4 School Social Worker Cover Letter Examples

4 School Social Worker cover letter examples for your job search inspiration. Copy, edit, and modify to land a School Social Worker role with ease.

school social worker cover letter example

Your school social worker cover letter should be focused on your expertise in working with children and your approach to solving their problems.

Schools want to hire a candidate who will go above and beyond their responsibilities to get a problem solved. A self-motivated social worker with a drive to succeed in the endeavors that come along.

Write your cover letter in 150-200 words.

Emphasize your empathetic nature and experience around working with tough kids and complicated family setups.

If you have no experience, you can elaborate on your relations with the kids and how passionate you are about making things go right for them.

That you made it your profession to be able to help students get through the complications of their life and succeed since maybe you have experience dealing with it yourself or had seen a close friend go through it.

Even with no experience, it gives your chances a boost because you seem to be successful at dealing with it and are therefore capable of empathizing with other kids on their matters of distress.

Let’s take a look at some examples of school social worker cover letters below.

Experienced School Social Worker Example

Dear John,

I’m excited to apply for the position of School Social Worker at Centerstone advertised on LinkedIn. I have 4 years of experience working with students of different age groups at 2 schools in the past which together makes me competent for this position at the school.

I take pride in the fact that students on the campus see me as a friend first and I constantly find them digging into my life situations when I was their age and how I dealt with them. Most of the time a have a story to tell and show them how things can turn around. Plus this gives them confidence that they are not alone in their situations and they are not weird if they are different. I live every day of my life to succeed in my personal and professional endeavors, so I can use it to demonstrate how must you always get up and fight to win. Having exemplary conduct has been very effective so far in helping my students.

Where situations are more complex, I go by the rules of the books and live the lives of various students to be able to address their concerns at the root of the problem. This has got me into visiting many parents and holding quite a few workshops with staff and parents, but in the end, I have seen progress.

I have listed special cases that I have worked on in my attached resume for your reference.

I’m hoping to hear from you soon to set up an interview where we can discuss things in detail and chalk out a plan for Cornerstone students’ emotional and academic success.

Warm Regards, James Hugo

School Social Worker Cover Letter with No Experience Example

Dear Ms. Alicia,

I’m thrilled to find you have an internship opportunity at Child Mind agency and I would be obliged to be considered as an applicant for the internship. I’m pursuing my Master’s in Social Work at New York University and have previous experience participating in Social workshops for children in community settings during the practicums.

I have attended more than 500hrs in the practicum so far and was looking for an internship to be able to get more experience and exposure to the cases. I have been useful to the agencies and school social workers in assisting them to counsel parents and identifying student groups with similar issues to customize curriculum delivery. I kept case records and shadowed social workers at school in workshops and community settings. During the practicums, I also had an opportunity to assist and follow a social worker at VNSNY who was counseling terminally ill patients and planning out a strategy to help them facilitate home care for the patient while carrying on with their lives. I assisted by sharing the individual plans with the family members and keeping everyday records of the case.

I want to gain experience and work in a school setting to be able to address the issues when they arrive and save children from giving in to the complexities of their lives and see what they can really be and appreciate life.

I’m available 6hrs on all days for this internship and I will be able to respond to any email query within a few hours. Please contact me through email to set up a meeting to discuss this further.

Sincerely, Monica Swiss

Example Social Worker Cover Letter for Elementary School

Dear Mr. Cliffton,

I would like to be considered for the vacancy of the School Social Worker at Harlem Village Academies that was posted on LinkedIn yesterday. My previous 3-year experience in an elementary school makes me articulate with young students and their families to help them open up quickly and discuss real problems.

I take a solution-based approach once I have figured out the cause of distress or behavioral issues with a child. My work more often than not begins by examining a child and then speaking to their teachers and finally meeting the parents. It helps gather all information required which I then resolve with counseling or referring the case to other external resources for further detailed diagnosis. I keep in touch with students at all times to see if they are comfortable with the activities that are happening around them. With many students facing similar issues of parents getting divorced, single parents, spending too much time alone, and not knowing whether they can talk about it and who they should talk to, I have been able to do group counseling for common problems involving many parents together and individually, saving a lot of time which I then dedicate to the student’s development and aid.

I personally believe every problem can be solved fruitfully and I take pride in ensuring my students are the ones seeing fruitful solutions to their problems. I would love to speak to you about how I can be of service to the children at your school. I can be reached on my phone or email mentioned in my attached resume. Please feel free to contact me either way.

Warm Regards, Hillary Clifton

School Social Worker Cover Letter for Adolescents

Dear Dr.Jane,

I came across this vacancy for a School Social Worker for Adolescents in the Daily News last Saturday. I’m submitting my application for this position with the credit of working with the adolescent population of New York City for the last 7 years.

Aside from the regular case management of the difficult-to-get teenagers, I make sure they first see me as a friend and began sharing when they feel comfortable. It sure takes time but happens to be fruitful. I’m acquainted with a great network of resources to refer the cases to and I stay in frequent touch with the community resources to be available to the students in times of crisis. I also have delivered several drug abuse, sexual and reproductive health counseling, and HIV education for groups and individuals. Depending on the case I sometimes visit parents or request meetings at school if the same wouldn’t hurt the treatment of the student.

While on duty, I have enjoyed working with social work interns during their practicums and have assigned them record-keeping and let them follow me to class sessions to learn counseling etiquette and mannerism. I spend about 50 % time interacting with the staff, parents, and community resources while the other half of my time is spent on getting to know the students who need help and planning out case-based treatment.

With my experience in dealing with a variety of cases in adolescent’s day-to-day life, I feel enthused to work at your school and help the students make the best out of their talents.

You can reach me via phone or email to move further in the process. I look forward to your response.

Sincerely, John Trevor

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