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Babysitter/Nanny CV Example and Template
Babysitter/Nanny CV Example and Template

Babysitter & Housekeeper CV


Exceptionally talented and resourceful babysitter/nanny/housekeeper with 7+ years of experience in providing efficient and comprehensive housekeeping and cleaning services to clients as per quality improvement recommendations. Dynamic multitasker with the ability to seamlessly jump between tasks and accomplish expected deliverables within established deadlines.



  • Create a stimulating, nurturing, and safe environment for three children, aged 8, 11, and 12.
  • Ideate daily activities to create both a fun and educational environment.
  • Responsible for cooking, light housework, getting the children ready, driving them to and from activities ensuring they are always on time, and disciplining them when necessary.
  • Clean and disinfect washrooms and bedrooms.
  • Collect and dispose of waste and garbage.

Babysitter & Housekeeper

  • Looked after children.
  • Tasked with gardening activities around the property.
  • Undertook duties related to animal care.
  • Was responsible for supply shopping and restocking.
  • Tasked with laundry washing, drying, folding, ironing.
  • Supervised other cleaners assuring all duties are carried out, and that resources are efficiently utilized.
  • Cleaned and disinfected washrooms, lavatories, and bedrooms.
  • Collected and disposed of waste and garbage.


Middlesex Cabins
  • Supervised work activities of cleaning personnel to ensure clean, orderly rooms.
  • Obtained a list of vacant rooms needing to be cleaned immediately and a list of prospective check-outs or discharges in order to prepare work assignments.
  • Assigned workers their duties, and reviewed work for conformance to prescribed standards of cleanliness.
  • Advised manager, desk clerk, or admitted personnel of rooms ready for occupancy.
  • Checked inventory stock to ensure adequate supplies.
  • Investigated complaints regarding housekeeping service and equipment, and took corrective action.
  • Sweep, mop, scrub, dust, wax, and polish furniture, windows, floors, walls, furnishings, equipment, and hardware.
  • Examined rooms, halls, and lobbies to determine the need for repairs or replacement of furniture or equipment, and make recommendations to management.
  • Cleaned check-out, stay-over rooms, and the lobby.
  • Deep cleaned/regularly cleaned vacation rentals and cabins.


High School Diploma

Penn Foster High School


  • Respect
  • Listening
  • Teamwork
  • Persuasion
  • Leadership
  • Fast learner
  • Very reliable
  • Adaptability
  • Understanding
  • Problem solving
  • Strong work ethic
  • Handling pressure
  • Time management
Babysitter/Nanny CV Example and Template
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