4+ Cover Letters for Teacher Examples

4+ Teacher cover letter examples for your job search inspiration. Create, edit, and modify to craft the perfect cover letter for a teacher.

teacher cover letter example

Amidst the crowd of resources on the internet about how to write a perfect cover letter for a teacher job, you can do little to find the right resources that will help you build your cover letter.

Let’s take the common-sense approach and think from the hiring manager’s perspective.

They have a specific requirement in mind and there is a particular subject that needs to be taught. There may also be some required number of years of teaching experience in that subject.

The hiring manager should be able to locate this information in your cover letter quickly. They would look for relevance and the right experience.

That tells you, to keep this information in the first paragraph or first 4 lines of your cover letter.

The next thing they are looking for in a cover letter is your presentation and communication skills.

If you lose here, there is no going forward. Therefore, it is necessary to be precise (show relevance) and present well.

With that done, you now have to talk about your experience that matches their job requirement. This may seem difficult, but looking at the examples below will make it easy for you.

The final thing to do is, close the letter with a thank you and the next steps that you’ll take to pursue the job vacancy.

Look at the examples below and write about 150-200 words for your cover letter.

Free Cover Letter for Teacher Examples

Language Arts Teacher Cover Letter Example

Dear Stanley,

I read the post for the Language Arts Teacher position on Teach PHL and this is to express my interest in the vacancy. I have served foreign students as an ESL Teacher for 4 years and have recently taken on the role of a Business Education Teacher to fill in until the post is occupied.

I consistently challenge myself to take on more responsibilities and diversify my skills to add more value to my classroom sessions. I interned as an Assistant Teacher at American Paradigm School where I had the opportunity to work with foreign students and understand the challenges they faced in communicating with natives as well as grasping the concepts in their other classes that were taught in English. Under the shadow of the EFL Headteacher there, I used a number of different approaches and tuned the lessons to address various issues that acted as barriers for students in expressing their views and understanding the native dialogues.

Specificity and deep involvement to help students achieve desired communication levels gradually became a necessity in accessing my own personal goals. I have successfully trained and graduated 85 of 128 foreign students in my classes from beginners and average status to advanced stage in as little as 18 to 24 months. I frequent child psychology clinical programs and workshops on teaching methods to gain more perspective and insights into a child’s way of understanding and exploring the world around them.

I would love to be a part of Central High school to get exposure to more diverse classrooms all year round and be able to help the students in their quest to achieve native speaker fluency and access a barrier-free communication tool.

Thanks for considering and reviewing my application! I shall wait to hear from you to move further with my application.

Yours faithfully, Edward Conti

Science Teacher Cover Letter Example

Dear Ms. Ida,

This in reference to the Science Teacher vacancy advertised on indeed.com. I teach Science and serve as a substitute teacher whenever required at Independence Charter School and would like to apply my skills and teaching methodologies at your school of its diversity and multifaceted teaching opportunities.

My first encounter with teaching was at an elementary school where I learned from senior teachers and prepared lesson plans taking a consultative approach and utilizing best practices on delivering my lessons. My general strategy includes sheltered instruction and differentiation to cater to the variety of students in my class so each one of them can reach their potential and perform their best. I also conduct pre and post-assessment for the lessons imparted, to chart out the learning that a student is able to derive from various teaching methodologies and refine them to improvise.

My experience of serving the elementary and middle school for 5 years has me good at classroom management for the effective delivery of lessons. I teach Science to Grades 6,7,8 and 9 in general and have recently begun taking a couple of classes for senior high school students as well. I plan to move to teach senior students in the future.

I welcome the opportunity to meet you and discuss how can help the senior students at Carver High School prepare themselves for college and life after school. You can reach me at 555-555-5555 for a screening call anytime.

Yours faithfully, Philip J. Wilson

Entry-level Teacher Cover Letter Example

Dear Clara,

I’m writing to express my interest in the recently posted vacancy for a Math Teacher in the Washington Post. I have recently graduated from the University of California with a Diploma in Mathematics and earned my teacher’s license this summer.

I have interned at a mentoring organization and had to work with high-risk clients who were children and parents. These children had suffered mental anxiety or trauma due to discrimination, abuse, immigrant status, minority status, racial factors, adoption, poverty, LEP, etc. during their childhood. I dealt with the students and parents based on their strengths to build up their confidence and it worked in all cases whether slow or rapid improvement.

I seek to transfer my skills to classroom delivery of academic lessons and utilize my learnings to enhance the educational experience for the children. I would appreciate an opportunity to appear for a formal interview and/or supervised classroom teaching if required. You may reach me via phone or email to set up an appointment or an initial screening.

Yours faithfully, Patricia Gilliam

Dual Subject Teacher Cover Letter Example

Dear Alice,

I’m a teacher of History and Science with a major in Science and a minor in History subjects from Indiana University. I have been teaching junior and senior High School students for 4 years now and would like to impart lessons to senior high school students in the future.

I take a collaborative approach and gather feedback from my students on what went well and what could be improved upon for their next sessions with me. Most of the time students are in coherence with my way of delivery and come up with any questions at the end of each class with work well for all students I share the solutions to all problems with all students, hence revising the entire lesson and reducing exam time preparation pressure.

To make the process of teaching more appealing to my students I create engaging relevant lesson plans and stick to a 2-way lesson delivery practice to receive maximum feedback and cross-questions from students. I’m active in the wider school community to understand and learn the methods and approaches of fellow teachers and instill them into my own classes. I have a general principle to evaluate student success at the beginning and end of each term to revise and refine teaching methods for the next batches.

Should you have a vacancy for a History or Science teacher, I would love to explore the opportunity and discuss in detail how I can contribute to student success at San Fernando Senior High School. Please feel free to reach me via phone or email anytime to set up an appointment or ask any questions before our meeting.

Sincerely, Richard Simpson

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