3 Administrative Officer CV Examples and Templates for 2022

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Administrative Officer CV Example and Template
Administrative Officer CV Example and Template
Administrative Officer CV Example and Template
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Administrative Officer CV Example

Administrative Officer CV Example - Summary

I am a highly articulate and quick-thinking person who has a natural flair for communication and build relationships with potential clients. I am a creative person and willing to contribute ideas and offer a professional opinion to any project. Diversified skill sets covering administrative support, client relations, student support, account management, and project management. Multi-faceted, efficient, and reliable administrative professional with rich experience supporting executives, sales, and managers to improve internal operations for medium businesses. Excellent interpersonal, phone, and digital communication skills. I value work as part of this professional team because it offers substantial learning opportunities for me. My motivated attitude, hard-working nature, and creative abilities could be well-utilized in this position.

Administrative Officer CV Example - Work Experience

Chief Administrative Officer, Verizon

  • Manage a $1.2 million department budget, including self-insured medical and workers' compensation programs.
  • Undertake migrant worker and employee relations, compensation and benefits, talent acquisition/retention, training, performance management, and employee engagement and culture.
  • Partner with the Board of directors, executive leadership team, and program managers to facilitate and implement key corporate initiatives.
  • Establish jobs of an agency, perform salary administration structure, and then establish salary grades based on external market data.
  • Ensure compliance with HR regulations and laws, including annual updates to the employee handbook and 100% audit compliance.
  • Implement and extend the use of the HRIS system to incorporate manager and employee self-service functionality and implement integrated modules for recruitment, onboarding, performance management.
  • Implement the program is less than 10% for 30% of employees and direct-care employees who improve staff retention at the 60-day mark.
  • Introduce employee HR metrics to measure the cost of turnover, percentage of voluntary versus involuntary turnover.

Director of Human Resources, Costco

  • Coordinated implementation of new HRIS platform with the finance department, leveraging employee and manager self-service options for recruitment, benefits, onboarding, and performance management.
  • Implemented centralized hiring, onboarding, new hire orientation, and compliance training functions, ensuring 100% compliance with hiring requirements from regulatory funders.
  • Implemented a web-based employee suggestion platform on SharePoint.
  • Created a monthly employee recognition program entitled “Pat on the Back” for employees to recognize each other for exhibiting agency values.
  • Implemented wellness and employee relations committee engaging employees in wellness and community involvement activities.

Administrative Officer, Phillips 66

  • Was responsible for scheduling, screening, and greeting building visitors according to strict building security policies and procedures.
  • Coordinated 1-3 events per month, including the creation of agendas, securing meeting spaces, managed attendee communication, and documenting meetings to support departmental operations.
  • Executed meeting follow-ups, such as distributing meeting notes and surveying attendees, to facilitate overall attendee experience and relationship development.
  • Organized and maintained spreadsheets for use in internal audits, presentations, and various projects.

Administrative Officer CV Example - Education

Master of Business Administration, Harvard University Bachelor of Science, Yale University

Sample Administrative Officer CV Skills

  • Computer Skills
  • Multi-tasking
  • Creativity and expression
  • Willingness to learn
  • Problem-solving
  • Quick thinking
  • Flexibility
  • Business
Administrative Officer CV Example and Template
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