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Assistant Professor CV Example and Template
Assistant Professor CV Example and Template
Assistant Professor CV Example and Template

Clinical Assistant Professor

An exceptional Assistant Professor, educator, and innovator with an extraordinary record in business creation and corporate endeavors. Come with an advanced educational and research background, and proven dynamic leadership, university instruction, and lecturing capabilities. A dedicated communications professional with experience in the development, implementation, and execution of a variety of training plans to accommodate company objectives. Proven ability to design comprehensive research, analyze data quality and interpret findings. Successfully designed highly-effective marketing campaigns formulated to increase participation in community after-school programs. Bilingual proficiency with the ability to fluently read, speak, and write in English and Spanish.


Clinical Assistant Professor

Harvard University
  • Provide service to the institution, specifically program development and evaluation of the MS and educational doctoral programs in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.
  • Lead the development and implementation of the program's first EdD degree cohort model, founded on the Problem of Practice concept.
  • Lead the development and implementation of the school's first fully online Master in Educational Leadership degree.
  • Reaffirm the Master of Science in Educational Leadership by the Florida Department of Education.
  • Successfully review and align the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) standards with the department's educational leadership and professional studies program.
  • Lead the successful report completion and program compliance attainment of the Florida Board of Governors (BOG) 2025 System Strategic Plan for educational leadership programs.
  • Develop and implement recruitment campaigns, culminating in an increase of 27% enrollment in the Master’s program, and a 111% increase in the doctoral degree program.

Associate Vice-Chancellor

Yale University
  • Organized leadership conference and seminar opportunities for faculty of development education.
  • Served as the Vice President for Student Development and Educational Affairs (eg, developmental education, disability services, testing, counseling, educational advice, policy review); received dual credit for organizing campus practices; systematically coordinated for student development services and programs in the district; undertook continuous education, and strategic planning for the district).
  • Prepared for the Southern College and School Commission (SACSCOC) review on program evaluation and colleges conducted in the field of student affairs for continuous improvement.
  • Collaborated with campus vice presidents to review; revised the district's student conduct program with their respective practices and procedures.
  • Served as Senior Administrator on district recruitment, enrollment management, and TRIO program functions.
  • Oversaw an annual review of disability services that was conducted within developmental education research, including training and evaluation of instructional resources (eg, Kurzweil).
  • Established and spearheaded the Student Success Council (made up of student development administrators) and the Council for Developmental Education (composed of administrators of academic affairs) of the district.
  • Collaborated with the institutional research and information systems departments of the district to provide effective technology and data services to all the student development service units of the district.
  • Planned, coordinated, and maintained the college's annual development education institute: about 350 faculty.

Mathematics Professor

Stanford University
  • Created a predictive model to help conduct classes at the college using 15,000 students.
  • Developed mathematics and programming courses for instruction and art and design students.
  • Developed projects and workshops for animation students using Python, vector calculus, and linear algebra.
  • Collaborated with relevant projects with user design and animation faculty, students, and companies.
  • Instructed and developed a college-level mathematics curriculum.
  • Developed math laboratories on SPSS and R.
  • Collected, analyzed, and interpreted student data to facilitate educational methods.
  • Researched on iris deformation and biometrics continues in the developed model.
  • Attended conference on practices for the Communication of Mathematical Applications.


PhD Mathematics

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Assistant Professor CV Example and Template
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