4+ Sales Cover Letter Examples And Writing Tips

4+ Sales Cover Letter Examples for Experienced, Entry-Level, Sales Assistant, and Inside Sales roles.

A sales cover letter is a great way to shortlist sales candidates.

You’re rejected if the letter isn’t good to read. Because that is exactly what happens to your emails on the client side. Therefore, this is a perfect filter to identify sales reps.

Write your cover letter like you write an email to your clients. Only, not the follow-up type, but the cold ones where you try everything to win them over and get a response.

Replicate the scenario here and do it much more carefully because your client doesn’t receive 100s of emails to select from, but the recruiters do!

However, you do have an advantage here: the recipient of your email is awaiting a good cover letter and must hire the best of what is available.

If you can be the best, the job is all yours!

What to include in a great sales cover letter?

  • Write a letter that says you have closed many deals; include the value of those deals
  • How do you close your deals- do you have a secret?
  • How have you become good at it?
  • They are already buying it, so don’t try to sell too hard

And above all, you should keep it crisp and interesting. Nothing to distract the reviewer from believing you’re a great fit and can add value to their team.

Write your cover letter in 150-200 words. A sales cover letter may be smaller if it has substance in terms of making believe that the candidate has a wonderful track record of achieving high sales figures.

You’ll need nothing more to convince the employer.

In sales, what matters most is- can you convert. Rather than how well you presented.

So, your cover letter should address that part- you converted and what were the average and highest sales figures you achieved, did you do well with the targets?

If you aren’t very good at writing it down, your sales figures will still hold you up.

Sr. Sales Representative Cover Letter Example

Dear Megan,

This is with respect to the Sr. Sales Representative vacancy on the career page of Skytron. I have long been inspired by the Skytron sales training programs and the innovative group strategies they employ to close the deals. I’m psyched by how the entire team collaborates in the process and plays its part towards a common goal. I have something to offer to the collaborative efforts of the team which I have carefully developed through my 4-year experience working as a Sales Rep.

I’m an avid reader and therefore also an excellent researcher. My research skills are second to none. And that is what I bring with me to add to the efforts of your sales team. I believe where information is money, my skills would add huge value to your sales strategies in addition to the data-driven decisions you depend upon for now.

I have personally, by means of my research work been able to convert 95% of all prospects I engaged with. I also turn down prospects based on my research or put them in a funnel for conversion in a longer sales cycle if it can see a conversion in the future. I have closed deals in a week to 2 months' time on average and the total no. of deals closed is upwards of 300. I have closed 260 deals that were valued between US$60,000 to 1M. The remaining deals were valued above US$5M.

I shall appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to see how I can contribute to the team's health and company revenue by instilling information-based decision-making at Skytron. I truly enjoy working as part of a team and learning from other people’s experiences. Skytron will add a great deal of value to my experiences.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. Thanks for your time and consideration of my application.

Sincerely, Jeremy Hafer

Entry-level Field Sales Representative Cover Letter Example

Dear Cheryl,

I’m applying for the position of Field Sales Representative advertised on your website. I’m a graduate of the University of San Diego- in 2019. In addition to my internship, I have worked for an agency (for 14 months) in exchange for allowing me to shadow field representatives, sales representatives, and sales managers, and work with anyone on the team who could use my help. This was the best way to introduce myself to the corporate environment and learn what I was best at.

My first interaction with sales was during a University event where I was a part of a team that brought in Sponsorship. I loved how we researched the prospective companies and tried to find something that will strike a chord with the manager to get funds. Since then I have been intrigued by how the conversion happens and I’m thrilled about every new prospect. I like to challenge myself with difficult conversions and employ the learnings on similar prospects.

I also have penned my understanding and research on the various prospecting cycles I have carried out in the form of a book that has become popular among Marketing students in my college. My book has been received well by the University earning me an award for sharing my knowledge with fellow students. The University library will continue to keep a copy of my book for new marketing students as preparation material before they take an internship. I consider this an achievement and I’m always willing to give something back.

I hope to get an opportunity to be interviewed by YayPay team to know more about the position and learn how I can contribute to the team's strength and the success of the company. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks for reviewing my application and considering me for the Field Representative position.

Sincerely, Jared Grisham

Sales Assistant Cover Letter Example

Hi Mark,

My name is Antony, I studied Business Administration for 3 years and simultaneously interned as a Sales Assistant for Xerox and a Sales Rep for Workday for a period of 12 months and 8 months respectively. I would love to be considered for the position of Sales Assistant at FSG.

Based on the requirement, the following skills make me a complementary addition to your team:

  • Added 1000 leads to the database in 12 months through persona-based research
  • Was moved from cold lead generation to warm prospecting within 3 months
  • Converted 7 clients and reduced the cycle duration by 40%
  • Revenue realized: US$95,000 on product sale and US$15,000 through up-selling

I custom prepare my presentations for each of my clients and visit them in their offices to present to them based on their requirements. I also offer to break the presentation into 2 separate meetings on different days in order to allow them to absorb the features of the new software and come up with any queries which I resolve in my next session. This builds trust and generally shortens the time spent in converting a client.

I wish to work with FSG for the quality of the products it offers and the customer service promise it holds up to. It is always a good feeling to offer the customers what is best in the market and be able to promise an after-sale service that is second to none.

Please feel free to contact me anytime to set up an interview or ask me any questions you might have. I look forward to your positive response.

Sincerely, Antony J. Yoo

Inside Sales Specialist Cover Letter Example

Dear Mr. Paul,

I’m excited to be applying for the Inside Sales Specialist position advertised on your website. The position demands experience with clients from the IT industry and I have worked to serve 7 IT service companies during the past 3 years providing them with qualified leads, connecting the company to the clients, preparing relevant sales material, and involving in their presentation and closure process as part of an agency service offering.

When I work with several companies together, I come close to various cultures of those companies and work in a very diverse atmosphere that is culturally rich and helps bounce around good ideas with a multitude of people which usually proves to be an excellent idea for one of my clients at some point of time.

Following is the highlight of my work:

  • I offer up to 10 qualified leads to each company every month which see above 60% conversion (link to client testimonial on your website, if any)
  • I’m a Computer Engineer and serve my clients with subject matter expertise when they fail to qualify as such on their client calls
  • I only research enterprise-grade leads and have pulled up an annual minimum revenue of USD12million for each of my clients for all 3 years that I worked
  • I have over-achieved my targets through 12 quarters by upwards of 30%

My experience seems to be precisely what would add value to your team and complement overall team strength and capabilities. I will be glad to speak with you about the position in further detail and answer any questions over a call prior to our meeting if required.

Sincerely, Hildegard Roscoe

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