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Caterer CV Example and Template
Caterer CV Example and Template

Caterer CV


8+ years of hands-on experience in catering and restaurant management. I am a skilled mixologist who can efficiently multi-task to service orders in a high-volume setting. Flexible, hard-working with a great attitude. Worked at a high-speed bar and provided excellent customer service while making cocktails and serving alcoholic beverages with good product knowledge in mind. A highly professional caterer who actively organizes the handling, catering for events and hotels.

Work Experience

Caterer & Bartender

Good Heart Catering
  • Organize stock levels according to the number of guests and particular functions.
  • Operate open and cash bar, processing credit cards and making changes.
  • Responsible for complete preparation of bar service and food set up.
  • Engage with guests to ensure all liquor and license laws were complied with.
  • Bartend for high-profile events, film crew craft services, and corporate events across the GTA.
  • Work as a team player to ensure the success of the company and the satisfaction of every guest; Utilize Supreme Standards of Service.
  • Secure proper payments and maintain a cash bank of over $1000 per event.
  • Create and serve food according to proper company specs and recipes.


The Bagel Broker
  • Built a friend-based relationship with customers to keep them as regulars.
  • Bartended & served in our members-only section.
  • Promoted for work and all events.
  • Made sure Guests have the best experience.
  • Helped host, bar backed, food ran, and picked up extra tables, during downtime or if needed.
  • Served tables and served pool.
  • Greeted and served guests; made guests feel like they are in a fun clean family/friend-oriented atmosphere.
  • Greeted and served guests while giving them 100% service.
  • Developed menu knowledge, comprising 900+ foods and 300+ beers and whiskeys.


Marvel Bar
  • Made cocktails for customers surrounding the bar as well as made the orders from the docket machine for customers seated at the restaurant.
  • Cleaned the glasswasher after making tea and coffee.
  • Was responsible for waste removal and date labeling.
  • Polished and stocked the various types of glasses to the related drinks.
  • Brought in blocked and crushed ice for our cocktails, alcoholic drinks, and soft drinks.
  • Created the garnishes for the cocktail drinks and placing fruit around the bar.
  • Stocked the bar fridges with all kinds of essential tonics and sodas along with flavored drinks in the bar fridges.
  • Made cocktails for customers surrounding the bar as well as made the orders from the docket machine for customers seated at the restaurant.


Cocktail Bartender Course

New York Bartending School
  • Educated in the history of cocktails, beers, lagers, cider, gin, whiskey vodka, rum red and white wines along with their and production.
  • Attended wine, whiskey, gin, beer, rum and vodka master classes.
  • Undertook coffee machine training and history of coffee, making different types of coffee and latte art.
  • Educated in various forms of free pouring techniques at 80 bpm e.g. double grip, reverse grip etc.
  • Crafted my own cocktail and bitters.

Bachelor of Arts

Cornell University


  • Organized
  • High volume bartender
  • Constantly recognized for strong work ethic and professionalism
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to work as a team member, individually or as a team leader
  • Capable of making critical decisions and assuming ownership of results
  • Computer program Skills consist of Microsoft Word, Excel, & PowerPoint
  • Other computer skills consist of internet use & digital dining systems

Soft Skills

  • Self-starter
  • Team player
  • Cooperative
  • Conscientious
  • Get it done attitude
  • Curiosity to learn and understand
  • Superb written and verbal communication skills
Caterer CV Example and Template
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