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Finance Professional CV Example and Template
Investment banking CV Example and Template
Finance Professional CV Example and Template
Finance Professional CV Example and Template
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The following banking CV samples will help you create the perfect job application. A good banking CV will include the job candidate’s work history, qualifications and their expertise as a banking professional.

In banking you will normally want to highlight your mathematical abilities, consideration to detail, and interpersonal skills. Create a sound and factual resume accentuating different expertise sets depending upon the job you are applying for.

The following CV examples should be used as inspiration for your next job application. But remember, for any successful application you must customize your resume for the job.

Banking CV format

A banking CV is arranged in reverse-chronological order. Your recent qualifications and work experiences are shown at the top of the resume. A banking CV should be readable and concise, avoiding to add imaginary words and exaggerated claims. A meaningful and precise CV will stand out. Our samples are well-formatted and will surely catch the attention of your employer.

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