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Apprentice CV Example and Template
Apprentice CV Example and Template
Apprentice CV Example and Template

How to write an Apprentice CV?

To write a good Apprentice CV follow these steps:

  • Select the right Apprenticeship CV template.
  • Your goal should be to show that you can easily follow directions provided, communicate well, are the right fit for the role and can work with others without friction.
  • While writing your CV summary, experience and other sections make sure to highlight how you worked with the team and delivered as per the guidelines provided.
  • If you have no experience to show, focus on the key strengths of your CV (e.g. longevity at a job).

Marketing Apprentice CV


A responsible and ambitious student with excellent time management skills. Seeking to apply strategic planning and optimize social media strategy for companies. Bringing forth a motivated attitude to establish and strengthen relationships with company members. Specialist with more than a decade's experience. Looking to continue my career in the communication field where I can utilize my passion for inspiring others. Curious by nature and motivated to up-skill myself, I question the logic and form my understanding of how search engines work, and then how SEO integrates within that. This has been one of the greatest tools as it has allowed me to work with and understand search engines, to locate good quality signals amidst the general noise that is the internet. I would like the opportunity to continuously expand my skills and apply them to a company I can advance with.

Work Experience

Marketing Apprentice

Eyear Optical
  • Execute all ad trafficking responsibilities for client campaigns within the ad server systems addition and DoubleClick Campaign Manager.
  • Develop website tracking concepts; prepare all required website tags; provide instruction to client website management, and test implementations.
  • Create and analyze in-depth and custom campaign performance reports upon which all optimization decisions were made.
  • Work in nearly every broadcast operations role including general set utility, studio audio technician, studio cameraman, teleprompter operator, lighting/electrician, video color correction operator, master control, and highlight supervisor while specializing as an EVS® live video playback device operator & robotic camera operator.
  • Receiver of Team-Emmy during my time with MLB Network for Best Studio Team.
  • Exercise allows me to further my understanding, and determine the pace of my growth.
  • Get an overview of digital strategy conceptualization & implementation.

Marketing Apprentice

  • Was responsible for content strategy & planning.
  • Developed Microsoft and Google Drive proficiency.
  • Undertook site analytics.
  • Tasked with paid media integration and optimization.
  • Learnt about Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Received hands-on training on country and language targeting.
  • Performed goals & conversion funnels recommendations.
  • Worked with account, project, and traffic managers.
  • Undertook client consultation, presenting, & communications.
  • Provided high-quality customer service.


Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
  • Learned performance marketing- SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing, and growth hacking.
  • Undertook content marketing, social media & community management.
  • Received hands-on training on Google Analytics and Adwords.
  • Learned basic HTML, CSS.
  • Received guidance on user experience research, rapid product prototyping, responsive design in product management.
  • Developed a brief understanding of design thinking principles.
  • Undertook country and language targeting steps in online marketing.
  • Made coals & conversion funnels recommendations.
  • Worked with account, project, & traffic Managers.
  • Tasked with client consultation, presenting & communications.


Squared Online Digital Marketing


Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management

George Washington University

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) Business & Marketing Management

University of Texas


Microsoft Office

  • Very advanced, expert knowledge in the use of the Microsoft Office product suite, especially in Microsoft Excel.

Presentation skills

  • Intermediate presentation skills with a lot of experience presenting to senior-level executives.

Communication skills

  • Combination of great active listening skills and an ability to communicate complex subjects clearly and concisely.

Project management skills

  • Very efficient management of projects with varying degrees of complexity and track record of on-time delivery.

Critical thinking skills

  • Advanced ability to think critically and strategically about marketing problems and developing solutions for these problems.

Key Skills Assessment

  • Strategic management – Experienced in vendor management, contract negotiations, and strategic financial analysis to increase efficiencies and reduce costs while maintaining solid rapport with business partners.
  • Team leadership and financial management – Expertise in leading and building cohesive cross-functional teams and collaborating with senior executives in improving operations and starting up new business locations while overseeing staff and managing finances.
  • Process improvements – Devised and implemented processes, procedures, systems, and internal controls to strengthen operations, increase productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.
Apprentice CV Example and Template
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