavior w/Lab, Organic Chemistry I & II w/Lab, Modern Chemical Analysis w/Lab, Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy, Thermodynamics and Kinetics, Concepts of Inorganic Chemistry w/Lab, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Structure and Function of Biomolecules w/Lab, and Research.


  • LC-MS
  • Biochemistry
  • Wet chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Gas chromatography
  • Infrared spectroscopy
  • Raman spectroscopy and X-ray spectroscopy
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy
Chemist CV Example and Template
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